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Congratulations to Elvira!

As many of you know, Elvira has been a part of my life for many years. It started when I auditioned to be her stand-in and photo double for her first film, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, in 1988. I met Cassandra Peterson–the woman who plays Elvira–for the first time on that fateful day. I went on to work for her for the next 17 years as her stand-in and double and then later as her road manager as we traveled the country together. We’ve remained great friends all these years, and I’m still her biggest fan.

And now she has released her much-anticipated memoir, Yours Cruelly, Elvira! It’s already garnished glowing reviews and hit the bestseller’s lists. This comes as no surprise to me, of course, as I’ve been aware of her talents for many years. She has been my friend and mentor and a woman I’ve admired and loved since the day we met. Congratulations, Cassandra!

Great interview!

Thanks so much to Amy Jewell for a lovely interview! You can read it here.

What a fun day!

Thanks to some wonderful old friends and new ones too, I had a great book signing! I was a part of June’s Fourth Friday event in Tryon, North Carolina, my favorite little town.

Getting back into the swing of things

“Tryon Diary,” written for the Tryon Daily Bulletin, June 24, 2021

We’re back! Since our move to Phoenix for Paul’s work in 2015, we’ve made it our goal to return to Tryon in the summer and spend as much time as we can here. You might have heard it gets up to a thousand degrees in Arizona in the summer, and yes, I’m probably the one who started that rumor, but it’s true. At least it feels true. You might think it gets hot here too, but it feels like paradise to me.

We came last summer, but it was the summer to forget, just as 2020 was the year that left us all missing the past and wishing for the future. But now we’re in that future and getting back into the swing of our lives. There’s nowhere I’d rather re-enter the world than right here in my favorite little town.

As soon as we got here, we hit the ground running, dashing off to the Tryon Block House Races the day after our arrival. We hadn’t even unpacked our suitcases, but we unearthed our picnic basket and camping chairs from the basement, picked up my nephew (who had thankfully prepared the food), and plopped fancy hats on our heads. The day at the steeplechase flew by as fast as the horses, and yes, it was hot, but it was also a glorious day and the perfect welcome back for us.

In our first weeks in town, I believe we’ve eaten as every Tryon restaurant at least once (and our favorite Columbus and Landrum spots too), watched the film at our beloved Tryon Theatre (and can’t wait for the next one!), raised a glass at The Bottle on a Friday, and even caught an inspiring matinee of The Light in the Piazza at Rogers Park.

We are back, my friends. It probably seems gradual to most of you, as you’ve been here to witness the community taking wobbly baby steps back to normal, but I just landed here and found the town gliding as gracefully as a runway model.

I picked up my dogs’ meds at Bonnie Brae, chicken pot pies at IGA (on Mondays!), and book signing posters at McKinsey Printing. I’ve lunched with girlfriends, racked my brain for names as I waved at friends on the street (they’ll come back to me—I just got here!), and hugged people. There have been lots and lots of hugs. That might be what I’ve missed the most.

If you haven’t seen me dashing around town, don’t despair. You can come say hello at my book signing at The Book Shelf on June 25 from 5-7 pm. (The Book Shelf is now at 17 S. Trade St.) That will be a part of the Fourth Friday event in downtown Tryon where stores stay open for special hours to welcome folks. I’m going to predict a fun festival atmosphere, food, music, friends. The kind of celebration that makes Tryon special.

If you haven’t heard about my latest book, It’s called The Opposite of Famous, A Hollywood Memoir, and is full of true and funny stories about my three decades working in Los Angeles as a model, commercial actor, film extra, and as the photo double and road manager for Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. The book opens and closes with my life in Tryon, as I started writing it shortly after moving here from L.A. If you think I brag about Tryon in this column, wait until you see me gush over it in the book.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is, “Maybe a girl needs a few decades in a tornado to really appreciate the beauty of Oz when she lands in it.” I left my busy life in Hollywood and had the good fortune to move to Tryon back in 2011, a decision that has changed everything for me.

One friend recently asked me why I love it so much here. My reply was, “It’s peaceful, it’s beautiful, it’s safe.” I got stuck and ran out of words (pretty unusual, I know). The bottom line: I’m just happiest here. One of these days, we’ll retire and spend all year in my favorite place, but for now, I know I’ll have a great summer. See you soon!

Book signing!

Come see me on June 25 from 5-7 pm at The Book Shelf in Tryon, North Carolina!

A cheap thrill…

Drop Dead Gorgeous is on sale! For a mere 99 cents you can get bitten by a hunky supermodel on Kindle May 17-24. Visit L.A.’s modeling scene through the eyes of an undead and yet still adorable male model. You’ll also have a laugh.

Hogback specials!

Both The Vampire of Waller County and Christmas in Waller County are only 99 cents on Kindle May 7-14! Enjoy your vacation in Hogback! Watch your neck.

I’m a North Carolina girl!

Thanks so much to Diving Ridge Books for their April shoutout to North Carolina authors and for including me among the writers they have honored!

On sale for the first time!

The Opposite of Famous, A Hollywood Memoir has done so well and received so many outstanding reviews, I’m celebrating with a big old Kindle special! This funny behind-the-scenes romp through three decades of Hollywood life will be a mere 99 cents April 18-25. Please enjoy, and don’t forget: reviews make me write the next book faster. He, he.

Elvira has a memoir too!

As you may know, I worked for Elvira for seventeen years. For the first eight, I was her stand-in and photo double. Then I became her road manager and spent every October by her side as we traveled the country for her personal appearances. It was an unexpected adventure in my life, but my life was full of them, as you’ll learn if you read my new book, The Opposite of Famous, A Hollywood Memoir.

And now Elvira herself has a memoir coming out! You can pre-order the book for a September delivery–that’s right, just in time for the Halloween season. I can’t wait to get my copy of Yours Cruelly, Elvira by Cassandra Peterson. It’s sure to be a great read.

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