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Most of my fanfiction stories are based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries. I love to both read and write about Charlaine Harris’s wonderful characters. Please note that many stories are rated M for mature and are for adults only.

I also have two stories based on The Hunger Games. Everdeen is a multi-chapter, a new ending for the series, and is nominated for a Galeniss Award.

Gale is from his POV, also multi-chapter, and also nominated for a Galeniss Award.

Both Hunger Games stories are rated T for teen.

As you can see, I have a lot of stories, so I’ll try and sort them out for you and guide you to what might suit you the best. Each story’s rating is displayed at the top of its page.

For my SVM readers, if you like vampire Eric, here are my vamp stories:


Drained is my most popular multi-chapter story. It’s a dark drama that opens in Book 1 and sends Sookie to Eric for help once she’s made a frightening discovery.

taking action  538

My second most popular vamp story is actually a series of multi-chapter stories, and the first ones I wrote. Read them in this order: Thoughts in the Night,Taking ActionEric’s StoryOne Year LaterPam’s Take on ThingsBack to Normal, and Payback. (Dear Diary in a one-shot follow-up to the series.) This series picks up where Book 8 left us, but Sookie and Eric embark on a different relationship that leads them through many adventures. Banner forTaking Action by s. meadows

A Different Turn of EventsSookie is Stunning, and The Rhodes Less Traveled is a trilogy of multi-chapter vamp fics that finds Sookie hasn’t survived Debbie Pelt’s bullet and she is turned by you-know-who.

Over the Moon and Under the Stars are to be read together. Sookie is a telepathic reporter who meets a mysterious and sexy vampire before they’re out of the coffin.

Stolen Beauty finds Eric the victim of a body thief. It’s a drama, but has a sprinkling of comedy as well.

Back to the Future Again and Back to the Past are companion fics that parody Back to the Future. One’s funny; one’s more dramatic.

Sookie Stackhouse’s Facebook Feed is a look at Sookie’s Facebook pages: funny.

Coda This! is a parody of After Dead, Charlaine Harris’s coda: funny.

I have a bunch of vamp one-shots:

samhain banner

Samhain (second place contest winner) finds Sookie in Italy and Ireland and guess who she finds. Banner by Zigster.

Take Me banner

Take Me (second place contest winner) follows Eric from England to Kenya in the 1920s and guess who he finds. Banner by Zigster.

Taken banner lighter

Taken (second place contest winner) is its sequel. This time, we hear from Sookie and she solves a real murder in 1941. Banner by BlackDeadOrchids.

Let’s Talk About Sex is my most popular one-shot, a Weekly One-Shot Challenge story, and is funny.

Dances with Werewolves is a parody of Dances with Wolves: funny.

Seven Again is a parody of Seven: funny.

First Blood, Kinda Sorta (first place contest winner) is a parody of Cliffhanger: funny. Banner by sapfirerose

Nobody’s Fool (second place contest winner) finds Sookie facing a changed Eric: funny. Banner by peppermintyrose

All in a Day is a parody of Dead Reckoning: funny.

A Guy with Skills is a funny Weekly One-Shot Challenge story. Sookie and Eric crash on a deserted island just like in Seven Days and Seven Nights.

In the Eye of the Beholder is a funny look at what one possible reality for our vamps might be.

Happy Birthday is a short funny one-shot written for a collection of birthday fics.

Shertacomm is a short funny one-shot written for a collection of get-well fics.

A New Day is a Valentine’s Day fic.

Forgiveness is a dark Weekly One-Shot Challenge story with a multiple choice ending.

Taking Flight is a dark Weekly One-Shot Challenge story with a sequel, Sookie’s Turn—also very dark.

sweet dreams banner jpg

Sweet Dreams is a Weekly One-Shot Challenge story that takes a dark peek into Eric’s head.

a different path banner from wordpress

A Different Path was written for the Support Stacie Auction where Kitchycoo won me. It’s a dark look at Sookie’s glimpse into the future. Banner by s. meadows

The Auction is a funny one-shot written for the women who bid on me at The Support Stacie Auction.

The Contest is its funny sequel written to pimp the Home Sweet Home Contest that I hosted with the lovely Thyra10.

The Exchange is its funny sequel written to thank the hosts of Sookie’s Secret Santa fic exchange.

Reservations and No Reservations are companion stories that follow Sookie to New York. Guess who else follows her.

In Youthful Arms is an Octavia/Barry story written for the TwoWrongsMakeaRight Challenge.

Portia is a Portia/Tray story also written for the TwoWrongsMakeaRight Challenge.

weekly hans van hozel challenge banner VON

Suki’s Weekly Hans von Hozel Collection houses all my one-shots written for The Weekly Hans von Hozel Challenge. Silly. Banner by peppermintyrose.

Sleepless in Shreveport was written for the 2011 Sookie’s Secret Santa fic exchange. It’s a sweet romantic homage to Sleepless in Seattle.

You’ve Got Dead Mail was written for the same fic exchange, but in 2013, and it’s a sweet homage to You’ve Got Mail.

Dark Fic is a silly Weekly One Shot Challenge story about warning labels.

Sookie’s Super-duper Happy Ending (first place contest winner) is a funny one-shot written for the Sookie’s Happily Ever After Contest.

And now, if you like a human Eric …


Hair and Makeup is my most popular multi-chapter human story and was nominated for two Lemon Tart Awards. Sookie is a makeup artist and Eric is a movie star in Los Angeles. Banner by Kitchycoo

runway banner 1

Runway banner 2

Runway is a close second in popularity and features Eric as a supermodel and Sookie as an L.A. based agent. Banners by dancinchick32 and mystic-notions.

Universal—also set in Los Angeles—has a show director Eric and a waitress/wardrobe assistant Sookie.

I also have a popular human series that should be read in this order: Love Isn’t EasyLove In L.A., More Love In L.A., Love Still Isn’t Easy, and Love Is Hard. Eric and Sookie meet in college and we follow them out to Los Angeles for trials and tribulations.

A World Away is a multi chapter drama set in World War II, nominated for a Lemon Tart Award and a “Fangie.” Eric is a pilot and Sookie is a nurse.

And now for my human one-shots:

blue jean banner 1 mb (med.)

Blue Jean (promo for I Write the Songs contest) finds Sookie in L.A. in 1984 working on a Bowie video as a wardrobe assistant. Yes, Eric’s there too. Banner by Dazedrose.

Chihuahua Mountain parodies Brokeback Mountain: funny.

Gone with the Passing Wind parodies Gone with the Wind: funny.

The Butterflies parodies The Birds: funny.

Dead Boys and Beyond Dead Boys are companions that tell a dark part of the SVM story through human eyes.

Through the Doors of Fate sends Sookie to Romania to find someone special—you’ll never guess who.

And Hopeful is my very first fanfic (and a very lonely one) based on the movie Eastern Promises.

Hopefully, I’ve helped steer you through my little library so you can find what you want whether it be vamp or human, funny or dramatic, long or short. I hope you enjoy them!

weekly banner jpg

I’d like to also mention that I host The Weekly One-Shot Challenge every week. Please check it out and write us a fic based on the challenges there. It’s a great way to get your feet wet if you’re a new writer or just get your juices flowing if you’re a veteran. There is no longer a deadline, so feel free to peruse all the past challenges for ideas. Just mention which week and year you’ve chosen.

I’m also happy to say that I’m one of the hosts of The Weekly Hans von Hozel Challenge as well. I hope you’ll check it out. It’s silly fun.

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