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A salute to Elvira

Every October I’m reminded of my favorite Halloween icon. Not that I need a reminder. Elvira has been a part of my life since January, 11, 1988, the day I auditioned to be her stand-in and photo double on the film, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Thank you to Bruce Birmelin, the set photographer, for this great shot of me working hard. And thanks to Elvira for many years of employment and friendship. I remain her biggest fan.

susan's standing in for Elvira



I’m a finalist!

Thank you to Tryon Arts and Crafts School for hosting The Apparitionist contest. I’m so excited to see my story on the list of finalists! Whoopee!

TAC finalists

Often wedded

I was often a pretend bride. This was for Novias Magazine, shot by the fabulous Kim Canazzi. The designer was Norma LeNain. I loved her dresses so much, I chose one when it was my turn to be an actual bride.

susan 60 jpg

Vamps on sale!

It’s time for a Kindle special! Drop Dead Gorgeous will be 99 cents September 8-15, and also on sale in the UK. Enjoy!

drop dead gorgeous book on throw

Time for a change

I grayed prematurely, and when I was thirty-eight I decided to stop coloring my hair. My agent thought it was a mistake, saying casting directors would think I was older. I didn’t care how old they thought I was, as long as I worked. That agent dropped me, but I kept on working. I went from the bride to the mother of the bride overnight, and I was right: those checks cashed just the same.

Susan bridal MOB tear

From Brides Magazine

Time for a Kindle special!

Drop Dead Gorgeous is only 99 cents June 9-16, and also on sale in the UK. Catch up on your summer reading and fall in love with a supermodel vampire!

drop dead gorgeous beach shot

New wave nursing

My very first paying job in L.A. was for a music video for a song called “A Little TLC” on the Saturday the morning cartoon, Kidd Video in 1984. I’m on the right, cast as a new wave nurse by the director, Bud Schaetzle, who later cast me in several other videos. He made me a waltzing mannequin, a zombie, and directed my first on-screen kiss. It was always a pleasure to work for Bud, but I was particularly grateful for this first Hollywood gig.

tlc lighter not cropped


A late start, a long shot

I started modeling at 23 in Charlotte, NC, and was told because I was already so old, my career would be short. It only lasted a few decades.

susan charlotte 1983.jpg cropped

The start of something …

This was an outtake from my first print job in Los Angeles. The client was Parachute. Steven Arnold was the photographer, and Paul Starr, the makeup artist. Sadly, both are now gone. I wrote about this in a book that may or may not be published one day:
“When I look at it, I see a young, naïve girl, hidden behind thick false eyelashes and dark brown lipstick, waiting for her life to happen, and not even realizing what an amazing moment has been captured—the start of her life in L.A.”

susan 9 jpg.png cropped


Kindle special!

It’s time for a Kindle special! Drop Dead Gorgeous is only 99 cents March 13-20, and also on sale in the UK. Enjoy!

Drop Dead Gorgeous Updated Cover final

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