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As you may know, I had shoulder replacement surgery in February, but I’m getting better and am now writing again on my current book, so yay! I hope you like my elevator pitch…

A summer fling!

Take a trip to the modeling world of Los Angeles (coincidentally where I lived and modeled for many years) with your favorite supermodel vampire in Drop Dead Gorgeous, on sale for 99 cents August 23-29!

drop dead facebook cover kindle aug 23-29

A cheap trip to Hogback

Enjoy a visit to Hogback with The Vampire of Waller County and Christmas in Waller County for only 99 cents each August 10-17!

the vampire facebook Happy summer reading! (1)

Let’s talk about pirates

pirate banner

No, not that kind of pirate. (But you’re welcome.)

I mean websites that steal books and sell them illegally. There are many reasons not to visit these sites, the most obvious of which is that it’s just plain wrong to steal an author’s work. But you can also find yourself the victim of a nasty computer virus. If you lay down with dogs, you’ll get fleas. And computer viruses. I found this one just today.

pirate screenshot banner

If a site seems fishy, it probably is. When in doubt, go to the author’s website, and you’ll be directed to legitimate sellers you can trust.

Just say no to pirates!

Drop Dead Gorgeous is 99 cents!

Check out this Kindle special May 20-27!

drop dead gorgeous facebook banner may 20-27 kindle

Kindle specials!

I hope you’ll enjoy these May specials! The Vampire of Waller County is only 99 cents May 6-13, and then Book Two, Christmas in Waller County, will be on sale May 13-20. Enjoy!

facebook cover Cheap vamps in May

More cheap vamps!

The Vampire of Waller County is on sale! #getbitten

the vampire kindle insta 99 cents on Kindle (1)

Kindle special!

Drop Dead Gorgeous is only 99 cents on Kindle! What could be better than a cheap supermodel who bites?

drop dead gorgeous kindle insta Feb. 10-17

#authorschallenge2020 on Instagram

I started off my new year playing on Instagram and have enjoyed it so much, I hope you’ll join me. I’m both @susanmcnabb and @sukimcminn. I discovered an author named Debra Torres who set up a challenge list for January, which I followed, and she has now started February’s challenges. Here’s what the list looks like and my answer to the first day’s challenge:

Just follow @debratorreswrites to learn more, or jump in and play by posting your answer to the challenge of the day on Instagram with the hashtag #authorschallenge2020. Search the hashtag to see other authors’ posts. Follow other participating authors, like their posts, and watch your own list of followers grow. It’s fun!

Happy New Year!

2019 was a year of unexpected stories. I always start the year with a plan—with stories I want to write and books I want to finish. But then things happen, and plans change.

I was in the right time and place when The New Romance Cafe decided to publish its first anthology for charity. My contribution was “The Iris,” a dark, sexy paranormal romance set in my fictional town of Hogback. Then I joined a group of Phoenix authors to create our “In the Desert” shared world series and wrote “Smitten with Kittens in the Desert,” a contemporary seasoned romance set in Phoenix with a bunch of feral cats acting as Cupids.

I loved both of these writing and publishing experiences with two new groups of author friends, and I met so many wonderful new readers as well. I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings! My plan is to finish my current work in progress, a funny love story set in Hollywood in 1987. But who knows what might happen…

the iris and smitten insta Want a happily ever after in just 90 minutes_

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