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The Iris is out!

As many of you know, I wrote a short story in the spring for Love in Bloom, an anthology published by the Romance Cafe to raise money for breast cancer research. After its nine-month run, Love in Bloom is no longer available, so I’ve published my story, The Iris, on its own.

I hope you enjoy it!

Jackson was once just the pottery teacher Amber drooled over, but now he’s invited her into his world. Will she take a chance on a new life, or will Jackson’s dark secret turn her dream into a nightmare?

This dark and sexy romance is set in Hogback, Suki McMinn’s fictional North Carolina town created for The Vampire of Waller County, but this short story is for adults only.

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A cheap trip to Hogback

Enjoy The Vampire of Waller County now for only 99 cents on Kindle. It’s always free on Kindle Unlimited.

And if you’re wondering what to give an author for Christmas, reviews are better than gold. Just sayin’.

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Last chance for Love in Bloom

I feel so lucky to have my story, The Iris, in this romance short story anthology. I met the Romance Cafe authors on Facebook and have been so proud to become a part of the group. Love in Bloom was our first anthology, published this spring, and now one of five anthologies we’ve published this year. The proceeds for all five anthologies go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

We’ve marked Love in Bloom down to 99 cents, and it will no longer be for sale after December 8, so hurry and get it for your Kindle now. It also makes a great gift for the romance lovers in your life.

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What’s a zed card?

My current work in progress is about a model in Los Angeles in 1987. Fortunately, I have lots of photos, my old calendars and work logs, and of course, my memories from my modeling days. In the chapter I’m working on now, my heroine had to get a new zed card which was a big deal in a model’s life. They needed to be updated frequently, always with our current look, and they were expensive. Not having one wasn’t an option. Of course, now we could throw one together on our phone, but back then, it took a professional printer. Here’s one of mine from around 1987.

susan zed card prima canva cropped

Suki and Thyra, fanfiction friends

This picture came up in my Facebook memories today. Two years ago, Thyra Dane came to see Suki McMinn, and we shared a glorious sunrise in Sedona, Arizona, among other things.

Our fanfiction friends will remember us as Thyra10 and Suki59, two writers who loved to put Sookie and Eric together, often placing them in places we’d lived. Dead in Denmark and Norwegian Wood will give you some clues where Thyra has lived. Suki found Love in L.A. where she worked in Runway and Hair and Makeup. They even co-hosted the Home Sweet Home contest to encourage other fanfiction writers to set their stories in places they’d called home.

Where are we today? Thyra’s back in Norway working on a new Viking novel. Her latest viking short story is in the anthology Kissing and other Scandalous Pasttimes (I just pre-ordered mine). We both have stories in the romance anthology Love in Bloom. I’m living in Phoenix, but have set my current work in progress in my old stomping grounds of Hollywood. Are we still in touch? Yes, and almost daily. Yesterday she reported her current word count, and I spent my day catching up to her.

Fanfiction made us friends, but our love of writing has kept us close, even when we’re a world apart.

susan and dorte in sedona at sunrise



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Happy National Cat Day!

Enjoy this cat-centric romance for only 99 cents!

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