Suki59's Fanfiction

Universal: Chapter 10

The day after my surgery was actually worse than the first day. That first night had been tough when I woke and it was too early for my pain pill. Sookie told me a story to help pass the time and I was never so grateful to have her with me. She held my hand and helped me through the worst part until I could get the relief I needed. I wished I could take her in my arms and hold her, but lying on my back was the only way I could get even close to comfortable.

The following morning, I was awake and watching her sleep when it was finally time for another pill. Watching her breathe was almost as good as listening to her voice. When she opened her eyes and saw the clock, she jumped up to get me a fresh glass of water. Once I had the pill, I went back to sleep.

That whole day was just a blur of needing the pill and then getting the pill, broken up by meals and bathroom breaks and a few minutes on the sofa while the maid changed the bed. It was quite miserable and I felt badly for Sookie to have to endure such a day with me. I did convince her to spend a little time out by the pool on her own and was happy selfishly to get to see her in a bikini before she left, which worked as its own little pain reliever.

As we were falling asleep that night, I took her hand and said into the dark, “Thank you for not working while you take care of me.” I couldn’t bear the thought of sharing her with her customers.

“It’s no problem, Eric. I don’t mind. I can make up for it when I get home.”

I tried to block the image of her doing double duty fucking some nasty old men and it made me sick. “I don’t like to think about that.”

“Why not? It’ll be fine.”

“I’m just so jealous. I’m sorry. It just makes me sick.”

There was a long silence. “I didn’t think it would bother you.”

“Well, it does.”

There was another beat of silence. “What was I supposed to do, Eric? You didn’t ask me out. Did you expect me to just sit at home and hope you called?”

She pulled her hand away and got up and went into the bathroom.

When she came back, she got under the covers and turned away from me. I reached over and stroked her back over her t-shirt and said, “I’m sorry. Let’s not talk about that, okay?”


“Come here.”

She turned to me and very carefully, scooted up against my body and put her hand on my bicep. I turned my head to her and she lightly kissed me on the lips.

“That’s better,” I whispered, and soon we were both fast asleep.

When the pain woke me a few hours later, I took her hand from my arm and squeezed it.

“It’s not time, sweetie,” she whispered.

“How long?” It was pretty bad.

“Half an hour. Twenty seven minutes.”


“Okay, so where were we?” She sat up a little and put her hand on my face. “”Back in Bon Temps—where were we?”

“Gran was taking care of you.”

“Yes, that’s right. Gran was taking care of me and Jason.”

I gritted my teeth and she continued her story. Her voice was soothing, but the pain was bad. I opened my eyes and watched her in the dark and interrupted her, saying, “Kiss me again.”

She complied with a soft, chaste kiss.

“That’s better,” I whispered and she kissed me again.

“Does this help?” she asked and I pulled her to me again.


This time, she deepened the kiss and it felt so good, I forgot the pain for a brief moment. She continued the kisses—very slowly and sensually, her tongue lazily stroking my lips and tongue. My hand found her breast over her t-shirt and I began to caress her.

“Is this okay?” I asked into her mouth.

Her response was a moan and she placed a hand over mine, pressing me against her. My hand squeezed her tighter. Her nipple was hard and her mouth was so soft and wet. I was lost in the languid, lazy intimacy-slow and easy because we knew it couldn’t go anywhere.

When she broke the kiss, she looked past my face at the clock and said, “It’s time,” and for a second, I didn’t understand what she meant. But then, the pain reminded me and I was happy to take the pill from her.

As I fell back into sleep, her finger traced my lips until there was nothing.

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