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Under the Stars: Chapter 4

I found myself a new day man who didn’t seem to have any family. We started the process of setting up a couple of new identities for me and he needed very little glamoring. Legal wheels turn very slowly and I knew it would probably be a few months before my properties had all changed hands, but at least I’d started the ball rolling.

I was starting to wonder if I should replace Ginger as well. She was an excellent housekeeper, but several nights I had come downstairs to find her working even though she had specific instructions not to work past dusk. She seemed to be getting mixed up about her boundaries and I wondered whether there was much left in that poor little overly-glamored head of hers. I really didn’t want to kill her. I was still feeling bad about Bobby’s demise, so I decided I’d give it some more thought before making a decision.

I can’t honestly say that my obsession for Sookie Stackhouse had diminished, even though I’d had no contact with her. But I had taken to enjoying the stars from the rooftops of buildings near the television station and had followed her home. What can I say? She was fun to watch. Some nights I would lie on top of her tool shed or in the treetops behind her house so that I could admire her as she came and went, and yes, some nights I watched her sleep through her bedroom window.

She had begun dating a tall bald were who worked at the station. He smelled like a cat—maybe a panther—there are quite a few of those in Louisiana. He moved like a tiger, which was a possibility although they are much rarer. I tormented myself by watching them kissing on her sofa, and was only able to contain my rage because I could see that she wasn’t sleeping with him. She was mine, dammit.

One night in particular, I was perched in a tree with my usual view of her living room when suddenly they went into her bedroom. I flew down and landed in the side yard and simply stood and watched through the bedroom window. She was distracted by his seduction and so I felt fairly confident that I wouldn’t be noticed. I don’t know why I stood and watched. It was pure torture. He was kissing her breasts and she was stroking his stupid bald head when suddenly she raised her eyes and they met mine. She immediately pulled him off of her and I flew up into a tree and watched him leave and then watched her running around the yard calling me. It absolutely killed me to remain in the trees and not go to her. She looked so beautiful, running with a wild look in her eye, calling my name like I was the last man on earth. I followed her into the woods and watched from above until I saw her trip and fall and knew she was hurt. She crawled for a little while but then finally tried to stand and passed out.

I couldn’t take it any more and flew down and carried her home. I couldn’t carry her into the house, of course, and didn’t want her to get too cold. Her heartbeat was strong and I knew she was okay except for her ankle which was probably broken. I took my sweater off and put it over her head. I threaded her arms through the sleeves and pulled it down around her waist and had a flash of memory at dressing my own young daughter while she was asleep when I was a human and it made me feel a sadness I hadn’t felt in many, many years. I hate having feelings.

I gathered my sleeping beauty into my arms and soon found myself lost in thought about my children, my human life, and then again about poor Bobby Burnham and how he must have suffered because of me. I felt Sookie awaken and told her she had most likely broken her ankle. She looked at me with such sweetness in her eyes and pulled me to her mouth to kiss her. I responded of course. She was my obsession, my human dream, and I couldn’t get enough of her.

But then I heard her cry of pain and I broke the kiss. I got her into the house and warmed her with a fire. The practical side of me knew I should take her to a hospital, but the selfish part wanted to heal her. The more blood of mine she had, the more she was mine. She didn’t seem to object to the idea of drinking my blood, which was pretty amazing in itself. How many humans would just happily accept the blood of a vampire? She drank me and I let the lust wash over me. It just felt so good. I smelled her and tasted her skin and felt her blood pulsing in her jugular vein and thought I’d lose my mind with want.

I remembered how delicious she’d tasted and how much I wanted her and then felt a twinge of guilt because I cared for her and knew this was not in her best interest. The realization that I cared for this human woman snapped me out of my trance and I jumped away from her and looked back down, stunned at my own admission to myself of having feelings for her. I had to get out of there and away from her and so I did.

I paced my floor in my bedroom. I went for a fly over the lake. I lay on the garage roof and watched the stars. I masturbated. Nothing seemed to help. I considered going downtown and having a woman, but knew it would seem empty and fruitless and I’d wind up back in my state of turmoil. I was relieved when dawn approached and I went into the house to rest in a state of oblivion without any further torturous thoughts of Sookie Stackhouse.

I woke and dressed and went downstairs to leave, noticing that Ginger had left without re-setting the alarm. My fuse couldn’t have been any shorter and I was glad she’d left for the day. I made a mental note to do something about her very soon and at the very least leave her a note about the alarm before retiring for the day, but it would have to wait. I had to get to Sookie’s house.

I sat on her tool shed and watched the house. She was alone and seemed to be going about a normal routine—watching television, taking a bath. I lay back and watched the stars for a moment, lost in thought and perfectly happy just to be near her when I heard her coming out into the yard. I flew to the ground and peeked around the tool shed as she…well, she seemed to be clipping a rose. She pricked her finger on a thorn and I caught the scent of her blood and hardened. I may have even drooled. Then she dropped her robe, revealing the most stunning nude body of a human woman ever created. I bit into my lower lip, piercing the skin with my fangs. She pierced her own flesh with a thorn and as the blood oozed from the tiny wound, I hissed involuntarily. Then she touched the blood trail and placed her finger between her legs and I thought, that’s it. I am done.

I was on her in a flash, sucking her blood first and then fucking her in a mindless frenzy. The world could have stopped and I wouldn’t have cared. Or noticed. All I was was in Sookie Stackhouse. I was fucking and sucking mindlessly like the animal I am. I watched her face as I pumped her and when I realized that she was going to come, I lost my mind and bit her face. Her face. It was all kinds of wrong. This woman could not be glamored and I was fucking her up against her house and biting her face. And she liked it. I came hard. I was lost.

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