Suki59's Fanfiction

Taking Action: Chapter 4

All these folks belong to Charlaine Harris.


Driving to Fangtasia, I shake off the leftover lust from last night and wipe the smile from my face. I am dreading tonight. Felipe De Castro is in town and he and Sandy will be paying me a little visit. Our business should be brief, but knowing them, they will linger in the bar, sniffing out an advantage. I know how to play their game, of course, but am so utterly bored at having to do that. I just wish to be left in peace to run my bar, and who knows, maybe try and find some sort of normal with Sookie. For the first time in a long time, I am feeling good about her and almost hopeful that we can come to something that resembles our time when I was hers. Last night was a hint at a change between us, and I am most certainly looking forward to seeing her again soon. But definitely not tonight.

The bar is in full swing when I arrive. Pam has handled everything perfectly, as usual. I am in my office when Pam ushers De Castro and Sandy in. I stand to bow. “Your Majesty.” And then a nod to Sandy. Pam slips out to leave us our privacy. We go over the bar’s revenue for the last quarter as planned. Why this can’t be done by email is beyond me, but I play along of course. De Castro is more inquisitive about Sookie than I like, and I keep changing the subject when I can. He knows we’re bonded, of course, but if he ever suspects what we were to each other during my curse, we will both be in grave danger. I will be viewed as weak, of course, and Sookie will be a target. I am reminded again even more reasons why I should stay away from her and silently resolve to rethink last night. De Castro is right. She does make me weak. It would be a dangerous mistake to pursue this further. I snap back to reality as our meeting comes to a close.

“And now for the social part of our visit,” De Castro croons. I really hate this man and wish he and Sandy would just leave, but instead Sandy steps out and ushers in a trio of gorgeous brunettes. I bristle, knowing this is both a test and a trap.


I found the perfect dress, and it was new. Well, not really new. I found it on the sale rack at Tara’s a few months ago, but I hadn’t had anywhere to wear it yet. It was a red and white cotton print, sleeveless with a deep v-neck and a full skirt that hit just above the knee. Sexy, but definitely not slutty. I pulled out my black patent leather low heeled strappy sandals and threw my cell phone and wallet into my small black vintage evening bag. I decided to leave my hair down and took extra time to get my makeup just right. I couldn’t decide on jewelry and then boldly chose to let my cleavage be my accessory du jour (yesterday’s word of the day, thank you). I had eaten before leaving work, so once I had checked myself in the mirror and felt satisfied, I was on my way. I bumped into Amelia and Tray as I reached the back door. She let out a long whistle and asked where I was headed. “Oh, I thought I’d go to Fangtasia.” I picked out of her brain that she was dying to ask me what was going on, but thought better of it, assuming I wouldn’t want to spill my guts to Tray. She was right, and so I just gave them both a genuine smile and said good night. I couldn’t remember when I last felt this good. I even sang loudly (okay, off-key and loudly) to the radio all the way to Shreveport.

Fangtasia was hopping. I always felt weird passing the long line waiting at the door, but as usual, Pam waved me to the front as soon as she saw me. “Why Sookie, what a wonderful surprise. Don’t you just look divine tonight.” Her smile showed a hint of fang which always unnerved me just a little. I gave her a quick hug as she said, “He’s in his office tonight.”

I had put my shields up as soon as I stepped out of my car, but as I passed through the bar and down the hall to Eric’s office, I relaxed and let them down. What I heard next stopped me dead in my tracks. I knew the three voids were vampires, of course, but the three humans were all broadcasting loud and clear. They were horny and ready to be sampled as tonight’s tasty snacks. A wave of nausea hit me as I pictured the image I’d had in my head during my cry fest last night of Eric with a fangbanger on his lap. What was I thinking coming here tonight? Could I have been a bigger fool?

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