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Taking Action: Chapter 29

Thanks again, Charlaine Harris.


I woke up in a panic. How long had I been asleep? It was still light out, so I jumped out of bed and dressed and started throwing my stuff into the suitcase. I dragged everything downstairs and decided that I should really leave a note for Eric. I stood there debating what to write, but then thought I just don’t have time for this and so just put, “I took the car. I’m going home.” I left it on the kitchen counter where we kept the car keys and locked the door behind me on my way out.

I was able to get on a flight to Atlanta right away, but then had to sit in the airport there for several hours before I was put on a plane to Shreveport. I kept checking my phone, but there was no message from Eric, which I was surprised about. Maybe he was agreeing with my decision.

I knew that when I landed in Shreveport, it would be about four in the morning there and I couldn’t imagine who I could call to pick me up at that hour. There’s no way I would pay for a cab all the way to Bon Temps, so I thought maybe I’d just try and sleep in a chair at the airport until I could call Amelia at a more reasonable hour.

Once I arrived in Shreveport, I walked to baggage claim and was shocked to find Pam sitting in a chair.

“How did you know which flight I’d be on?”

“It’s nice to see you too, Sookie. And I didn’t. I’ve been in this chair for five hours.”

“Oh.” I didn’t know what to say.

As I was picking my bags up off of the carousel, I noticed Pam texting on her phone. I was pretty sure I knew who that was to.

Once we were in the car and heading towards Bon Temps, Pam said, “So, apparently you overheard a phone conversation last night, am I right?”


“And what exactly did you hear?”

“Eric said that if he had his way, he would turn me and keep me.”

“And this surprised you? That your vampire lover would want to keep you with him as long as possible?”

“I don’t want to be a vampire.”

“No shit, Sookie. We all got that. Nobody’s seriously talking about turning you, okay? We know how you feel. Eric knows how you feel. Did you also hear the part of his conversation where he said he wants to buy a beach house for you? You know, so you can be happy and live in it together? Are you aware that the man is in love with you? That he is ready to give up his hard-earned position in Louisiana, his business, his home, his life? Any of that seem familiar to you? Did you catch any of that conversation?”


“Thought not. Look, I know he’s a controlling son of a bitch. He doesn’t always handle things with finesse. But he does genuinely love you, and vampire or not, he is an honorable guy, and I don’t believe for a minute that he would ever turn you against your wishes. Unless you died some other way, and then I just might do it myself. Oh, stop looking at me like that. We care about you. We wouldn’t want to lose you. Is that a bad thing?”

We rode in silence for the rest of the way.

When she dropped me in front of my house, she said, “I’m sorry you’re upset, Sookie. And it’s a pity you didn’t get to finish your trip. But please think about what I said, and give the guy a break, okay? I’ll talk to you later.”

I thanked her for the ride and watched her drive away.

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