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Taking Action: Chapter 27

Thanks again, Charlaine Harris.


After the tumble in the hammock, I decided that I would never again shower before Eric woke up. In fact, I’m just going to go out and sit in the surf every day before dusk. That was amazing.

I had the best hotdog of my life (Danielle said it would be) for dinner, and then we went home to build our bonfire. I told Eric the ghost stories I’ve been reading, and probably got them all mixed up, but he didn’t seem to mind. It was so lovely to just sit and be together.

When we went inside, I asked Eric if he might want to go to Asheville sometime with me. It sounded really nice, and I was thinking that this whole vacation thing with Eric was pretty great. It was like when he was at my house without his memory. Without the interference of the rest of our lives and the supe world, we really got along so well. He was so much fun to hang out with, and of course, the sex was amazing. And apparently he loves me. I know I certainly do love him. I worry about how that may change when we get home, but try not to think about it. And I try not to dwell on the fact that he is a vampire and I am a human. There are a lot of things about that fact that scare me.

I woke up in the night to use the bathroom, but instead of getting back in bed, I decided to go see what Eric was doing. I missed him if I woke without him. I got to the top of the stairs and stopped. He was on the phone downstairs and all I heard was, “Pull his fingernails out, threaten to drain his firstborn, hell, just bite the fucker.”

I backed up and tiptoed back to my room and climbed into bed. He’s a vampire, Sookie.

The next morning, or I should say the next afternoon, I woke up and felt a little troubled about what I had heard the night before. I know what he is. That’s the problem. He can be so sweet to me and roast my marshmallows and fold my laundry and fish my panties out of the ocean, but I also know that he is a monster. A big scary monster. My head started to fill up with my usual doubts while I ate breakfast, but then I decided to try and enjoy my day in spite of the dark cloud that was threatening inside my head.

As soon as I got my chair set up in the sand, Danielle appeared with two styrofoam boogie boards and my mood lifted dramatically. We had been playing in the surf for awhile when the two boys who “taught” me how to crab joined us. The four of us laughed and played and rode the waves for hours. Then Danielle retrieved my camera from my bag for me and took some shots of me riding into shore on my stomach and then some of me wiping out. Eric will like those, I’m sure.

Afterwards, Danielle and I lay on the boards on the beach and let the sun dry us off. It was a glorious day, so sunny and clear. I told her that I might come to Asheville sometime and she was so excited. She put her number into my phone and then called herself, so her phone would record mine. I was happy to have found a new friend.

I was putting my chair away under the house and rinsing off my feet at the spigot when I heard a man yoo-hooing for me at the front door. I walked under the house and found a man holding some papers and extending a hand to me. I shook his hand and apologized for the sand. He said he was the realtor that rented us the house (I told him we loved it.), and that he brought some listings over that Mr. Northman might be interested in. I pretended to know what he was talking about while he went through each paper and explained how much the houses were and which ones would be suitable for a vampire. He also said that our house wasn’t for sale, but that he would be happy to write up an unsolicited offer if Mr. Northman wanted to. I thanked him and went inside more than a little suspicious that Eric was up to something.

I put my bag down and downloaded the photos into the laptop and was reading the listing sheets when Eric came down. He came over and started to kiss my neck, but then I stopped him and said, “What’s going on, Eric?” I was not happy.

He seemed genuinely shocked when I told him what the realtor said. He said that the realtor must have gotten Eric confused with some other renter. He didn’t know anything about an unsolicited offer. He took the papers from my hand, but I noticed that he just stuck them under his laptop rather than throw them away.

I went upstairs and got into the shower. Eric appeared in the shower shortly afterwards of course, and said, “Sookie, I can’t believe you’re mad at me because of those listing sheets. Come on, lover.”

I just glared in response.

“Okay, so I did call the realtor. Would it be such a horrible thing to own this house? Don’t you like it here? We could live here. Why are you mad?”

“Because I don’t like it when you have some big secret agenda. Live here? We’ve never talked about living together, Eric. I don’t like the idea of your making these big life-changing decisions without even talking to me. And stop touching me there. That’s clean enough.”

I pouted through the rest of the shower, and then got out and dressed and went downstairs. I fixed myself a sandwich and sat and ate it in front of the T.V. After awhile, Eric came in and sat beside me. I could feel him looking at me, and so I finally looked over and damn it, there were those puppy dog eyes. He started to kiss my fingertips and said, “How long are you going to be mad at me, lover?” I didn’t answer, but then when he started to kiss my neck, I caved. We made excellent use of the sofa and afterwards Eric apologized about not telling me about the realtor. He said he had wanted to surprise me, and yes that is sweet, but I still heard that voice in my head telling me that I have a very controlling vampire in my life and to watch it.

We put our clothes back on and took a long walk on the beach. I told Eric that he could buy whatever real estate he wanted, but that I wasn’t ready to talk about living together. He said, “That’s fine, lover.” And that was that.

We watched a very old version of “Romeo and Juliet” from 1968 on DVD. Eric said it was his favorite version of it, and it was really good. (Again, what is it with the star-crossed lovers?) Then we looked at the new pictures on the laptop and laughed at me crashing on my boogie board.

I was pretty tired from the accumulated lack of sleep all week and being in the sun all day (not that I’m complaining!), so we went up to bed. It was hours of course, before I actually went to sleep. Eric is amazing, after all.

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