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Taking Action: Chapter 23

Charlaine Harris owns all this.


After we made love (oh, okay, it was after we did it twice, if you must know), I was lying in Eric’s arms and he was stroking my hair and I said, “You know how you told me that you were thinking of me with a human man on a beach?”

“Yes, love.”

“Well, I should probably tell you that I’ve been fighting similar jealousies as well.”


“Yeah. I kept thinking of this awful image of you with a fangbanger on your lap, you know, having sex with her, and then you were also feeding from her, and it just grossed me out so bad. It still does.”

“I’m sorry, lover.”

“Then after I saw those beautiful models with you at Fangtasia—you know, the ones that the king brought? Well, then I kept picturing you with them.”

“I was not with any of them, Sookie.”

“Oh, okay. Um, good. But then later, I didn’t mean to snoop, but I found a bra under your desk and got totally grossed out and started thinking that there were probably like bushels of women’s underwear in your office, and well, that’s when I got so mad and said all that stuff about not wanting to see you anymore.” I closed my eyes, waiting for his response.

He sat up a little so he could look at me, so I opened my eyes again. He kept stroking my hair. “Sookie, there are not bushels of women’s underwear in my office.” He started to smile, but then got serious again. “Was it the bra that was in my chair that you saw?”

I nodded yes.

“Well, that was Pam’s. She often uses my office to change into her work clothes even though I have asked her not to. But sometimes the employee restroom is too full of waitresses changing, and she doesn’t want to change with them. She wants to maintain an air of superiority. She is their superior, after all. I mean at work. You know, like their boss. I didn’t mean because they’re humans.”

And then he lay back and hugged me to him again. “I don’t want you to worry about that, Sookie. I have no desire to be with other women, especially after this (and he gestured to the two of us with his hand). For a long time now, I have been uninterested in having sex with or feeding from other women. I know what I am, and I’m not saying that I’m not a monster, but I love you and you have to trust that that means something to me. I would never risk hurting you for a meaningless sex act or feed. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” I closed my eyes again.

“And if you find a bra in my office again, will you promise to ask me about it rather than break up with me and walk off into an explosion?” I could tell he was smiling again.


“Good. Then we’re both clear now about all of that petty jealousy. Sookie, you are mine and I am yours. That means more to my kind than you know.”


And then the kissing started up again. Lordy, I won’t be able to walk tomorrow.


Sookie and I went into Myrtle Beach for the evening, and enjoyed it although I was glad that we weren’t staying there. It was a nice beach city and under other circumstances, I would have certainly enjoyed exploring it, but I was glad that Sookie and I had our quiet, more private beach, and I preferred our weathered, rustic house with the screened-in porch and hammock (I’ve got to get one of those for my house.) to the upscale condos and hotels in Myrtle Beach.

We played miniature golf and I’ll admit my favorite part was when Sookie had to lean over in her short skirt to pick up the balls. What can I say? I know what I am.

We came home to our much preferred beach and enjoyed lying on a blanket under the stars until it felt like time to be naked and in bed. Then I showed Sookie just how much I was enjoying our vacation in my own special way. Twice.

Sookie told me about her jealous feelings and finding Pam’s bra in my office. I hadn’t even thought of it, but apparently, that’s what sparked her tirade before the bar was bombed. It explained why she lost her temper, but it didn’t explain all of the things she said. I am still very much aware that our differences are a constant potential problem for us.

Sookie’s framed photo is just about the tackiest thing I have ever seen (the frame, not the photo), and I absolutely love it. I picture her selecting it at the store and fitting the photograph in it and stealing into my room naked in the dark to place it by the bed so that I would see it when I wake. It is a gift I will treasure.

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