Suki59's Fanfiction

Taking Action: Chapter 22

All hail Charlaine Harris, owner of Sookie and Eric.


I woke to the unmistakable sensation of a pair of lips on my erection. I immediately remembered where I was and with whom and just closed my eyes again to enjoy. Sookie certainly was spoiling me. Afterwards, I reached over to turn on the lamp and saw the framed photograph of a happy smiling Sookie sitting beside a huge sandcastle in a most provocative bikini. I said, “You didn’t let any human men see you in this bikini today did you?”

That earned me a swat on the arm and then a reward of giggles.

I rolled her over onto her back and breathed in her scent before devouring her with kisses. In short order, I was witnessing that favorite facial expression of hers, not once, but twice before helping myself to a taste of her left breast. Afterwards, we both said I love you, our new favorite expression. I knew she had just showered, but I convinced her to join me for another one. I also wanted an excuse to reapply that all-over lotion that she was wearing. I didn’t miss a spot.


My evil plan to wake Eric with not one, but two surprises (the framed photo being one) worked perfectly. He seemed awfully happy to see me. I should say feel me.

We got dressed and I told him I wanted to drive into Myrtle Beach for dinner. In the car, I told him about my day and meeting Danielle and the two boys on the pier. Danielle said we had to see Myrtle Beach at least one night while we’re here, so I thought we might as well do that tonight.

We drove into the town and down the main drag first to get a feel of the place. I saw a seafood restaurant that looked interesting, but they didn’t have bottled blood, so we left. Eric said it didn’t matter (he’d already eaten, obviously), but it bugged me that the place wasn’t vampire-friendly, and I didn’t want to give them our business. Soon enough though, we found another place that was and we went in for dinner. The seafood was fresh and delicious. Afterwards, we found a space on the street in what seemed kind of like the center of the town and got out to explore the beach. Myrtle Beach had the same beautiful white sand that Pawley’s had, only instead of rows of wooden houses along the beach, there were rows of huge high-rise condo buildings and big fancy hotels. Myrtle Beach was commercial, if nothing else. But it was still a lot of fun in it’s own way, and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

On our way back to Pawley’s, we stopped at one of many miniature golf places and played a round. It was silly, I know, but I loved it, and Eric let me win.

When we got home (I love the sound of that), we took a blanket out to the beach and just lay there talking about everything and nothing. Then we took a walk, and saw another couple down the beach roasting marshmallows over a fire they built in a hole in the sand. We looked at each other and said at the same time, “Hey, let’s do that.” And then we laughed when I said “jinx!”

Once we were back to our blanket though, we decided that the bonfire could wait for another night. We were eager to get inside to our cozy beach house and make love (and, yes, I love the sound of that too).

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