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Taking Action: Chapter 18

Get ready, team Eric. I know Charlaine Harris owns these two, but I’m gonna have a little fun with them.


I woke to the sound of the ocean. It had been decades, maybe even more, since I lived near the water. Maybe I would like to live on a beach again. I wonder if Sookie would want to live on a beach. Something to investigate and contemplate.

I sensed her hum and wondered where she was sleeping. I pulled on some drawstring pants and went downstairs to find her. She looked like an angel in pale yellow sleeping in the hammock on the screened-in porch. I just wanted to bite her and fuck her, but minded my manners and went to the kitchen for a True Blood instead. Slow and steady. Make it her idea.

I stood at the porch door and looked at the water, enjoying the ocean breeze while I downed my blood, and then found the recycle bin for the bottle.

Standing back at the hammock, I decided to pick Sookie up and then sit and lie back into the hammock, settling her on top of me with her face on my chest. This is pretty perfect. Maybe I’ll enjoy a little downtime.


I woke to the sensation of sleeping on a cool hard…um…vampire. Oh right. Eric. His chest made the most perfect pillow. I loved the feel of his hard muscles under me and hello, there’s my favorite hard muscle of his right under my…well…most sensitive spot. Funny how those match up together like that when we’re lying down. Yum.

I started kissing his chest, then his neck, moving my hips on his hardness just a little.

“Hello, lover.” His voice was a little raspy having just woken. Mmm. Sexy.

“What a lovely way to wake up,” I said, and then I lifted my head to look at him and we were kissing. Slowly. Softly. There’s that tongue. Oh my goodness. We stayed in that position for a blissfully long time, just lazily kissing. The hammock rocked gently as our hips found a rhythm together. He felt so good.

His hands started to gather up the fabric of the skirt of my dress and when they found my bare behind, Eric moaned into my mouth as his hands cupped my generous booty. I sat up a little and untied the bow behind my neck, letting the fabric fall. His hands never stopped what they were doing, so I leaned down and offered my breasts to his mouth. He latched on with a soft grunt and I just ran my fingers through his hair and watched his mouth. His fangs were down, of course, but it was amazing to see how they raked across my skin without breaking it. There was no pain, only immense pleasure. His hands were still caressing my behind, pressing my hips into his. I was still rubbing myself on him, and suddenly wanted those pants just off. I untied the drawstring and loosened the waist, pushing them down to reveal what I wanted to see. My god, the man was blessed. I took him in my hand and rubbed my wet self all along the length and back down over and over. His head fell back onto the hammock and our eyes locked. I raised up onto my knees just enough to get him at my entrance and then sat down. We both groaned at the overwhelming sensation. I leaned forward, placing my hands on his chest and started to ride him. When I was all the way down on him, I would give it a hard rub using my hips. I could tell it wouldn’t be long before I was seeing stars. Sure enough, I pressed down on him hard, grinding a little as I came. I closed my eyes, and heard him whisper, “That’s my girl.” Oh yes, I am his girl, alright.

I took a satisfying deep breath, looked at those blue eyes again and started to really ride him hard. Now it’s his turn, I thought. His hands were on my hips, lifting me and pushing me down on him, and it felt amazing. I never broke eye contact, of course, and never broke our rhythm, but took his right hand from my hip, folded his fingers into his palm, leaving his index finger extended. Then I placed his hand carefully in front of his open mouth, pricked the tip of his index finger on his fang, and as the drop of blood started to run down, I put his finger in my mouth, sucking hard. I watched his eyes roll back into his head at the same time I felt the familiar pulsating inside of me. He groaned loudly and held me down hard with his remaining hand while I continued to suck on his finger.

There was no more blood, of course. His finger healed so quickly. So I took his finger out of my mouth and kissed his palm, holding it to my lips with both hands. Eric’s eyes opened and he smiled up at me with the most beautiful smile, and said, “Feel better?”

Boy, did I.

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