Suki59's Fanfiction

Taking Action: Chapter 10

Thanks again to Charlaine Harris who owns these characters. Aren’t they fun to play with?


I am so very pleased at Sookie’s reaction to my advances, and decide to take her back to my office for some privacy before anything else can interrupt us or piss her off or cause any other of a million things that seem to keep us from moving forward. We are both in a playful mood, and I intend to take my time with her and make up for the half-assed foreplay she got from me last night before everything went to hell. I start off in full control, as usual, and she has a powerful orgasm while I enjoy my favorite femoral artery—the one that I envision night after night that has spoiled me for all other femoral arteries. Good. That went well. She is pleased. I step away to give her the full view of my grand reveal as I undress, knowing that this is always a crowd pleaser. She looks amazing, staring at me open-mouthed, eyes half-closed, apparently unaware that her legs are spread and her skirt is still up around her waist. This is the point where I first begin to slip and lose my concentration. She is a goddess and has absolutely no idea of her powers. Her arms open to me and suddenly, I can’t remember where I was in my seduction plan. I am drawn to her like a magnet. She begins kissing my stomach, and I unzip her dress and carefully remove her bra so that I can caress her perfect breasts. I know this will please her. She kisses my stomach again and begins fondling my bottom. I recall that this is her favorite part of me, and so I adjust my stance to give her better access. I will pay special attention to her breasts in a moment. Only now she is touching her own breasts and I am rubbing myself between them, and it feels amazing. I could just do this all night. The way she is staring at our new activity is making me lose my concentration again. I know she has very little sexual experience, but the way she opens herself to new feelings and so freely and enthusiastically explores our lovemaking is amazing. Without stopping, she looks up at me, innocently beaming with pure pride and pleasure and this is the point where I lose all control. I pull her to me and start pounding into her with full abandon. My gods, she is the sexiest woman I have ever encountered. The world could crumble around us and I wouldn’t be able to stop. When I feel her climaxing, I bite her breast, forgetting to be gentle and then I am rocked by my own powerful orgasm. In a daze, I feel her cleaning the blood from my chin and I realize that in my frenzy I have not closed her wounds. That was sloppy of me. She reduces me to this, but instead of responding with frustration at my lack of control, I am overcome with joy that she makes me feel for her so strongly and deeply. I hold her and kiss her, taking in her amazing scent, completely mesmerized and lost in this fragile and powerful human woman that I love. My Sookie.

I snap out of my blissful trance when a loud knock at the door interrupts us. Pam is apologizing for the intrusion quietly (only I can hear her) from the other side of the door. I quickly dress, but Sookie is missing her undergarments and begins to search the room. I gesture for her to get behind the door so that as I step out of the room, she won’t be seen from the hallway.

“What,” I bark at Pam.

“Please forgive me Master, but there was a phone call to the bar looking for King De Castro. Felicia took the call, and said the person didn’t seem to want to speak to the king, but just wanted to know if he was here. She didn’t answer him, but when she asked his name, he hung up. It’s probably nothing, but we just thought you should be aware of it.”

“Thank you, Pam.” And she turns and goes back into the bar. This does seem somewhat unsettling, but I have no way of knowing who De Castro told that he would be here tonight. It really probably is nothing.

I open the door to my office, and find Sookie, fully dressed, sitting on the sofa with a very grim expression on her face. Now what?

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