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Suki’s Weekly Hans von Hozel Challenge Collection: Chapter 6

The Weekly Hans von Hozel Challenge, Week # 6: Book Sookie meets Show Sookie

Show Sookie Showdown

Summary: What can happened when two Sookie’s came together?

Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters, including both Sookies.

Sookie walking through wooded yard in behind of house.

Suddenly, another Sookie!

“Who you are?” Sookie maked a question.

“Show Sookie,” another Sookie say.

“You look muchly like me only not the same,” say Real Sookie.

“No! You ain’t that pretty, goddammit,” say trashy Show Sookie.

“Watch the language, Trashy Sookie! Not say ‘ain’t!'” say Nice and Normal Sookie.

“Ain’t, ain’t, ain’t. Goddammit, goddammit, goddammit,” shriek Bad Sookie.

Then Bad Sookie show hand and magic fairy light comed out. “I kill you!” yelling comes from Awful Sookie.

Suddenly, Eric!


Show Sookie falled to woods floor.

“Eric, you killing the Show Sookie!” Good Sookie cryed.

“She made a bad hand light on you! Say bad words and act the trash,” Eric reply.

Then, Eric and Good Sookie make a kissing and step over dead Show Sookie to happy times.

“Now, we find and kill Show Bill,” speaked Eric and both made the smileys.

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