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Suki’s Weekly Hans von Hozel Challenge Collection: Chapter 5

The Weekly Hans von Hozel Challenge, Week # 5: Merlotte’s

Bill Danubes

Summary: A retelling of Bill’s first appearance at Merlotte’s.

Disclaimer: Charlaine Harris owns these characters. Hans von Hozel owns the word danube as I’ve used it.

Sookie working at Merlotte’s.

Suddenly, Bill!

Oh, he handsome! Brain makes a quiet. Must be vampire! Sookie think.

She put on a flirty.

Suddenly, Rattrays!

Bill danubes out with Rattrays and Sookie sneaking follow.

Sookie peeking from truck pose and watched drainage of handsome new vampire.

Oh no! I wanted having him boyfriend. Rattrays pulling blood all from him, cause a really dead. Hmm. Maybe handsomer vampire somewhere like Shreveport for me to make a touchy with yahoo place.

Sookie back away quiety-like and Merlotte’s work again. Rattrays and Bill remain out.

“Where you at?” Sam sends a question.

“Nothing,” say Sookie. She grinning and hoping Viking come along at Merlotte’s.

Bill blood-empty and ashy in parking lot. Rattrays steal blood, make a rich.

Eric bubbling in Shreveport. Coming soon for to poke Sookie!

Happily ending.

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