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Suki’s Weekly Hans von Hozel Challenge Collection: Chapter 4

The Weekly Hans von Hozel Challenge, Week # 4: Rhodes

Rhodes Explodings

Summary: Bad bomb make destructive on triangle Rhodes hotel. Will Sookie rescue day-sleeped vampires?

Disclaimer: Charlaine Harris owns these characters.

If you haven’t discovered The Weekly Hans von Hozel Challenge yet, get over to The Sookieverse Discussion Forum and find the thread. It’s some silly fun.

Sookie running to Eric and Pam in pointy hotel.

Suddenly, explodes!

“Wakey, wake, Eric!” Sookie at the slapping on Eric’s dead face.

Stuff Pam into coffin and ride like a cowboy outing the window of pointiness with Eric.

All group fly to ground. Splat!

Pam makes squish on road like a frog.

Eric burning as toast.

“Ew! You both stinky dead!” Sookie runned away.

She finded Bill under broken walldom for hotel, cooking same as Eric.

“I save you, Bill!” Sookie coughed and shrilled.

Suddenly, Andre!

“I know you making the hate on me!” Andre crawling at Sookie.

Stab! Stab! Andre staking Sookie and she deaded.

“Waaaaaa!” Bill sadly before sun crunching him to black.

Only Andre left on crumbles.

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