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Suki’s Weekly Hans von Hozel Challenge Collection: Chapter 3

The Weekly Hans von Hozel Challenge, Week # 3: Kill a character

Oklahoma Trouble

Summary: Sookie and Eric and Oklahoma! Some badly happens.

Disclaimer: Charlaine Harris owns these crazy kids although she might not recognize them here. Hans von Hozel owns the word danube as I’ve used it.

We added fourteen new Hans von Hozel stories last week and one this week! I hope everyone will try one. It’s fun!

Sookie and Eric sittings in Fangtasia piled up on throne.

Suddenly, Oklahoma!

“You make me husbing!” Oklahoma queen point at Viking.

Fangbangers scattering. Sookie hopped down and whipping out a stake!

“Eric is MINE!” Sookie screech.

“WAIT!” Eric stand and calm. “No stake, Sookie! We all make a happy together.”

But Sookie’s face is at Eric, eyes drilling on Eric. Angering of the threebie in Eric’s brain.

Suddenly, stake fly! Eric chest pokey!

“Phleh,” say Eric and then ashes all on floor carpet dead.

Oklahoma danubed away. Pam ins Fangtasia and crying on ashes.

Sookie feeled kind of bad.

“Eric nobody’s now,” Sookie sadded.

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