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Sookie Stackhouse’s Facebook Feed: Chapter 7

Lafayette Reynold As your status today, guys: boxers or briefs? The briefest of briefs!


Bill Compton Boxers

Eric Northman boxer/briefs

Marni “Hallow” Stonebrook and 34 others like this.

Eric Northman

Tomorrow they will be on ebay to raise money for charity.

Lizbet McBean

Win! (please don’t wash them)

Steve Newlin

Ill gotten gains will send you all straight to hell.

Arlene Fowler

ICK! Vamp cooties!

Bill Compton got silver poisoning playing Virtual Vampworld.

Eric Northman slaughtered a fairy and got a blow job playing Virtual Vampworld.

Lorena Ball wrote on Bill Compton’s wall: I’ve been trying to reach you for days. Pick up your phone!

Pam Ravenscroft

Hey, Bill, your mommy’s calling you!

John Quinn


Niall Brigant a thong. Would those count as briefs?

Pam Ravenscroft


Father Littrell boxers

Sarah Weiss took the quiz What are you? with the result: a law enforcement officer.

Sookie Stackhouse became a fan of Tara’s Togs and Walmart.

Sookie Stackhouse added Red Ditch to the Places I’ve Been application.

Felipe DeCastro added Reno and Marrakesh to the Places I’ve Been application.

Sookie Stackhouse became a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charlaine Harris.

Amelia Broadway sent Pam Ravenscroft a Virtual Gift: a spa day!

Pam Ravenscroft

How about a spa NIGHT, bitch?

Amelia Broadway

Of course! I’m sorry, Pam.

Pam Ravenscroft

During the day, I’m a slab of dead meat.

Sookie Stackhouse

Then that’s when you should schedule the bikini wax!

Sandy Sechrest


Bob Cataliades legal briefs (get it? Hahaha!)

Sid Matt Lancaster and Johan Glassport like this.

Cleo Babbitt and Arla Yvonne joined the group Vampire Sheriffs.

Eric Northman likes this.

Andre Paul Bikini briefs

Pam Ravenscroft


Sophie-Anne Leclerq

Watch your tone, Pam.

Pam Ravenscroft

My apologies.

Appius Livius Ocella Boxers!

Eric Northman wrote on Sookie Stackhouse’s wall: Have a meeting with Victor at midnight. Can I stop by before to get my hair braided?

Sookie Stackhouse

Of course, sweetie!

Eric Northman

You always do it better than I can.

Alcide Herveaux wrote on Sookie Stackhouse’s wall: Available Thursday night for a “meeting?”

Sookie Stackhouse

Don’t think I’m up for it. Have to work Fri.

Alcide Herveaux

Won’t keep you up too late

Sookie Stackhouse

I was hungover for 4 days last time. Btw, check your front bushes. They may need hosing down.

Alcide Herveaux posted an announcement on his wall: Pack Shaman Wanted (email me for details)

Hot Rain Jones briefs

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