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Sookie Stackhouse’s Facebook Feed: Chapter 4

Appius Livius Ocella found a pair of fangs on the floor while playing Virtual Vampire Poker.

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Mark Stonebrook posted a video: How to perform an ectoplasmic reconstruction.

Marni “Hallow” Stonebrook

Have you lost your mind? You posted that video?

Mark Stonebrook

It was already on youtube.

Pam Ravenscroft became a fan of Connie the Corpse.

Eric Northman likes this.

Amelia Broadway believe everything happens for a reason and put your trust in the universe.

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Pam Ravenscroft

Shut up.

Amy Ludwig posted an article: “Treating Plasma Intolerance and other Vampire Blood Allergies”

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Jason Stackhouse

Vampire flatulence? Are ya’ll kidding me?

Amy Ludwig

It’s no joke. The fumes are toxic—can be fatal to small animals and children

Hugo Ayers

It’s how we lost our Springer Spaniel.

Jake Purifoy took the quiz What are you? with the result: a Were and a vampire.

Ray Don Hinkleton

Dude, you can’t be both! Lol

Sookie Stackhouse met the sun playing Virtual Vampworld.

Sookie Stackhouse

Wow. I suck at this. (get it? hahaha)

Jason Stackhouse shifted into a leopard and ate a goat playing Virtual Wereworld.

Calvin Norris added the profile badge blogger.

Sookie Stackhouse added Maenad to the Supes I’ve Met application.

Sookie Stackhouse

Ya’ll remember that night at the you-know-what?

Eric Northman

I will never forget it, dear one.

Tara Thornton

And I’ll never forget the pink spandex! Lol

Eric Northman.

Fun times.

Coby Fowler drained a prostitute playing Virtual Vampworld.

Eric Northman likes this.

Eric Northman poked Sookie Stackhouse.

Eric Northman


Jason Stackhouse

Seriously, stop it.

The Fellowship of the Sun posted a poll:

O Vampires should burn in hell.

O Vampires are Satan’s offspring.

O The only good vampire is a finally dead vampire.

66,872 people voted.

Bill Compton joined the group Descendants of the Glorious Dead.

Maxine Fortenberry likes this.

Pam Ravenscroft

I thought you were the Glorious Dead.

John Quinn


Sam Merlotte posted a poll:

O Wednesday night should be ladies’ night at Merlotte’s.

O Thursday night should be ladies’ night at Merlotte’s.

4 people voted.

Amelia Broadway OMG Did ya’ll see that sunrise this morning?

Eric Northman


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