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Sookie Stackhouse’s Facebook Feed: Chapter 2

Sookie Stackhouse make the color of your bra your facebook status today! White!

Pam Ravenscroft leopard print

Kenya Jones and Kevin Prior are in a relationship.

Jake Purifoy joined the group New Vamps.

Sookie Stackhouse wrote on Eric Northman’s wall: Priests from the Church of the Living Spirit are HOT!

Father Riordan and Father Littrell like this.

Alcide Herveaux and Annabelle Bannister are in a relationship.

Debbie Pelt

*sad panda*

Bill Compton

I thought you turned into a lynx or something.

Debbie Pelt


Eric Northman

No, Compton, Debbie is a were-weasel. LMFVAO

Arlene Fowler black lace

Olive Trout and Julian Trout became fans of Channel 7 Eyewitness News

Jason Stackhouse

What do ya’ll shift into—fish? Hahahaha

Sam Merlotte

Like you’ve got room to talk, Stackhouse. You look more like a wookie than a panther. lol

Alcide Herveaux

You are all inferior to Weres.

John Quinn

*clears throat* Excuse me, litter-box breath?

Sam Merlotte

Quinn’s pick-up line: Hey, babe, want a tiger in your tank?

John Quinn


Alcide Herveaux has abjured John Quinn.

Sarah Newlin red

Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman are now bonded.

Jade Flower

I thought you guys bonded in Rhodes. ?

Sookie Stackhouse

We did. I’m just now finding the button on here. I’m so fail!

Clovache Zeerghtron Multi-dimensionally translucent

Jane Bodehouse took the quiz What are you? with the result: an alcoholic.

Sam Merlotte and Holly Cleary like this.

Marni “Hallow” Stonebrook joined the group Fangbangers of Area 5.

Everett Chow

You are not welcome in Fangtasia.

Eric Northman

Chow, do not f*ck with her, man.

Steve Newlin

You will both burn in hell.

Lafayette Reynold Purple!

Clovache Zeerghtron and Batanya Fffumshoorton were tagged in the album 2010 Britlingen Babes Calendar

Sookie Stackhouse

You girls look all kinds of hot! Love it!

John Quinn

Do you have vaginas?

Batanya Fffumshoorton

Watch for throwing stars, Quinn.

Clovache Zeerghtron

Hahahaha. Good one, Batanya!

John Quinn became a fan of 2010 Britlingen Babes Calendar.

Maxine Fortenberry Beige

The Ancient Pythoness don’t know

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