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Sookie Stackhouse’s Facebook Feed: Chapter 10

Jason Stackhouse wrote on Hoyt Fortenberry’s wall: Let’s play hooky tomorrow. Wanna go fishing?

Catfish Hennessy

I’m on here, too, genius.

Jason Stackhouse

Never mind, Hoyt. Hey, Catfish.

Amelia Broadway became a fan of Twilight.

Pam Ravenscroft

*shakes head*

Christian Baruch invited Pyramid of Gizeh Survivors to the annual reunion.

Where: Silent Shore Hotel (Magnolia Room on the Mezzanine)

When: Sat. night 9 p.m.

Attire: Semi-formal

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Pam Ravenscroft

Are you going, master?

Eric Northman

I wouldn’t miss it!

Pam Ravenscroft

Bringing Sookie?

Eric Northman

Of course. It’s BYOB. (Lol)

Bill Compton and Judith Vardamon are in a relationship.

Sookie Stackhouse wrote on her own wall: We raised $745 on ebay selling Eric’s underwear! We’re thinking of making it a weekly thing.

Marni “Hallow” Stonebrook

Can you do it daily?

Tara Thornton

What charity gets the money?

Sookie Stackhouse

We can pick a different one each week.

Tara Thornton

Who got it yesterday?

Sookie Stackhouse

A halfway house for new Twoeys and Deaders over in Homer. They helped Jason a lot.

Bill Compton

I teach a mainstreaming class over there on Tuesday nights.

Pam Ravenscroft became a fan of Dear Abby and Anubis Air.

Barry Horowitz bankrupted the casino playing Virtual Vampire Poker

Sookie Stackhouse likes this.

Sarah Newlin shifted into a meerkat and ate a centipede playing Virtual Wereworld.

Catfish Hennessy shifted into a catfish playing Virtual Wereworld.

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Sookie Stackhouse added Bon Temps, Louisiana as her hometown.

Eric Northman added the stand of trees west of Liegelotan as his hometown.

Amy Ludwig posted an article: “Treating UTIs in Male Werecats”

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Batanya Fffumshoorton

Is it contagious?

Amy Ludwig

Call me, Batanya.

Bob Jessup and Amy Ludwig are now friends.

Sookie Stackhouse took the quiz What are you? with the result: the protagonist in a book series.

Eric Northman took the quiz What are you? with the result: what women want.

Eric Northman became a fan of Fanfiction.

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A/N: I am working on getting this put in proper form and posting it on a blog for you guys. Sadly, I am techno-challenged, so I am depending on the generosity of someone with talents I don’t possess. I’ll let you know if and when I get this up in its correct and true glory. Thank you so much to all who reviewed and made suggestions. I thoroughly enjoyed all of them. We’re a funny group of nuts.


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