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Sookie is Stunning: Chapter 2

Sookie is a stunner. It never even occurred to me that she would have more than one gift. Her telepathy already makes her the most unusual vampire I’ve ever known. And stunning is one of the rarest gifts as well, and one of the deadliest. Pam and Sookie and I discussed it and decided to keep the news of her new gift to ourselves. The last thing we wanted to do was make her even more valuable to the queen. And any enemies of the queen—and there are many—would target Sookie if they knew that she was a stunner. I called Compton and relayed our decision to him as well, pointing out that he had already risked Sookie’s life and liberty enough and to keep his fucking mouth shut.

And so it was an unexpected surprise the night that Andre called to congratulate me on producing a telepathic stunner for a child. I didn’t ask him how he knew, but bluffed my way through the conversation, saying that we had planned on presenting the news to the queen on our next scheduled monthly visit to New Orleans—what Sookie had begun referring to as her vampire period. (To say she was dreading it would be putting it mildly.) Andre asked why we were waiting and I explained that I was still training Sookie to control her gift to avoid the possibility of accidents. That part was true. He seemed satisfied, and as a vampire who could easily incur Sookie’s wrath, he should show a healthy respect for her gift and hope that she had it under control before their next meeting.

After I hung up, I called Compton. I didn’t even bother with a hello. “Do you want to explain to me why Andre just called to discuss Sookie’s ability to stun?”

“I had to include her gifts in the database, Eric. You know that.”

“I know that I specifically told you to keep your fucking mouth shut. Am I not still your sheriff?”

“And you know that the queen’s order to keep the database up to date overrides your order as my sheriff.”

“Do you try to be an asshole or does it just come effortlessly to you?”

“I’m not having this conversation. If you have an objection to the database, take it up with the queen. I’m just doing my job.”

I hung up with one more reason to stake that pain in my ass. His fate was the one and only thing that Sookie and I ever argued about. I wanted him finally dead, and she kept defending him, saying that he didn’t deserve to die just because he was an idiot and an asshole. I made the mistake once of asking her if she still had a soft spot for him because he was her first lover. That was the first time I got stunned. Fortunately, we were at home in our bed and I was in no danger.

Sookie and I had been trying to train her to control her temper, which as you can imagine is very important to a stunner. Because she is a newborn and still has impulse control issues, it’s very important for her to work on her ability to control her stunning. Pam offered to help, but Sookie could not manage to feel any genuine anger towards Pam. The only time I could elicit it was when I brought up Compton. There had been two instances where she was able to stop the stun once her vision began to cloud, but the other times, I took a little nap and woke to a very apologetic Sookie.

I told Sookie what Compton had done, and while she wasn’t happy about it, I honestly don’t think she realized the seriousness of the situation. She has only stuck her big toe into vampire politics and has a great deal to learn. As a newborn, she is still vulnerable to attack and now that her gifts are known, Pam and I are very concerned about her safety.

In spite of my desire to kill Compton, I made a promise to Sookie that I would not stake him. It may have been wrong of me, but the night that Compton called to challenge me, I made the decision to keep it from Sookie. I justified it by reminding myself that I am her master and also Compton’s sheriff. As Sookie’s master, I owe her no explanation for my actions. And as Compton’s sheriff, I have the right to punish him for insolence. Killing him may be a bit severe, but would still be considered warranted according to vampire law. Especially if done in a fair fight, and one initiated by him no less.

I drove to Bon Temps while Sookie was still at rest. Compton met me in front of his house. We both carried a sword. If he won, he would own Sookie. I knew that he would lose her quickly to the queen because he was weak and easily manipulated, and so I had more than one reason to fight my best. My hatred for Compton and my desire to protect Sookie gave me confidence that I would prevail. And my age and experience in battle gave me a significant edge. What I hadn’t counted on was Compton’s dishonor. Perhaps I should have told Sookie of Compton’s challenge to me and his desire to own her, but I did not. That was my mistake.

Compton led me to a clearing behind his house and we raised our swords and began to battle. As expected, I was winning easily. He was no match for me in strength or swordsmanship. But my hubris was my downfall. I advanced on him past the edge of the clearing, ready to take him, not realizing that he was counting on my doing just that. Too late, I watched him swing his sword and strike the ground. He sliced the rope covered by leaves and I knew in a split second that I was finished. The silver net fell from the tree branches above me and burned.

Compton smiled as he brought his sword up to finish me, but I continued to fight. In fact, in spite of my being covered in silver, I was still able to injure Compton several times. His sword sliced through my flesh as well, and soon we were both covered in blood and slowed by our injuries. The battle had gone on at this point for nearly an hour. With my body hindered by the net, it was almost a fair match. I was growing weary, but so was he, and when I saw him stumble and fall, I saw my opportunity to finally end the fight. I watched him hit the ground and I finally had a second to untangle myself from the net. He was back on his feet just as I threw it off and our blades met. I could see the panic in his eyes as he realized that he was no longer my match. I was bleeding and weak, but continued to back him further into the forest beyond our clearing. I was finally gaining the advantage as I could see him weakening and finally faltering. I felt my bloodlust rise as I raised my sword for the final blow. And that’s when I heard Sookie’s livid scream and knew that I was doomed. I have no further memory of the battle because at that point I was stunned and it was over for me. I was completely out.

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