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Runway: Chapter 9

Wednesday night after dinner, I went down to mid-town to meet my fiends, Clancy and Felicia, for a drink. They were both model friends of mine that I’d known for years and had been dating for almost as long as I’d known them. When our drinks arrived, Clancy announced that he and Felicia were getting married.

I wasn’t really all that surprised—they were a very tight couple, but what did surprise me was the little stab of jealousy that I felt and an image of Sookie Stackhouse and me living happily ever after in a big old house in L.A. I immediately pushed the thought away and focused on Felicia and Clancy’s news.

After saying goodnight to the happy couple, I decided to walk a bit to clear my head. I cursed Pam for planting the idea of my marrying Sookie in there in the first place. It was ridiculous to even think about. I didn’t even know the woman. But Pam certainly did and Pam knew me better than anyone else. Yes, on paper Sookie was perfect and yes, our first encounter was the stuff sexual fantasies are made of, but in reality, she lived on the other coast and probably thought I was some kind of horny molester.

I was distracted from my thoughts by people running ahead of me and around the corner. I could see the flashing red lights and as I followed the crowd to Park Avenue, I saw the chaos in front of The Waldorf.

There seemed to be a fire, although I couldn’t see any smoke. Emergency personnel were all over the street and sidewalk. As I walked up the block, I felt sorry for all the poor hotel guests lined up all along the sidewalk looking like a bunch of scared drowned rats. Some of them were in their pajamas. A few of the men were bare-chested. Then I noticed a really beautiful young woman barely covered by a tiny wet nightgown clinging to her very gorgeous body. She had her arms wrapped around her chest, and her wet hair clung to her head. I could tell she was shivering even from across the street and I felt bad for her. She reminded me of Sookie, and I thought, I’ve really got to get Sookie out of my head because now I’m seeing her in strangers on the street.

I was almost at the end of the block when something made me turn back and look at the cold wet woman again. She turned her head to see the line of people beside her and suddenly I realized that she reminded me of Sookie because she was Sookie.

Fortunately, the traffic was barely moving so I wasn’t killed running out into the street like a lunatic. I think a cop said something to me as I ran down the sidewalk, but I was so focused on Sookie that I just ignored him.

I said her name and the way she looked at me, I felt like the White Knight coming to save the day. I wrapped her in my coat and pulled her to me. Her whole body was shaking and I fought the urge to just pick her up and carry her away. I did decide she was coming with me so I could take care of her–get her warm again, but she needed to let the hotel officials know she was accounted for. As soon as we got that squared away, I found us a cab and we headed to my apartment.

My first priority was to get Sookie warm. I told my dick to just settle down when I saw her disappear into the bathroom in that little nightgown. We were in rescue mode, not seduction mode. The last thing I wanted was for Sookie to feel uncomfortable alone with me, and who could blame her after what had happened at our first meeting.

While she was soaking in the bathtub, I went into my bedroom and picked up the framed photo of her and Pam on my desk. I stashed it safely at the bottom of my laundry basket and found some clothes for Sookie to put on.

I kept my back to her when I took the clothes to her—mostly so she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable and also to hide my extremely uncooperative dick. It seemed to think she was there just to please it, but I knew much better.

It was fairly late already, so I changed into some sleep pants and a tank top. I set my alarm clock and placed it on the kitchen counter so I’d be forced to get off the sofa to turn it off in the morning. I had a 9 a.m. call.

I made some hot tea and was waiting for Sookie when she emerged from the bathroom all nice and dry and warm, looking ridiculously adorable swallowed up in my clothes.

We sat on the sofa and talked while we drank our tea. I was very much aware of my attraction to her and determined to do absolutely nothing about it. I needed for her to feel safe and taken care of—not worried about the guy who’d humped her against a runway the first time he’d seen her.

I’d wanted a chance to apologize for that night—to ask her out like a normal person, but I knew this wasn’t the time or place. I thought we should avoid any topic that might make her feel uncomfortable.

I was nervous around a woman for the first time in many years and found myself rambling on about my wanting to buy a house in L.A. Apparently, I talk too much when I’m nervous. I finally told myself to shut up and asked Sookie about her dreams and what she wanted in life.

I was surprised to hear that she wanted to own a runway agency. I’d considered starting an agency myself. It was a logical step for someone in my position. I couldn’t model forever, and I had knowledge of the industry that would hopefully help make an agency successful.

We talked for a long time and I really could have stayed up all night getting to know her, but I knew I had to work in the morning. I was also feeling very optimistic about the fact that she was in New York for a few days. She’d also said there was no one to contact to let them know she where she was. I took that to mean she wasn’t here to see some guy. I figured this would be a great chance for us to get to know each other better. I could actually ask her out and hopefully take her to dinner and end the night with a reasonable kiss instead of a mindless grope in a dark theater.

I took her into the bedroom and gave her a very platonic kiss good night before going to bed in my living room. I brushed my teeth and double-checked the alarm clock, and then lay down on the sofa to try and get some sleep.

I was almost asleep when I heard Sookie go into the bathroom. When she came out, she just stood in front of the doorway looking at me, and I was somewhat puzzled. I asked if she needed anything else, and she came to me and said she wanted me to sleep with her. I figured she felt guilty seeing me cramped on the sofa and I tried to explain to her as delicately as I could that I wouldn’t be comfortable sleeping with her. I’d be a frustrated mess, and just told her I’d have trouble keeping my hands to myself.

When she whispered that she didn’t want me to keep them to myself, my heart seemed to stop. Was that an invitation for what I thought it was? I knew it was a bad idea, but my body refused to listen to my brain when Sookie led me by the hand into the bedroom.

We started kissing and I told myself I would not take advantage of the situation, but it quickly became evident that I was not in complete control of myself. I wanted Sookie. I’d wanted her even before I ever met her, and here she was in my bed kissing me and touching me.

I was reminded of the moment in the theater. It wasn’t simply that Sookie allowed me to kiss her, it was her incredibly sexual response to me that set me on fire for her. I had never wanted a woman more in my life.

Before I even thought about what I was doing, we seemed to be naked and I seemed to be all over her, devouring her. When she asked me to fuck her, nothing could have stopped me. Fortunately, I remembered to put on a condom, but that was my last clear thought. After that, I was nothing but a mindless fucking machine taking what I wanted from her.

Through no effort whatsoever on my part, Sookie came. I was glad she at least got something out of it for herself, but frankly all I could do was pound her senseless until I hit my own orgasm. It was not my proudest moment. I was clearly out of control. I should have felt bad about it, but I couldn’t—it was just so amazingly good.

Afterwards, I got up to get rid of the condom and came back to her. Once again, I found myself feeling the need to apologize to Sookie for my behavior. I wanted to explain to her that despite my actions, what I felt for her went way beyond just a physical attraction. I wanted to be with her—something I’d never really felt before, and it was a powerful feeling.

I was trying to clear my head and collect my thoughts—trying to find the right words. I finally said, “Sookie, I hope you know that this isn’t just about sex for me. I know it might sound crazy because we really just met, but I have very strong feelings for you—feelings I can’t quite explain. You do something to me…”

I waited for her response. It was probably too heavy a conversation to start at such a late hour, but I felt something needed to be said. I didn’t want her to think I intended to just fuck her. I wanted her to know that I wanted much more.

I figured she might need a minute to answer me and so I just lay there in the dark, hoping she felt something close to what I did. After a moment, I started to worry that she wasn’t answering me because she didn’t return my feelings. Maybe she didn’t feel anything. Maybe I was just a fuck to her. Maybe she was trying to think of a way to let me down gently.

I realized that I was going to be hurt if she didn’t care about me, and that realization just added to my already intense emotions. She finally made a sound, but it wasn’t what I was expecting. She snored. She fucking snored. Sookie was fast asleep and I smiled into the dark at my apparently wasted declaration. She hadn’t even heard me.

I closed my eyes and relaxed. We may have started off a little backwards, but I knew we had at least a few days to talk about things and I finally fell asleep optimistic about Sookie and me and what we’d started.

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