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Runway: Chapter 22

I’m lying in the tub, thinking about the first bath I took in Eric’s New York apartment. I was feeling so shy and so attracted to him on that night. Things certainly have changed since then.

Tonight is the one-year anniversary of the first night I spent the night with Eric in this house. It’s hard to believe so much has happened—so much has changed. The house itself has undergone an incredible transformation. It still isn’t finished, of course, but most of the big stuff is done—the upgrades to the plumbing and electrical systems, the new kitchen, and most of the rooms are at least partially furnished. I love it more and more very day.

I love Eric more every day as well. I’m not saying having a boyfriend who travels to New York a lot doesn’t present its challenges, but honestly, it also probably keeps things spicy for us in the bedroom. It doesn’t hurt for us to miss each other once in awhile. Most of the time, we don’t even make it up to the bedroom when he comes home after a trip.

I’ve also had several very fun-filled trips to New York with Eric, and he’s made sure I’ve enjoyed the city and seen all the sights I’d wanted to see and missed on that first trip there.

I hear a tiny knock on the bathroom door and sit up in the tub, wrapping my arms around my chest in giddy anticipation of Eric’s entry.

“Come in,” I call out.

Eric opens the door with a smile and steps into the room. I take a look at his black t-shirt and pout.

“What?” he asks.

I just look at the writing on the front. “Eric,” I say in warning. He looks down at the white letters across the front of his shirt: Runway. I go on, “Does that seem right to you?”

“Okay, okay,” he concedes and turns around to leave. “Print” is written across the back.

When we opened the agency, we decided to name the two divisions separately, but most people just called it “Print and Runway.” We took Quinn’s remaining bookers and hired a couple of new ones, and of course, took almost all of his models. I’d heard that Merlotte’s was for sale again, but doubted if there was much left to sell.

After a minute, I hear Eric and Lafayette approaching the door. Eric says, “Sit,” and, “Stay,” to Lafayette before knocking again.

“Come in,” I call out again, getting back into position.

This time, Eric enters in a black tank top and navy sleep pants. Much better.

“Are you okay? Need anything?” he asks.

I just shake my head.

“There are clean towels in the cabinet underneath the sink.” We have no cabinet underneath the sink. “And I think there’s a spare toothbrush in the drawer.” There is no drawer.

He stands beside the tub and adds, “Can I make you some tea?”

I reach up and wordlessly untie the drawstring of his pants. They fall to the floor, revealing compelling evidence that Eric likes the game we’re playing. He starts to pull his tank top off but I say, “No.” I don’t want him in the tub with me.

He stops and looks down at me. We like to change it a little each time. This time, I raise up onto my knees and pull him a little closer to the tub. He steps out of the pants on the floor and puts a hand on my head as I take him into my mouth.

I can’t take him all in, of course, but he never complains. The parts that won’t fit I try to entertain with my hands. Eric is making happy little sounds and then whispers, “That’s good,” and so I speed up just a touch. I can feel he’s getting close. His hips start to move and his hands are both in my hair, guiding me the way he likes it.

Suddenly, he pulls out of my mouth abruptly and I look up, confused. He bends forward and pulls me to stand from beneath my arms and I say, “Really?”

I wasn’t expecting this and watch his teasing smile as he leads me dripping wet across the floor and stands me against the sink, facing the mirror. “Oh, okay,” I say as I bend over the sink and place my hands on the wall on either side of the medicine cabinet. Now I see what he wants.

Eric enters me easily and we both groan at the sensation. He has a good grip on my hips and I watch his face in the mirror as he watches where he’s going in and out of me. We’re both happy with our view.

Eric reaches around me and presses a finger against my clit as he rides me and I close my eyes in bliss, knowing it won’t be long now. He starts pounding a little harder and each time he goes in, I feel myself getting closer and closer. I say, “Almost there,” and Eric stops. I cry out, but know he won’t move for another agonizing minute. We’ve learned that if he teases me to the edge and then stops, it makes my orgasm even better.

I whimper to let him know to keep going and he resumes his movements. This is going to be a good, I think, and just as I get close, I hear, “Look at me, lover.”

I open my eyes and see Eric’s face in the mirror just as I explode and then he begins to fill me as he comes right along with me. We both cry out while watching each other, both focused on the incredibly powerful sensations.

As we come down, Eric leans forward and hugs me to him and kisses my back. I let my head flop forward and close my eyes, completely spent.

After a moment, Eric says, “Don’t even think about falling asleep.” He knows me so well. “We have a dinner reservation in an hour.”

“I know, I know.” I reluctantly lift my head as Eric pulls out. He picks up his pants off of the floor and gives my butt a squeeze as he passes behind me and adds, “I’ll feed the dog.”

I try to regain my composure as I drain the tub, brush my teeth and put my makeup on. Then I let my hair down and go into the bedroom to get dressed. I decide on a little black dress with fishnets, of course. I seem to have an endless supply.

As I’m stepping into my shoes, Eric comes in. He has on dark blue pants and a forest green dress shirt.

“Wow, you look beautiful,” he says as he kisses me sweetly and heads for the closet.


He emerges wearing his distressed brown leather jacket and zips it all the way up, then sticks his hands into his pockets.

“You’re going to need a jacket, sweetie,” he says.

“My coat’s downstairs.”

“Okay. You ready then?”


“Wait, what about jewelry?”

“Oh, right. I guess I should put on some earrings or something.” I go to the dresser and open my jewelry box.

Eric comes up behind me and says, “Why don’t you wear this?”

I turn around to see him pull a tiny black box from his jacket pocket and hand it to me. My heart starts to race and I feel just like probably millions of women who just instinctively know what’s about to happen to their lives at a moment like this.

I feel the tears start just as I open the box to reveal the huge diamond ring. I just cry like a fool while Eric takes the ring out and slips it onto my shaky finger.

“Will you marry me?” he asks unnecessarily and I just nod as he kisses me.

We stand and kiss and hold each other while I try and get my emotions under control. When I finally pull back, I see Eric’s eyes wet with tears as well.

“I love you so much,” he says and again, all I can do is nod.

I finally say, “I love you, too.”

“I know, baby. Let’s go eat.”

Eric kisses my now ring-clad hand and we head down the stairs of our beautiful dream house. I get my coat and purse and kiss our sweet dog goodbye as we go out the door to celebrate the rest of our lives together.



One thought on “Runway: Chapter 22

  1. Melanie on said:

    So great! I love how you have angst but you don’t try to kill me with it. Your such a great writer!

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