Suki59's Fanfiction

Runway: Chapter 15

Eric and I were sitting at a table in Spago having dinner when it occurred to me that I was in love with him. I wasn’t really surprised. I’d been fighting strong feelings for Eric since the day I met him and he’d planted the mother of all kisses on me.

I was so ridiculously physically attracted to him, as I had demonstrated on my sofa when he came to pick me up to take me to dinner. I got a warm rush between my legs just thinking about it.

But it wasn’t the thought of his sexual prowess that made me feel love for him. It was the way he spoke about the house he’d just made an offer on. He didn’t really go into detail about the offer and I didn’t ask about it—it was really none of my business. He just said, “I’m feeling really good about the house.”

I could see the warmth in his eyes. They glowed when he talked about it.

“That’s great. I’m so glad.”

“I can see my future more clearly than I ever have.”

I reached across the table and squeezed his hand, thinking I loved that he was so happy to see his goal about buying the house being attainable.

“I’m so glad to see that it makes you happy, Eric.”

“It makes me very happy. I just might be happier than I ever imagined.”

It was in that moment that I knew I loved him. I realized that I would do anything for him to make him happy. If there was a way to give him the house, I would have done it on the spot. I wanted to see that look in his eyes forever—that look of hope and contentment and just sheer bliss.

When we got back to my apartment, I went into the bathroom and got ready for bed. I washed my face and brushed my teeth and put on what I hoped was my sexiest night gown—it was short and black with lace along the hem. I almost walked out but then decided to put my fishnet tights back on. Eric had complimented me on them several times during dinner and I knew how guys liked stuff like that.

I felt a little silly wearing them with my night gown, but hoped Eric would like it. When I came out of the bathroom, Eric was sitting up in the bed which he had apparently opened while I was undressing. The sheet was barely covering his lap and I could tell he was naked. He had a huge smile on his face and as his eyes scanned down to my fishnets, his expression changed into what could only be described as grateful.

I hung my dress in the closet and put my shoes away, and then turned to get into bed with Eric. He pulled me to him and kissed me, sweetly and softly at first. I adjusted my body a little and felt how hard he already was and I rolled onto my back. In a split second, he was all over me.

He pushed my gown up enough to kiss my breasts and caress them and I just relaxed into the delicious sensations. I started to push my tights down a little at the waist, but Eric stopped me and pulled them back up. He flashed a devilish smirk up at me, my nipple still in his mouth, and then went back to his task.

I opened my legs more and he lowered his attentions and was soon licking and sucking me through the crotch of my fishnets. I watched his hands for a minute as they massaged up and down my thighs, but soon, I succumbed to the pleasure of what he was doing with his mouth and just closed my eyes. It was very different having the fabric between us even though it wasn’t really a solid piece of fabric. His tongue had an odd texture through the tiny holes of the fishnet and it was driving me wild. I wanted more and hoped I told him so with my moans and my hands on his head pulling him closer to me.

I finally just said, “More. Please, more,” and I heard his hand beside my head fumbling around for the box of condoms on the end table. His tongue never left me, but I opened my eyes to watch him trying to extricate a condom with one hand.

I pushed him away, letting him know that I was ready for him to put the condom on. He sat up onto his knees and rolled one on and I started to push my tights down again.

Again, he stopped me, and just said, “No,” as he pushed my hands away and pulled the tights back up and I wondered how we were going to have sex while I still had them on.

Eric looked lustfully between my legs and touched me through the tights. He said, “I’ll buy you another pair,” as he began to rip the crotch open with both hands. My heart raced when I realized that he was going to fuck me with them on. He lowered his body onto mine and his hand went to his erection to push it into me.

He said, “I’ll buy you a hundred pairs,” as he entered me and I cried out at how forceful he was and grabbed his behind to pull him closer.

I bent my knees and raised my legs higher so he could go deeper and in very short order he was pumping me hard and fast and ramming his tongue into my mouth with every thrust. I was quickly on my way to another powerful orgasm produced by the incredibly sexually adept Eric Northman.

As I came, I groaned and he held still, pushing into me with amazingly intuitive perfection. As I started to relax and come back to earth, I lowered my legs and wrapped them around Eric, rubbing his calves with my feet. He kissed me tenderly and resumed his thrusts, only this time they were slow and gentle—the exact opposite of the pre-orgasmic ones.

We kissed and languished for awhile in the slow and sweet rhythm. Eric raised his head and looked me in the eye and said, “You are so beautiful,” before kissing me again. I held him to me and pressed his head into my neck as I felt him starting to come. He kind of whimpered a little as his body tensed and I just held on to him as tightly as I could.

Once our breathing had slowed down some, Eric kissed me again and pulled out. I inhaled sharply at the abrupt sensation and he smiled into my mouth.

He got up and went into the bathroom while I just lay there like a lump, unable to move. I closed my eyes and felt him return to the bed and start to pull my night gown up further and carefully extricate my arms. I was like a rag doll, and just let him do whatever he wanted. He lifted my head a little to get the gown completely off. Then I felt him pulling my tights down (finally!) and he slowly and carefully removed them until I was lying completely naked, my eyes still closed.

“Don’t throw these away, okay?” he said, and I assumed he was referring to the torn fishnets.

“Are you kidding? I’m having them framed.” I was so wiped out, I slurred my words as if I were drunk and that made me smile.

Even though my eyes were closed, I could tell when Eric turned off the bedside lamp and the room was dark. He pressed his body against mine and draped an arm across my stomach, and that was the last thing I remembered. I was out.

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