Suki59's Fanfiction

Runway: Chapter 14

A/N: Some of you commented on the sweet dog Eric and Sookie met at the adoption event. Rescuing shelter pets is a cause near and dear to my heart. Here in Los Angeles and in surrounding counties, thousands of animals are euthanized every month due of overpopulation. (Black dogs and cats have an even smaller chance of being adopted simply because of their color.) So, please spay and neuter your pets, and when looking for a new family member, please adopt a homeless pet from a shelter or a reputable rescue organization. You’ll be saving a life quite literally.

After I finished with the contract at Bobby’s office, I went to Pam’s and packed my bag. I changed into a gray Armani suit and black shirt for my date. I kept some clothes at Pam’s apartment so I could travel fairly light, and the suit was in her closet.

I knew it was too late to make a reservation at most of the good restaurants, but I figured we’d just show up and take our chances—maybe at Spago. My name didn’t generally help me get a reservation, especially in L.A., but once people saw my face, I was often recognized. At least that’s why I assumed I got seated.

I made two stops on my way to Sookie’s–one for condoms and the other for flowers. I was certain I’d never anticipated a date in better spirits. I tucked the condom box into my bag and carried it along with the flowers to her door and knocked.

When the door opened, she took my breath away. She had on a black dress that showed a hint of cleavage and had a full skirt. I scanned down her body to the fishnet stockings and black high-heeled sandals and felt an unmistakable surge of lust run through my veins.

“My god, you look beautiful,” I said.

“So do you. Please come in.”

I handed her the flowers and she smelled them with a twinkle in her eye and stepped into the kitchen, I assumed to find a vase.

I set my bag on the floor by the closet and sat down on the sofa.

“Can I get you something to drink?” she asked as she set the vase on the end table beside me.

“No, thanks.” I knew we should go, but I wanted a kiss first so I held my arms out for her to come to me.

Well, she did. As I wrapped my arms around her, she planted her lips on mine and crawled into my lap, straddling me with her fishnet-covered legs.

I immediately forgot my manners and stuck my tongue into her beautiful mouth, and within seconds, we were back to our usual mindless passion for each other. I had never in my life had such a powerful physical attraction to a woman, and it certainly seemed mutual.

She’d told me the night before when we talked until almost dawn that she had only slept with her boyfriend in college and me. I found it to be such an amazing turn-on that she had easily refrained from sex for years but couldn’t seem to keep her hands off me. For such an innocent girl, she sure was grinding herself into my dick awfully hard. I guess my having my hands on her ass and pulling her into me wasn’t exactly helping either.

She broke the kiss and threw her head back, moaning as she humped me. I kissed down her neck and licked the cleavage I could reach with my tongue.

“Do we have a reservation or anything?” she asked between moans.

“No,” I mumbled into her skin, wishing I could get the top of her dress down lower with my teeth.

“Okay, wait right here.”

She climbed off of me and went into the bathroom. I stood and retrieved the box of condoms from my bag. I heard the bathroom door open and turned to see her emerge holding an identical box in her hand and we both cracked up.

“Now where were we?” I asked as I sat and she climbed back onto my lap and started kissing me again. This time her shoes and stockings were missing and I groaned into her mouth as my hands felt up the length of her legs and found her pantiless.

Her hands reached between us and frantically unbuckled my belt and started working on the button of my pants. I let her spectacular ass go for a second and helped her get my pants and underwear pulled down. She propped herself onto her knees while I pulled my pants down around my thighs. Her hands were immediately on my hard-on and mine felt around beside us on the sofa for one of the boxes of condoms.

Sookie pulled her skirt up and started rubbing herself on my dick while I tore open a condom wrapper. She disengaged for a second while I rolled the condom on and then she just sat down on me, taking half of me in her in one motion. I groaned and looked at her, but she was looking down between us with pure lust in her eyes.

I kissed her and she raised up a touch before pressing back down, this time taking all of me in.

She said, “Oh my god,” into my mouth as we both started to move together. It was intense and fast, and I knew I wouldn’t last very long. We’d just started and I was already feeling like I could come at any second.

I pressed my thumb into her clit and rubbed, hoping she could catch up with me and to my amazement, within a few seconds, I felt her pulsating on me and she broke the kiss and cried out into my neck.

I thought her orgasm seemed incredibly intense, but it was nothing compared to the one I felt. I held her firmly down on me and tried to muffle my voice by pressing my face into her hair. She put her hands on my head and our mouths blindly found each other as we both finished coming together.

I kissed her until we’d both come down a little and then we just held each other very tightly, still panting heavily. I had never had a more intense sexual encounter and had never felt such a close connection to a woman before in my life. I stroked her back and she kissed my hair and I thought, how on earth am I going to be able to get on a plane tomorrow and leave her? I was in love with Sookie Stackhouse.

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