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Payback: Chapter 6


When I opened my eyes, I was looking at a semi-circle of men in camouflage uniforms staring at me. I was in the barn. I was standing, but my hands and feet were bound. My arms were raised above my head. I followed the ropes with my eyes and they were tied to rafters above me. My feet were a few feet apart, bound by ropes secured into the dirt floor with what looked like metal railroad ties. I had lost the feeling in my hands. All the men were looking hungrily at me and I heard from some of the brains that some wanted to rape me. I spotted JB and he looked terrified. I heard him think, What’s Mack gonna do to her?

Apparently the leader of this little group was Mack, the one who had slapped me. He was over by the wall of the barn, bent over, rummaging through a large duffle bag. I heard him think, That’s the one! And he turned around to me holding a shiny hunting knife. I felt panic start to well up inside me.

He turned to his followers and started to make a speech about the evils of vampires and the whores that fucked them. I started to think: Could Eric be back from California by now? Probably not. Pam couldn’t track me. I’ve never had her blood. Bill was with Eric. I was out in the middle of nowhere and no matter how loudly I screamed, no one would hear me. No one was coming to save me this time. JB was my only hope. I made eye contact with him and tried to plead with my eyes. I could see that he was scared. He was worried what Mack would do to me and thinking that he had made a big mistake joining the group.

Mack seemed to be finished with his little pep talk and he turned to me, holding the very sharp knife to my chest. I held my breath as he grabbed my t-shirt at the hem, and with one quick slice, cut it up the front, exposing my chest. I heard tits! from more than one brain and closed my eyes as I felt my bra snap open as the chill of the knife’s blade touched between my breasts.

I heard JB say, “No!” and he started to come forward.

Mack didn’t miss a beat. “Hold him.” And then under his breath, “Idiot.”

Mack walked around behind me, slicing what was left of my t-shirt and bra until they were in shreds on the ground. JB was struggling while being held back by two other men and said, “Please!” And then, “I’m sorry Sookie.”

“Sookie?” Mack’s eyes lit up. “Is this the famous Sookie Stackhouse, vamp whore? My, my. The little honeymoon planner. You’re famous around here.”

He obviously knew who I was, and so I played the only card I thought I had. “It’s Sookie Northman actually. My husband is going to enjoy ripping you apart. You’re all going to die.”

“Not today, whore. I think you should be more worried about your own pretty little ass.”

He placed the tip of the knife just above my right breast and started to cut. At first I held my breath, but the pain shot through me and I made a little noise. He smiled at my response and continued his cutting all across my chest. The pain was shocking. I tried with all my strength to stay silent. I sensed JB fighting harder to be released and heard nonononononono from his brain. All the other brains were thinking yes and whore and cunt. By the time Mack started to cut across my stomach, I realized that he was writing something in my skin. The pain became too much, and I finally just let go and screamed. I knew no one could hear me anyway, so it didn’t matter. Mack chuckled as he continued to cut. I felt the blood running down my body and soaking into the waistband of my skirt. It tickled a little, and then I felt a little dizzy. I was starting to wonder if I might lose consciousness, which would have been fine with me at that point, when suddenly JB broke free and lunged forward towards me. Mack just turned and sunk the knife into JB’s stomach. JB grunted and his eyes widened as they met mine. Then he slumped to the dirt floor with a loud thud.

The room grew still. Some were thinking oh,shit or fuck and some thought what a moron. Then I was distracted by Mack’s very focused thought: I’m gonna fuck you raw, cunt. His eyes were staring intently into mine and I was afraid. I watched him unzip his fly and produce an angry looking erection. I felt a few other men in the now closer semi-circle shift in their stance. Two of them reached to adjust the crotches of their pants. I heard several think I’m next.

I closed my eyes and tried to think of something else, but all I could feel was fear. Pure fear. I could feel Mack’s hot breath on my face as he took a step closer. He pulled my skirt up and stuck his hand roughly down the front of my underwear. Then suddenly there was a loud bang as the barn doors flew open. All heads turned and I opened my eyes to see none other than the King of Rock and Roll standing in the open doorway with searing rage in his normally docile eyes. A sword wielding Pam stepped into the room right behind him. All the men in front of me turned to either fight or run. Mack disappeared to my left. I watched in awe as a graceful Pam did a sort of ballerina turn as she flew through the room towards me, sword held high. In one swift motion, she sliced through all four ropes, freeing me as I fell to my knees.

There was chaos all around me as the two vampires killed their way through the little group of men. I knelt over JB and checked to see if he was alive, but he was clearly gone, lying on his back, eyes open. I looked at the bloody knife handle protruding from his belly and thought of Tara. How would I tell her? I knew that most of the men inside the barn were dead already. Vampires are efficient. Bubba ran out the door to chase down a few that had fled and I heard a scream from out in the field somewhere. I turned to my right and watched Pam on top of a dead man, mindlessly biting into his throat and sucking loudly. I caught movement from my left and saw Mack running towards an unsuspecting Pam. He had retrieved a wooden stake from that duffle bag against the wall and had it raised, ready to bury it into Pam’s back. I stuck my foot out, and watched him trip, but as he fell forward, he was still within reach of Pam. I felt rage and fury like I had never felt before and wasn’t even aware of my actions as I grabbed the knife from JB’s lifeless body and threw myself on top of Mack. I sunk the blade into the center of his back. He screamed and reached back behind him to grab me. I saw his hand in front of my face and bit down, tasting blood as I bit a finger completely off. I loved the sound of his screams. Then I twisted the knife hard, first in one direction and then the other until the screams stopped. I didn’t realize that I was smiling until I saw the look of shock on Pam’s face as she looked behind her to Mack’s body lying so close to her own. When our eyes met, her smile widened and mine faded. I didn’t even recognize the feelings I felt at that moment as my own, and yet I knew that they were all mine.

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  1. andrea on said:

    Blood thirsty …darling ! That’s our Sookie !

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