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Payback: Chapter 4


Compton and I followed the red haired man downstairs and out the back door into an alley. We stopped and watched as he walked across the lawn next door and into the front door of the church of the Fellowship of the Sun. Compton waited outside the side door of the church as I rose to peer into the upstairs windows. There were lights on in one room in particular and I heard a room full of people having some sort of ceremony. I could see about twenty humans wearing heavy black robes with large hoods pulled up to conceal their faces. Some seemed to be praying out loud and others were silent. One man who seemed to be the leader was standing in the front of the room beside a closed coffin. From my vantage point all I could see of the coffin was the foot of it and there was clearly a man lying on top and his feet were bound loosely with a silver chain. Vampire.

The leader turned to the vampire and asked if he had any last words. “You will all die. If not by your own kind’s judicial system, then by my kind. We know of your part in the sinking of the Mina, and you will all perish for it.” My eyes grew wide. That vampire had an accent and I recognized the voice. He was the Japanese vampire who had come to my aid when Pam and I were rescued from the sea. I knew that I had made a promise to Sookie not to act on what I discovered, but I owed this vampire, and he was about to meet his final death. Just at that moment, the red haired man that we had been following burst into the room, pulling up his hood to cover his face and he said, “I am here,” as he produced a wooden stake and held it high. There were loud murmurs from the group who had been watching and praying as the red haired man walked up to the front of the room towards the leader by the coffin.

I felt that I could wait no longer, so I dropped to the ground and grabbed Compton around his torso and flew back up to the window. We crashed through the glass and began killing our way through the crowd. The red haired fool approached me immediately with the stake raised in his hand. I snapped his wrist and flung the stake out the same window I had just shattered before tearing the flesh out of his neck. I made my way to the coffin and removed the silver chains at the Japanese vampire’s feet and wrists. I felt the chains sear the flesh of my palms, but continued to fight. It did not take long for the three of us to kill all the humans. When it was over, we simply walked down some stairs and out the side door. In the alley, the Japanese vampire bowed to me and said, “Daniel Ito.” Compton and I both said our names and we parted. I checked the front of my shirt and it was spattered with blood, so I took it off and turned it inside out. Compton did the same. We both smoothed our hair back and stepped through the back door of the bar and climbed the steps to find Sookie.


Eric and Bill hadn’t been gone for very long, but I was still starting to worry a little. I felt through the bond that they were both very excited about something. I still had my shields down, but heard nothing of interest while they were gone. I felt fairly confident that Eric would not break his word to me, and so I was expecting a report of what he and Bill found, and had already started to think of what I was going to say when I called the FBI. I was relieved to see both Eric and Bill walking towards me, but something looked wrong. I stood and walked in their direction and we met in front of the bar. “What happened?”

“We’ll explain it later, Sookie. Are you ready to go?” Eric reached for my hand to lead me towards the stairs. His palm had an odd texture and I looked down. As I turned his hand face up, I recognized the marks.

“Those are chain link burns. From a silver chain.” He withdrew his hand and put in into his jeans pocket, looking guilty. “And, oh my god, is that blood on your breath? What have you done? And your shirt, both of your shirts. You’d better tell me right now what is going on, Eric.” I could feel my temper flaring. They were both definitely pinked up. Bill was looking sheepishly around the room and avoided my stare. I guess Eric decided to not even bother lying to me.

“You know what we are, Sookie. Let’s not do this here. We did what we do. It’s done now. Let’s go.” He reached for my hand again, but this time I snatched it back.

“You gave me your word. I trusted you. You broke a promise to me! No, don’t touch me. Just leave me alone.” I was seething as I turned to find the stairs. Eric had clearly fed on someone. Had he killed someone? Had he cheated on me? I was starting to feel panicked. I needed to get out of there. I looked back to make sure that Eric wasn’t following me (he wasn’t), and when I turned back around I ran smack into a tall man leaving the V.I.P. lounge. He reached for my arm to steady me as he said, “I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” Oh my god. It was Alexander Skarsgard. What are the odds?

“Yes, I’m sorry. That was my fault.”

“Hey, you’re the girl from the Ivy. I remember you.” Wow. She’s beautiful. Damn. Wedding ring. (My shields were still down.)

“Uh, yes. It’s nice to see you again. Again, I’m sorry I bumped into you. Goodnight.”

I turned to see a livid and scary Eric with icy slits for eyes watching me.

As I walked away, I had the briefest thought. Just for an instant I wished I were still single.

I walked back to the hotel and started packing my bags.

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