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Payback: Chapter 19


I felt such a mountain of relief after finding out that Eric had not cheated on me. Suddenly our ridiculously upsetting conversation about forgiveness the night before made sense. He thought I was talking about the comment he made in our fight, and while, it was a horrible thing to say, it was not nearly on the same level of horrible as having sex with someone else. This is probably one of those things we’ll look back on someday and laugh about.

Eric kept checking his watch while we were in the hammock. I was kind of hoping for a little makeup hammock nookie, but he seemed distracted. Finally, I asked, “Do you need to be somewhere or something?”

“No, lover. But I do have a little surprise for you. Actually, I can’t take the credit. It wasn’t my idea. You’ll see. Why don’t you run upstairs and freshen up and give me about fifteen minutes. I’ll come and get you, okay?” He had such a sweet smile on his face, I couldn’t say no.

I washed the tears away and put on a pretty slip dress and felt much better. When Eric knocked on the door, it felt like he was picking me up for a date and I actually felt shy and excited. “You look beautiful, lover. I hope you like your surprise.”

Eric led me downstairs and out to the patio past the pool where there was an outdoor fireplace and cozy seating. The fire was lit and little twinkle lights had been strung in the trees. Standing by the fireplace was a grinning Bubba holding an acoustic guitar, and I put my hands over my mouth and gasped when realized what my surprise was.

“Hey, Miss Sookie! I hope it’s okay that I came to your house. Mr. Eric said it was okay.”

“Of course, Bubba. How nice to see you again.”

“I wanted to say thank you again for coming to help me tonight. It’s not very often that somebody helps me out like that, especially a human. You could have been hurt bad.”

“You’re very welcome, Bubba. It was the least I could do after all the times you’ve been there to protect me.”

“Well, I brought my guitar and wanted to sing you some songs if that’s okay.”

“I would love that.”

We all found a seat. Eric and I snuggled on the sofa. Bubba sat in the chair by the fire. Eric gave my shoulder a squeeze and we exchanged a smile as our private little concert began.

We were serenaded by the master for over an hour. Every song was an acoustic version of a favorite familiar classic of his. His voice was as smooth as velvet. Eric and I just sat and listened in awe and then when it came time for the last song, Bubba said, “Why don’t ya’ll dance to this one. It’s one of my favorites.” And we stood and slowly rocked in each other’s arms to the sweetest version of Love Me Tender I have ever heard. It was a magical night, a most excellent surprise.

After Bubba left, Eric and I climbed the stairs still hypnotized by the beautiful music. We stood by his bed and continued our slow dance in silence. Eric was kissing my neck and shoulder. I closed my eyes and threaded my fingers through his hair and held him to me. He pulled back and looked me in the eye. “I’m so sorry you had to go through all that pain, thinking I had cheated, lover. I had no idea.”

“I’m just so glad we talked about it, honey.”

“I am yours, Sookie. Don’t ever doubt that. For as long as we both shall live.”

The kiss started as a soft brush of his lips on mine. Then it was a little stronger. His tongue touched my lips and I opened my mouth. The passion started to build. We were both softly moaning. His hands pushed the straps of my dress down and I felt it fall to the floor. Eric’s hungry mouth left mine and he roughly sucked first one nipple and then the other. He got down on his knees and pulled my panties down for me to step out of. He gently lifted one thigh and placed it over his shoulder while his tongue found a favorite spot. I was holding onto Eric’s hair and grinding into him with pleasure. Soon I started to wonder if my remaining leg would hold me up much longer. I was getting close and then suddenly I couldn’t wait any longer. “Eric, I need you inside of me.” He was happily lost in his own world. “Eric! Now!”

That got his attention. He stopped what he was doing and stripped with vampire speed and before I could even register it, he was sitting in front of me on the bed, arms outstretched and ready. I stepped forward and carefully straddled his lap, lowering myself onto his massive erection. He held my hips and gently guided me. Within three or four strokes, I had taken him all in. I gave a significant grind when I hit bottom and said into his ear, “mine.”

“Oh yes, lover. All yours.” We started slowly and soon found a powerful rhythm that pleased us both. Eric took his hands from my hips and began massaging my breasts while burying his face between them. Good thing he didn’t need to breath. As we were nearing the grand finale, I watched him pull his head back slightly and study my breasts with half-closed eyes. I knew that he was seeing all the tiny fang marks and I could see that he was so turned on by that sight. He was mesmerized by the view and gruffly whispered, mostly to himself, “mine.” Then his eyes settled on one spot and he sunk his fangs in as we climaxed together. It felt so good to be back.

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