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Pam’s Take on Things: Chapter 4

The next morning after Eric’s supposed final death I decided that I needed to just put my big girl pants on and get on with it. Compton called and I went to console Sookie. She was a mess, but we got some food into her and I called Amelia to come home and see to her. Sookie has many good friends and any fool could see that Compton would do anything for her, so I wasn’t terribly worried about her. I wished I could tell her that Eric still lived, but could not risk such a disclosure of course. Over the next weeks, our attorney called regarding the estate. Eric had pretty much split it down the middle between Sookie and me and I must admit I was kind of surprised at that. If he didn’t return, she could marry some redneck human and live the high life on his money, but then that was really none of my business. I left the money he bequeathed me in place where our business manager had it invested for Eric and suggested Sookie do the same. She said, “I get it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Modern humans have some of the oddest expressions. I kept offering Eric’s house to Sookie, thinking that maybe she would feel closer to him there, but she refused. Eventually I moved into it because I thought it might look suspicious if I left it empty for his return.

I asked Sookie one day if she felt anything where her bond with Eric once was. I was certain that theirs was a fairly strong one. When she described the feeling, I knew that she had no idea what the bond was or how to interpret the feelings, which was actually good. Eric was still safely hiding somewhere, and the fewer people who knew that the better.

I checked on Sookie periodically, but mostly kept tabs on her through reports from Compton. I knew that sometimes humans have been known to kill themselves after a grievous loss. I never thought Sookie to be the type—she was so strong—but I wanted to be certain that that was not a possibility. I had decided that if her suicide seemed imminent, then I would intervene. I have no idea what I would have told her, but I couldn’t let that happen in case Eric planned to return to her someday. I also wondered if she might not fall in love with someone else, but then again Eric’s return would put a stop to anything like that. After all, they were bonded and she clearly loved him as deeply as a human can love.

Before I moved my things into Eric’s house, I found a letter that Sookie had given to Eric asking that he turn her in case of her accidental death. I must admit that I was shocked, and I immediately called Compton and told him that if he was with her and she died accidentally that he should turn her. He started to argue with me and I lied and said that it was a secret decree from Victor Madden and he was not to question it or ever speak of it, even to Madden himself. Sookie technically belonged to the new regime, and so Compton bought it. I thought, now wouldn’t that be something of Eric came back and we had to tell him that she’d died in some stupid car wreck and we’d just let her go. Oh no, I wouldn’t want to be there for that conversation. Thank goodness I found that letter. I gave it to Sookie along with a cheesy framed photo of her that was beside Eric’s bed.

Sookie called me one day to tell me she was going to the beach house to put it on the market. I asked if she was sure that’s what she wanted. I knew Eric would be pissed because he really loved that house and wanted to live there with her, but it’s not as if I could tell her that. Oh well, I suppose he could just buy it again someday when he came back.

A few days later Compton called to tell me that Sookie had decided to stay in the beach house for awhile and not sell it yet, and that’s when I knew. Eric was with her. I would have breathed a sigh of relief had I breathed. After that I called her fairly frequently, passing along news that I knew would reach my master. I almost laughed when she told me that she had lost her telepathic abilities, but I happily passed that along to Clancy, knowing that Madden would hear of it soon. Clever girl.

I called her last night to tell her that Victor Madden is dead. I am hoping that she and Eric return to Louisiana, and that he will want to resume his life here, but then part of me wonders if maybe they should just stay there. After all, when she is dead and gone, Eric will have an eternity to run businesses, rise to political power, live lifetimes full of achievements. This is the only chance for them to have true happiness together. It’s hard for me to comprehend, but maybe he has the right idea. I know that he is very old and very wise. I should never question him. After all, he is my master.


A/N: Please enjoy my next story in the series, Back to Normal. Enjoy!


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