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Pam’s Take on Things: Chapter 2

After Eric’s departure, I continued to enjoy my solitary and undead life roaming through Europe until the Great Revelation. Shortly after that, Eric called me to come to America to the state of Louisiana to help him run a bar he had opened. I dutifully reported to him, knelt at his feet and swore fealty in the usual manner. The Revelation had changed us all I suppose. Eric had become a practical opportunist, and used our status to make money from humans. He had acquired great wealth over the centuries naturally, so the money wasn’t really what interested him. He became involved in the politics of our kind and had been appointed sheriff of the area in which he had settled. He wanted me to be a kind of business associate, an assistant in his dealings with humans and vampires alike. He was still uninterested in sex with me to my relief, although I would have done whatever he required to please him of course. He still had that darkness to his spirit, and seemed to feed from and fuck what we called the vermin who came into his bar with disdain. I could see that he was bored with them, and who can blame him? Very few of our kind live as long as he has, and I can only imagine the madness to which many have succumbed before meeting the sun.

Eric and I had fallen into a comfortable routine running Fangtasia and the local vampire population that swore fealty to him. I knew him better than anyone of course as his child, and I saw his interest peak the night Bill Compton brought his human companion into the bar. Sookie was beautiful and feisty, different from the usual humans that came to Fangtasia. We were all attracted to her, naturally. I couldn’t believe that Compton of all people had caught her attentions and seemed to have won her affection as well. I could see how Eric would take it as a challenge to win her from Compton and I was glad to see that he had a new interest, a hobby to keep him from being bored. When we found out she was a telepath, Eric naturally calculated how he could use her to his advantage there as well.

Then Eric disappeared after Hallow’s curse and everything in his world changed dramatically. I was relieved to hear from Sookie that he was at her house although I could not imagine why he was there, but we decided that it was probably safer for him to stay there until we found Hallow, and so she agreed to hide him in her home. We all trusted her at that point and so I was not worried for his safety.

It wasn’t until the night we all assembled to plan our attack on Hallow and her coven that I realized what was happening to Eric. He was sitting beside Sookie holding her hand and his memory loss had softened the usual mask he had honed over the centuries, and I watched him as he looked at her. It took me back to the night in the forest when a drunken Eric spoke of his human writer, and I thought, my god, he loves her. This may be the end of him.

Fortunately, he fought with his usual grace that night, and Hallow was defeated. I was relieved to see that along with the curse, his memory of being at Sookie’s house had also disappeared. I spoke to no one of course about what I suspected regarding my master’s feelings. I actually felt sorry for Sookie. Human or not, I had grown fond of her myself and knew that it must pain her to see her former lover return to his cold monstrous self.

Sookie continued to amuse Eric and I felt that his attentions to her were back to the fairly innocuous casual sexual interest that he’d held for her before the curse, and I felt satisfied again that she was an amusing distraction for him and nothing more. But then when I learned that he had bonded with her in Rhodes, I felt a heavy foreboding. He had no idea at the time that he had loved her and as a result was unaware of just how tightly they would be bound.

Of course, by the time I learned of their bond, I was in her debt as well because she had saved my life in Rhodes. I knew her to be brave for a human, but I was astonished to learn that she had risked her own life to save Eric and me and then she stayed and saved countless others, both vampire and human, and I almost began to see how Eric could have fallen for her. She is truly special.

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