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Hey look! My book’s on a horse’s booty!

rudy with arrow

I’m honored and tickled pink to see the cover of Drop Dead Gorgeous plastered onto a horse’s rump for all to see.

Thank you to North Carolina artist, Kim Attwooll, for Rudy the well-read horse, which is part of The Art of the Horse, a community arts project and fundraiser orchestrated by Our Carolina Foothills, a nonprofit organized to educate the public about the small towns of the Carolina Foothills.

Kim is one of only 12 artists chosen to decorate one of the 15 fiberglass horses which will all be auctioned off on August 19 at the Tryon International Equestrian Center in North Carolina.

Kim’s choice in designing her horse was to honor the rich literary history of the Carolina Foothills by covering Rudy with book covers of works by local authors.

I’m proud to say I lived in the dreamy little town of Tryon, North Carolina, when Drop Dead Gorgeous was published. Kim also used the cover of The Complete Tryon Diary by Susan McNabb (my serious grown-up name), a collection of newspaper columns published in the Tryon Daily Bulletin.

More love from Fangbangers Anonymous!

Thank you to Fangbangers Anonymous for their super rec and review of my Hollywood fic, Universal!universal medalion cropped

universal review cropped

Kick off your summer reading with a cheap vamp!

That’s right, it’s time for a Kindle special! Drop Dead Gorgeous will be a mere 99 cents from May 27 (8 am, PST) through May 31 (also 8 am, PST). You kiddies in the UK also get a special dealio at the same time. Enjoy!

drop dead gorgeous beach shot

Thank you, Fangbangers Anonymous!

Thanks so much to Fangbangers Anonymous for their wonderful review and rec for my story, Drained.

drained review pic cropped

drained review cropped

Valentine’s Day Special

Celebrate all week with a romantic kindle special! Drop Dead Gorgeous is only 99 cents now through Feb. 21. It’s also on sale in the UK.

This is what ysar at Fic Central has to say about Drop Dead Gorgeous:

“There’s love, lust, angst, danger, and heartbreaking sacrifice amidst Los Angeles modeling scene, and it makes for an incredibly fun ride!”

drop dead gorgeous on red rotated

Thank you, North Carolina Writers’ Network!

The North Carolina Writers’ Network is buzzing about The Complete Tryon Diary, written by yours truly!

In case you were wondering what I do to when I’m not sitting around thinking up ways to get bitten, I was a newspaper columnist in the tiny town of Tryon, NC, in 2014 and 2015, and I published a year of my columns in The Complete Tryon Diary. The weekly column chronicled my adjustment to small-town life after living in Los Angeles for nearly three decades.

Here’s a review:

“I was so happy when Susan McNabb released this complete edition of her wonderful Tryon Diary. As a busy person, I love that I can pick up this book when I have five minutes to read. After each column, I feel inspired to look around and enjoy the town I’m living in. Sometimes we need a little push to explore our own backyards!”

the complete tryon diary cover final with fine gray line



Thank you, sweet readers!

During my holiday promotion, I broke my daily sales record, and for a shining yet brief moment, Drop Dead Gorgeous was in the top 100 (#96 and 97) in two of my categories! Thank you to all my friends, old and new, who made that happen.

Drop Dead Gorgeous screen shot rating.jpg cropped


Happy Holidays, vamp lovers!

Ho, ho, ho! Drop Dead Gorgeous is only 99 cents December 19-26! (Also on sale in the UK.)  Derek would love to fill your stocking! Have you been naughty or nice?

drop dead gorgeous on red rotated


Drop Dead Gorgeous on Sale!

Spend the weekend with a supermodel who bites! Drop Dead Gorgeous is only 99 cents Saturday and Sunday (and Monday in the UK).

Drop Dead Gorgeous weekend special

Thank you, friends!

Thanks so much to everyone who came to my book signing! It was quite a party!

susan signing the complete tryon diary

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