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Over the Moon: Chapter 2

My hands were both going numb and I was starting to feel a little queasy. I listened with my mind and could still sense Rene somewhere in the house, but he was too far away for me to get a clear read on his thoughts. But judging from his earlier thoughts and obviously from the predicament I’m in now, it’s obvious that Rene Lenier is a very dangerous man. I was trying to control the panic I was starting to feel and so I let my mind drift back to Eric.

After our initial meeting, I started hanging around the studio later and later. I ran into Eric fairly frequently. Sometimes he was in the break room while I was there, and on more than one occasion we had fairly long conversations. He was serious and bright, but with a wicked sense of humor. I found myself attracted to his personality as much as his blue eyes and perfect body, and that’s saying something because I thought about that body all the time. It was flawless. He just reeked of masculinity. I was still fascinated that I was unable to hear Eric’s thoughts and one night decided to touch him. Sometimes touching people amplified their thoughts to me. Eric had said something funny and as I laughed, I reached across the break room table and touched his wrist. Not only did it not amplify anything, but I was shocked at how cool his skin was. I couldn’t stop my reaction. “You’re so cold.”

“Yes. I have a rare blood disorder. My circulation is very poor and I’m always on the cool side.”


“I’m sorry if it startled you.”

“No, not at all,” I lied. It was startling, but not unpleasant. I actually wanted to touch Eric more, but decided to mind my manners and keep my hands to myself.

He was interviewing the mayor of Shreveport late one night and I decided to sit quietly in the dark control room and observe him. He didn’t know that I was there. He was a brilliant interviewer. I could tell the mayor was impressed. After he left, the cameraman shot Eric’s close-ups while Eric repeated his questions. He did it all in one take and then said goodnight and walked the cameraman out. He locked the back door to the studio, turned out all the lights, and suddenly I panicked at the thought of being locked in, but I didn’t want Eric to know I had eavesdropped. I was wondering what to do just as the door to the control room opened and I felt Eric standing in the doorway. I couldn’t see his face in the dark but I got the distinct impression that he knew I was in there. I decided to speak and get it over with. “I’m sorry. I wanted to watch your interview. I should have asked you first.”

Suddenly he was right in front of me. “I don’t mind, Sookie. You can watch whenever you’d like.”

“Oh…okay…” He took a step closer and I could smell his scent and my heart started to race. I started to open my mouth to say something else and his lips were on mine, his tongue roughly in my mouth all at once. Suddenly I couldn’t speak, but my knees went weak and I reached up and put my hands in his hair. It was so completely out of character, but all I wanted was to have his taste in my mouth, to feel his body pressed into mine. I sat on the desk that I had been leaning up against and opened my legs as he pressed his perfect body into mine. I felt his hardness and moaned. This was so damned wrong on so many levels, but I just couldn’t stop myself. Because it was so completely and perfectly dark—studios have no windows whatsoever and are required to be light tight—being with Eric in there felt anonymous. Maybe having no sense of sight made my other senses seem heightened. Or maybe it was just because Eric was so sexy and perfect and hard as a rock. I don’t know. But before I knew it, I was rubbing myself on him and alternately moaning his name and sucking on his tongue. His mouth left mine and I felt his tongue trace a line down my neck. He started nibbling and kissing and I thrust my hips into him a little harder when suddenly I felt him bite into my neck. I gasped and cried out and thought to myself, dang, that’s gonna leave a mark. But then I didn’t care and just wanted more and more and more. Eric’s movements became more forceful and I pulled his hair, bringing his face up and forcing his mouth back to mine. We were both being pretty rough and suddenly I tasted blood in my mouth and I jerked my head back. “Oh my god, Eric! Did I bite you? Are you okay?” He kind of grunted a yes and then stuck his tongue back into my mouth, pushing even harder into me. It all felt so amazing, but I was not expecting the immense and explosive orgasm that rocked me next. There was something about that blood-tainted kiss that just sent me over the edge. I knew it was probably completely kinky and strange, but it was the most amazingly sexual experience of my life. I felt Eric’s back stiffen and knew he was coming too and so I held on fast. We both gripped each other tightly and I felt the dampness between my legs, and thought, oh my god, I just humped Eric in the control room. Have I lost my mind? Well, yes, I have and it feels pretty great. Eric buried his face in my neck and I felt his tongue gently lick the spot where I would be applying makeup for the next few days to cover the giant hickey that surely must be there. He murmured, “beautiful,” into my neck and I just sighed a deep satisfied, “yeah.”

Eric loosened his grip on me and stepped back a little. I needed to feel reality again and so I took a step forward and reached towards the wall that should have the light switch on it. “I’m just gonna turn this on…”

“No!” He sure seemed adamant about wanting it to stay dark, but I was not about to go another round with him. This was already crazy enough.

“It’s okay, Eric.” I took another step and flipped the switch and then was completely shocked to find myself standing alone in the control room. I looked around, stunned and puzzled and caught sight of the door closing across the studio, Eric’s blond head disappearing into the night. That was insane and impossible. How on earth had he gotten across the room so quickly? And why would he just leave so abruptly? Was he really so embarrassed for me to see the big wet stain on the front of his pants? It’s not as if he was the only person to have had an orgasm on company time. I had behaved just as lustfully as he had. It made no sense, but then nothing about our crazy little encounter made much sense.

I checked to make sure the door was locked and then made a stop in the ladies room. I wanted to see what a thoroughly ravished woman looked like right after the fact. My hair was wild, my face flushed, the crotch of my pants visibly damp. That was all to be expected. What I hadn’t expected was my splotchy but otherwise flawless neck. Here I was ready to be mortified at my giant sized hickey, and there simply was none. I went home thoroughly sated and thoroughly puzzled. What had Eric Northman done to me?

For the following nights at the studio, I kept hanging around later and later, hoping to run into Eric, but I never saw him. I asked Sam when he was scheduled for another interview, and he wasn’t. Sam told me that Eric had “gotten what he came for,” and I tried very hard not to take that personally. I was mad and confused. Had he just humped me and taken off? I thought we were hitting it off after all of our break-room conversations. Plus, I was consumed by thoughts of our little control-room encounter in the dark. It was the most sensual experience I’d ever had and not an easy thing to put out of a person’s mind. Well, maybe it was easy for Eric Northman. Suddenly, I felt foolish, like I’d been used. Maybe he bit the necks of all the female reporters he came across and it was nothing to him. But it sure wasn’t nothing to me. It was kind of everything, dammit.

It was so not nothing that here I am, weeks later, tied up and facing real terror, and all I can think about is that I don’t want to die without seeing Eric again. I had been following some leads in a multiple murder case in Bon Temps, the little town south of Shreveport where I live, when I learned that one of the women missing was Rene Lenier’s sister. She had a different name, but I picked right out of a police detective’s brain that she was related to Rene, whom I knew through my brother. So, I decided to pay Rene a visit and see what I could learn, and that’s how I wound up in this closet. I was shocked by the tangled and violent thoughts I heard from Rene and knew in an instant that he had killed his sister as well as several other women. He seemed to sense that I knew and had tied me up and tossed me into the closet. I know what his plan for me is and wish that I didn’t. It is going to be painful and slow, just like the others. I feel my bottom lip quiver and whisper a desperate and hopeless plea out into the dark: “Eric.”

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