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Over the Moon: Chapter 12

Eric and I had certainly showered together before at my house many times, but I had never seen a shower like Eric’s. It was huge and beautiful with two shower heads—those fancy ones that make it seem like it’s raining from above. I gently washed Eric’s hair while he was on his knees, clinging to me with his face pressed into my stomach. Good thing he didn’t need to breathe. I did it twice to get all the blood out and I was very gentle, not knowing if he was still injured. Eric stood and pressed himself into my back as he washed my hair. Then he dipped me, rinsing my hair as he supported my back. I closed my eyes as the hot water massaged my scalp and Eric kissed my breasts reverently.

He stood me back up and began to gently wash my body: my arms, shoulders, back. As he massaged my breasts with his soapy hands, he muttered, “I thought about these a lot.” Then his hand slid up my chest and a finger traced my collarbone. “And this.” He pushed my hair over a shoulder and stroked my neck. “And this.” He re-soaped his hands and pulled me to him as he pressed his talented fingers into my back, massaging his way down until he had a firm grasp of my generous booty with both hands. “And this.” Those soapy hands dropped lower, snaking between my thighs as he bent and nuzzled my neck. Then he dropped to his knees and watched his own hands as he got all my girl parts thoroughly clean. Once I was soaped and rinsed, he mumbled one last, “And this,” before ravaging me with his masterful tongue. I separated my legs and held on to his head for support as I felt myself drifting into oblivion. After all the soaping and massaging, it didn’t take me long to climax. I felt my head drop back as I came and the water hitting my face caused me to sputter and laugh. For some reason, the orgasm seemed to intensify the laughter and soon I found myself consumed with joyous peels of laughter. I opened my eyes and looked down to find Eric grinning from ear to ear as he watched me coming down from my high. “My god, you’re beautiful.”

I regained my composure and declared it Eric’s turn as he stood and held his arms out to his sides, smiling like the Cheshire cat. I took the soap and began carefully washing his body, asking as I went if I was hurting him. There were still some raised welts and marks on his body, but he said he felt no pain. When he was all clean, I wrapped an arm around his glorious behind and bent over to put him in my mouth. I stroked him with my free hand since it was impossible to fit him completely into my mouth even though I certainly gave it my best attempt. He seemed to appreciate my efforts judging from the sounds he made and just as he was climaxing, he threw his head back as well. The water from the shower head above him filled his mouth and he loudly gargled, making us both laugh, and of course, I almost drowned, but it wasn’t because of the water.

Eric showed me where to toss the dirty comforter down a laundry chute so that it landed in the laundry room in the basement. We found a clean one in a hall closet that was equally beautiful (He explained a vampire’s abundant supply of comforters, rugs—anything that spilled blood could ruin.) and then I gave Eric my little tour of where I’d repaired the candle holder and put down the area rug. He kissed me and thanked me with a delicious dinner of pasta with pesto sauce and a grilled chicken salad. After dinner, I got the grand tour of the house and grounds in our cozy robes even though I told him I’d already snooped and seen most of it.

Eric made a fire in the giant fireplace in the living room and then laid me down on the rug and made love to me until I was crying from the beauty of it. As it got late and I got tired, I went upstairs and donned my nasty, sooty clothes again to wear home. Eric offered to drive me, but I’d need my car in the morning to get to work.

Eric left me at the front door for a minute and returned, pressing a house key into my palm. “This is for you.”

“Thank you. Are you sure?”

“Yes, lover. We need to talk about this more, but before you leave my sight again, I want you to know that I love you and as long as you walk the earth, I want to walk beside you. I’m so sorry I left you after the things I said. I feared for you then, but I was wrong to leave. I knew it that night, but never got the chance to explain myself. I thought you wouldn’t be able to handle my real world, but now I see that you are the bravest, most tenacious, smartest, most loyal woman I think I’ve ever known.” He looked so serious, my heart seemed to skip a beat at his words. “Plus, I like your tits.”

He kissed me as we both laughed. “Seriously, consider what I said. I want you to live here with me, be my companion, let me make you happy. Will you think about it?”

“I doubt if I’ll think of much else.”

As I drove away, I looked in the rearview mirror at the mansion that would most likely soon be my home. I already knew what my decision was. I had loved Eric for a long time and knew I didn’t want to live without him. Yes, our lives together would be unusual and full of surprises, but I knew I’d never be bored. I pictured a life with a man that I’d have to keep a secret, a world where I didn’t know the rules. I knew it was crazy, but I also knew that I’d never leave him. He was the love of my life and I was simply over the moon.


A/N: Please enjoy Eric’s point of view in my companion to Over the Moon called Under the Stars.


2 thoughts on “Over the Moon: Chapter 12

  1. I adore your gentle Sookie and Eric stories. Yes gentle. Everything seems so smooth and warm and welcoming.

  2. valady1 on said:

    An ending, but one that’s holds the beginning of their lives together within it. Most satisfying.

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