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Over the Moon: Chapter 10

I felt my way down the dark staircase and came to a door at the bottom of the stairs. I turned the knob and entered the pitch black room, feeling my way along the wall for a light switch. I found it and flipped it on and looked around. I was in the basement in what would make a great laundry room, but instead it seemed to be the torture chamber of the house. Eric was sitting slumped over, tied to a chair. It was probably still light out and so I assumed he was in his daytime rest, but that wouldn’t explain the marks all over his body. He was shirtless and his torso was covered with welts and bruises and scars and dried blood. His body was wrapped with silver chains that bound him to the chair and seemed to have burned into his flesh. His ankles were bound and his hands were behind him, also bound with silver. His hair was matted with blood. I looked around the room and the walls were covered with peg board as in any workshop, but instead of normal tools, these walls held implements of torture, many of them caked with dried blood. The room reeked of blood and stale air.

I immediately knelt at Eric’s feet and began unwinding the silver chains. I had no idea what else might be in this house and so as I unwound the chains from Eric, I wound them around my neck, arms, torso. If Eric’s torturer was also a vampire, maybe these would make me less tasty-looking. As I released him from the chain around his chest, he fell to the floor at my feet. I rolled him onto his back and yelled into his ear. “Eric!” His eyes twitched, but he did not move. “Eric! It’s me, Sookie!”

I could feel the stirrings of fear in him. His eyes opened for a second and he seemed to focus on me. “Run.” Then they closed. “Hot rain.” Well, that made no sense, but I certainly knew what run meant. I didn’t want to leave Eric, but thought that unbound maybe he’d have a chance to defend himself once he woke up. And I decided that I should take his advice and run. Whatever had the power to bind Eric and torture him was no match for me, Stackhouse or not.

I ran up the stairs and reached for the candleholder that predictably opened the bookcase and found myself in the library again. The house was dark, and yet Eric wasn’t awake. I wondered if he was weak from the torture and I turned to go back to him to give him some blood, hoping that would give him strength. But before I could get back to the bookcase, I heard footsteps descending the stairs behind me and a deep laugh.

“Delicious!” I turned to face the voice and could make out a tall man with long black hair and sharp white fangs smiling at me. It was dark in the house, but his skin almost glowed. I had a brief odd thought that he was very handsome and most likely Native American and then it hit me: Hot Rain. This was Hot Rain. I felt my blood turn to ice in my veins as fear washed over me.

I dashed back to the bookcase and grabbed the candleholder, desperate to get back to Eric, although I knew logically that he would most likely not be able to help me. But I also knew that I could never outrun this vampire, and I was certain there was no help for me anywhere other than downstairs. In my haste, the candleholder broke off in my hand and the bookcase stopped mid-turn. Was I just leading this monster back to a defenseless Eric and trapping myself in the basement with him? I decided to change tactics and ran for the front door. Panic had overtaken logic.

I made it to the front entry way before I was knocked to the floor from behind. I screamed but kept crawling towards the front door. Suddenly hands were on me, grabbing my legs, my hips, and then as they grabbed my waist, I heard the yelp as the chains burned him. He turned me over onto my back and in a frenzy, his body was on mine, mouth at my neck. I heard the screams as his flesh burned, but saw the flash of fangs and a wild-eyed expression in his eyes as he searched for a chain-free spot in which to sink his teeth. I stabbed at him wildly with the broken candleholder until he knocked it from my hand with his own. I heard it clatter across the floor but kept fighting with all my might. My attacker kept mindlessly biting my chain-covered neck and his screams were louder than mine. Then suddenly I realized that my screams were the only ones I could hear and the wriggling weight on top of me was somehow melting and covering me with cool heavy goo. I turned over and tried to crawl away, but slipped in the suddenly-growing mess all around me. I flattened on the floor, crying loudly from fear and relief that somehow the monster that was about to eat me was suddenly gone and replaced with a floor-full of vampire pudding.

I tried to regain my composure and turned around to see what had happened. It was still dark, but the moonlight through the front windows illuminated the room enough for me to see Eric lying at my feet, face down. The goo turned to ash and then simply vanished all around me. I scrambled back to an unconscious Eric who still had the broken candleholder in his hand. I rolled him onto his back, and as I did so, the chains around my wrists dragged across his shoulders and chest and he groaned in pain.

I quickly unraveled the chains from my arms, neck and chest and tossed them aside. I tried to pry the candleholder from his grasp, but he wouldn’t let go. So, I simply placed my wrist at the sharp tip of the splintered wood and pressed down until I felt pain. Then I placed my wrist at Eric’s lips. He was unresponsive. I pressed harder and cried, “Drink!” between sobs, but he still didn’t move. I hit his chest with my free hand, tried to shake him awake, but nothing seemed to work. Then in a last desperate move, I grabbed his crotch and uselessly stroked his flaccid member. I finally gave up and dropped my head onto his chest and wept. Only then did I feel movement and looked up to see him smile as he parted his lips and swallowed the blood. As he licked the wound closed, his eyes opened and found mine.

“You never give up, do you?” He had that signature smirk on his face. I buried my face into his chest and cried hard. “It’s okay, lover. It’s all over now.” He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight as I wept into his body.

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One thought on “Over the Moon: Chapter 10

  1. valady1 on said:

    A woman on a mission, that’s the thought that ran through my mind here. If he needed proof of her love for him, he has it now.

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