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One Year Later: Chapter 6


I suppose you want to know what has happened to me in the past two years, don’t you? Well, after Sookie and I returned to Louisiana, I was fairly optimistic about how things started off. She accepted my ring, although I did have to convince her that it really didn’t mean anything. (I had become so much better at handling her, I must say.) She allowed me to lightproof one of her spare bedrooms so that I could comfortably stay at her home. She was starting to get more comfortable in my slightly ostentatious house in Shreveport. Fangtasia was back in full swing. Pam enjoyed her beach vacation with her human of the week. The new regime seemed to be stabilizing, and DeCastro was finally learning how to utilize email rather than swooping down into my bar unnecessarily. He asked about Sookie occasionally, but had not called her to work, which I was relieved about.

Just when I thought things were looking fairly normal, the shit hit the fan of course. It started off like any other night. I woke up in my home, expecting to see Sookie at her house after the bar closed. I was getting out of the shower when I heard a voice message being recorded on my home phone. Very few people had my home number. I recognized the voice as a vampire I knew only slightly on a personal level, but she was the sheriff of area 2, and the level of stress in her voice got my attention. She said that there had been another takeover, and that she wanted me to pass along the information to the other sheriffs. Then her voice rose into a high pitched scream before I heard the click. Whoever had just made her scream had also hung up the phone and it wouldn’t take long before they realized who she was calling. I remembered all too well that I was the only sheriff in Louisiana to survive the last takeover. I threw on some pants as I heard the cars pulling into the front drive, and launched myself off the balcony and into the trees beyond the pool. I watched as seven vampires that I had never seen before entered the house and ransacked the place. I was grateful that none of my human staff (or gods forbid, Sookie) was there.

When they had left, I returned to my bedroom, retrieved a disposable cell phone from my desk and called the other sheriffs. I left voice mails for each of them, hoping that I may save a life just as mine had just been saved. I said that there had been a takeover, but then added that someone was pulling up into my driveway and I had to go and see who it was. Then I opened my safe, took out the pre-packed briefcase with a few essentials and a lot of cash as well as what I thought of as my emergency exit bag. It contained the ashes of a long-dead vampire that I had staked (I had my reasons at the time, trust me.) as well as a wooden stake. I finished dressing quickly, dumped the ashes and stake onto the still unmade bed, stuffed the plastic bag into my briefcase along with my laptop, and took off flying into the night.

I flew between Sookie’s house and Fangtasia several times that night, but waited in the trees or on the rooftops to see what happened. I never saw any vampires approach either place except for Compton at Sookie’s, of course. I was glad she wasn’t alone, but it was difficult avoiding contacting her. But I knew that she and Pam would both be safer if they had no contact with me. As dawn approached and it seemed that both Pam and Sookie were safe, I went aground in the woods behind Sookie’s house.

The following night, I waited in the trees and watched Compton and then later Pam entering Sookie’s house. I could feel Sookie’s grief and it was so very hard to leave her, but I knew that her safety was more important at that moment, and so I reluctantly flew away.

I found myself at a truck stop by the interstate where I could connect to the internet and read online about the takeover. It’s hard to know what was fact and what was rumor, but I assumed that the reports of DeCastro’s and Sandy’s deaths were accurate. When I read about the placements of the new sheriffs, I knew that I was most likely the only surviving sheriff once again. I was relieved to learn that Clancy was now the sheriff of my area. I knew him to be fair and a friend to Pam, and thought that she would most likely be safe. And I knew that Compton would defend Sookie to his death. She would be heartbroken, but still alive.

I ordered a True Blood to go, glamored a truck driver, and began my journey to South Carolina.

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