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More Love in L.A.: Chapter 7


For the next few days, Eric and I stayed home. We were prisoners in my apartment because of the media in front of my building. I went out a couple of times to the store or to run an errand or two and made Eric promise that he would stay inside while I was gone. He asked one day why we couldn’t go to his home and then asked where he lived. It broke my heart to see him still so confused. I showed him the address on his driver’s license and told him where it was—just a few blocks away from my building. But I also explained that there were press people in front of his building as well, so we might as well stay in my place.

I was able to work from home some and kept in touch with Alcide. I showed Eric how to use his laptop and he mostly just surfed the net reading. I wondered how much was new to him and what it must be like to discover so much at once. I showed him how to use google and then how to send email. He wrote his aunt and kept her up to date on his progress (I had called her right after he was injured). He stayed in touch with Pam and Felipe.

We spent a great deal of our time in bed during this time. I guess for Eric it was like discovering a whole new world. For me it was just enjoying his newfound enthusiasm. He had always been an incredible lover but he was even better if that was possible. One day we were enjoying the feel of post coital bliss when he asked me why I trusted that he had not been involved with Hallow. I told him that we had been committed to each other for a long time and that we had a solid relationship and trusted each other completely.

“Was that always the case?”

“Um…no, actually. We had a little glitch in the beginning when we first moved out here, but we worked through it and then we were solid as a rock after that.” I watched him as he thought about that. “Don’t worry about it sweetie. I promise we’re good. Nobody could ever come between us now.”


That week was a week of discovery. I spent most of my time discovering how much I loved making love to Sookie. I just couldn’t get enough of her and she seemed to feel the same way. We also discovered who had apparently attacked me and caused my head injury and it was a woman who had worked as my assistant. The police seemed to feel that she was a very dangerous person. I also learned how to use my computer and spent hours just looking things up and reading. It seemed that the more I learned, the more questions I had. It was so frustrating trying to remember things.

Sookie told me that we had apparently had what she called a glitch in our trust when we had first moved to Los Angeles. I wanted to ask her more about that but then stopped myself. Did I really want to know more? What if I discovered something really painful? What if we had cheated on each other? I honestly wondered if I’d had some sort of relationship with this Hallow woman, but Sookie was convinced that I had not. I was amazed at her certainty.

I couldn’t imagine being certain about anything at that point. I wasn’t even certain what I did for a living or where I lived. It was a tough week.

At the end of the week, Sookie needed to go into her office to take care of some things. (I wasn’t really clear on what she did for a living either and felt foolish asking her about it.) While she was away, I was reading on the computer and trying to remember—my usual occupations. I decided to just google myself and see what I could learn. The first few items were articles about the movie I was working on and my relationship with Felipe DeCastro who was apparently a big producer. Then there were a few items about my student film on which the current film was based. Then I found some articles about me and Sookie and Victor Madden and I froze. I could feel a lump in my throat as I read them and my stomach turned when I saw the photos of Victor and Sookie together. This must be what she had been referring to when she spoke of our glitch in trust. Fuck. She had had an affair with the actor that I ended up hiring for my film. What kind of a schmuck was I anyway? I knew that he was fucking my girlfriend and then I gave him a job? And then worked with him every day? And we were all okay with this? Jesus.

I stood up and paced the room, my head spinning with images of Sookie with this man. I wondered how upset I had been about this the first time and cursed the fact that I was now having to relive it. I had to get some air. The walls were closing in on me. I took out my wallet and read my address again and thought of how Sookie had told me to get to my apartment building. Then I grabbed my keys and left. Suddenly I needed to go home.

I passed the people on the sidewalk in front of Sookie’s as they took photos of me, but none of them followed me. I walked the few blocks and knew I was on the right street when I saw the small camp of people in front of another building. They all shot photos of me and asked me questions that I ignored as I climbed the steps, pulled my key out and opened my door. I wanted to scream with frustration when I walked inside. Absolutely nothing looked familiar and this was my own home. Fuck.


At the end of the week, I went into the office to take care of a few things that couldn’t be done from home. I was wrapping things up at the end of the day when Alcide stuck his head in my door. “How’s it going?”

“Okay, I guess. He’s still the same. No memory.”

“Jeez, I’m sorry, Sookie. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do, okay? I mean I’m sure you’ve got it all covered between your taking care of him and his assistant taking care of his place.”

I felt the blood drain from my face. “What?”

“You know, that girl that works for him. I know what the press is saying, but we all know it’s a bunch of crap. I’m assuming she’s just watching his place, right?”


“Yeah, I think that’s her name.”

“The press is saying something?”

“Um…yeah. Where have you been?”

In bed with my boyfriend, actually, blissfully ignorant of the rest of the world. “Um, I guess I haven’t been keeping up. Do you have any of those articles around here?”

“Yeah, I’m sure I do.” He stuck his head out the door and asked someone to bring him the day’s tabloids.

I snatched them from his hands and read the first headline. Northman’s Revolving Door: Sookie’s out, Hallow’s in. There were two photographs. One was of me walking out of his building carrying a suitcase—it was his suitcase that I had picked up the day after he had been attacked. The next photo was of Hallow carrying a suitcase into the same door. I thanked Alcide and ran out the door. I called Eric from the car. He answered but sounded upset.

“Hi honey. I’m on my way home. Make sure the door is locked, okay? I just found out that Hallow might be staying at your apartment. She doesn’t know where I live though, so we don’t…”

“No, she’s not. I’m at my apartment now.”


“I came over to my apartment. I found out about you and Victor Madden and I just had to get out of your place. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Victor Madden? What about me and Victor? Listen, it doesn’t matter. We’ll talk about that later, okay? You need to leave. I don’t think it’s safe there sweetie. Go out front and make sure the photographers can see you and I’ll be there in two minutes. She won’t do anything with people around. I’m almost there. Are you going out front?”

“No, Sookie. I’m fine. I want to talk to you about this Victor Madden crap.”

“Okay, okay. I’m parking now. I’ll be right up. I have a key.” I hung up and called Detective Beck and told him what I’d read in the tabloids and asked him to come over to Eric’s just to check it out even though Eric said she wasn’t there.

I breezed past the photographers, shutters clicking away, and took a deep breath before I opened Eric’s door.

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