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More Love in L.A.: Chapter 6


I feel like I was born running down the road. Apparently I have amnesia. It’s an odd state of being. I seem to know things like how to make scrambled eggs, but the woman taking care of me was a stranger to me, and yet we were obviously not strangers. It was bizarre.

For the first couple of days I was slowly adjusting to my life. I met Sookie and Pam and Amelia and had my head stitched up and spoke to a police detective. They all seem to think that I’d been the victim of some crime. Everyone was very kind to me and I could tell they were walking on eggshells around me. I didn’t blame them. I did feel oddly fragile. Like I was scared of something all the time. Like what I wanted to think about was just out of reach. Sookie said that it was temporary, and I hoped she knew what she was talking about.

She’d been so kind to me. I wasn’t really certain what we were to each other before, but clearly she was comfortable enough to allow me to sleep in the bed with her, and she wasn’t afraid of me. I had some clothes here in a drawer, so I’d obviously stayed here before. Then one morning I overheard her on the phone telling someone that we were in a committed relationship. She confirmed it when I asked her about it. I studied her a little closer after that and wondered how I ever got so lucky to have this woman in a serious relationship with me. She was kind and bright and I couldn’t imagine anyone more beautiful. She showed me where to put my clothes in her closet and when I did, I inhaled and smelled her clothes hanging in there and they smelled so good. Maybe they triggered something in me—maybe a glimmer of a memory, because I was immediately hard. I heard her getting into the shower and so I stripped and went in to join her.

I was right about her being beautiful. She was amazing and so loving. After we showered, we made love and she seemed to know just what I wanted and anticipated my every desire without my having to do or say anything. I could not have imagined a better lover. I immediately felt like I was falling in love with her and told her so and then we both laughed because obviously I did love her or we wouldn’t be together. I had so many questions for her but didn’t want to just bombard her with them. Plus I wanted to enjoy her company and selfishly just wanted to make love all day with this treasure of a goddess I had all to myself.


Eric was insatiable, and frankly his lust only fueled my own. Once we had apparently gotten over that awkward hump (no pun intended), all he wanted to do was make love. And who am I to deny the man what he wanted? We spent that whole day in bed and I wondered if I would be walking funny the next day. Finally we fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms that night and it felt just like old times to me. I wondered what it must feel like to Eric.

Monday morning I called the neurologist and was lucky that they’d had a cancellation. We had an appointment for three that afternoon. Pam picked me up and we drove over to Paramount to retrieve Eric’s car. He promised to stay at my house and behave himself while we were gone. I drove his car back to his apartment building and parked it, and then walked the few blocks back to my house. I was wearing my hair tucked up under a baseball cap and kept my sunglasses on. The press members were still camped out in the front while I slipped out the back of the garage and hopped a fence as I headed home.

Dr. Ludwig had already seen Eric’s test results from when he was at the Cedars emergency room. She ran a few more tests and then spoke to us together. She felt certain that Eric’s amnesia was temporary and that his memory would most likely return in time. He had been taking Tylenol for the headaches and they were better already. She said she saw no reason to suspect any permanent damage and sent us home. I let out a breath I hadn’t even realized I’d been holding.

I was relieved and grateful for Dr. Ludwig’s prognosis and felt so much better until I pulled onto my street and spotted the press in front of my house. I guess they figured out my address after all. I hurried Eric past them and once we were inside I explained that he was of interest to the media because he was a hot up and coming director and people were fascinated with his being injured. I opened his laptop and found one of the old articles that had been written after his student film screening. He loved the photo of the two of us all dressed up on the red carpet and read the article with interest. I explained to him that Victor was the star of his film and Felipe was the producer and that Pam worked for Felipe now. He silently took it all in and read the article a couple of times. He seemed a little more open to the idea of using the laptop so I asked if he would mind if we checked his email. I was planning on just forwarding everything to Pam so she could direct the emails to whom ever was handling Eric’s work while he was out. But when I opened the page, my heart stopped.

There were hundreds of new emails and it seemed that ninety-nine percent of them were from Hallow. Eric asked who she was and I told him she was his assistant and had been missing since his accident. I started opening the emails and each one was creepier than the one before. They all declared her love for Eric and asked when they could be together. I skipped down to the most recent ones and in them she wrote about how she was going to kill herself if they couldn’t be together. Eric was reading over my shoulder and I turned to look at him and he looked so scared. “Do you think I was seeing her?”

“No, honey. I know that you weren’t. Don’t even worry about that. But we have to tell the police about this.”

I forwarded the emails to Detective Bellefleur as he’d requested and within the hour we got a visit from a Detective Beck who was on what they called the stalker unit. He wasn’t exactly forthcoming with information but he did say that Hallow was still missing and that they had evidence that she was romantically interested in Eric. After interviewing people at the production company though, the police were convinced that she was not involved with Eric and may be delusional about the romance. The emails confirmed their theory. He said that the fact that she was threatening suicide was a very serious element. Apparently, when these types plan on killing themselves, they often also plan on taking the object of their desire with them. When they get to that suicidal point, they are considered extremely dangerous.

We promised to let him know if we heard anything else and he was set up to receive all of Eric’s emails. When he left, I called Pam and told her what was going on. She was shocked but said that Hallow had always seemed a little off to her and that she hoped I knew that Eric would have never encouraged her. I assured her that I wasn’t worried about that at all. I trusted Eric completely.

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