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More Love in L.A.: Chapter 10


Eric’s recovery was coming along. You’d be amazed at how many sexual positions there are that don’t involve the left shoulder. Just like before Eric was shot, he couldn’t seem to get enough of me. And I was more than happy to be the recipient of his adoration. Just like the original Eric, my new Eric loved the story of when I snuck into his room in college. Funny how that one affected him no matter what. I was guaranteed a wild ride whenever I brought it up. So I mentioned it frequently.

He was able to go out with his arm in a sling and wasn’t as bored as he’d been when he was stuck in the apartment all day. His strength was returning, but his memory was not.

He talked a lot about getting married. I was thrilled about the idea, of course, but knew that we should wait until his memory had returned. I tried not to think about the possibility that his memory would not return. We would lie in bed, usually after mind-blowing sex and whisper about the wedding we wanted and where we would live and how many children we would have. I was so happy at the prospect of a rosy future with the man I love, but the amnesia was always a dark cloud over my optimism. But I kept that little tidbit to myself.


I was so glad to be able to finally get out of the house. My strength was returning and our sex life was back on track, but I was still bored at home all the time. Some nights we stayed at Sookie’s so she could catch up on her laundry and we’d clean her apartment together. It wasn’t fair to leave it all on Amelia. On one such night I was sitting on Sookie’s bed watching her beautiful behind as she dug in the floor of the closet to get to her laundry basket. She was squatting down and lost her balance and fell backwards in slow motion on her butt and we both started laughing. I scooped her up with my one good arm and held her in my lap and said, “I’ll never be happier than I am right now.”

She seemed kind of surprised but then said, “I feel the same way.” The kiss was sweet and started slowly. Sookie began kissing down my neck, mindful of my shoulder, of course. Then she stood and slowly removed her clothes, one piece at a time. I stood and she helped me with my pants. We left my shirt because the sling was a lot of trouble to get off and we were clearly on a mission. Sookie pushed me back onto the bed and helped me get comfortably situated in the center. She kissed her way up my body and as soon as I could reach her, my fingers found her ready for me. She lay beside me while I brought her to climax with my one fully functioning hand. Apparently, it functioned just fine. Then she climbed on top of me, sat down onto my erection and started to ride me while massaging her own breasts. Seeing how turned on she was sitting up like that was amazing. I could tell she was getting close again when she started grinding onto me, rubbing herself into me. Then she reached down and grabbed my hips as she came, never breaking eye contact. As she was recovering, she leaned forward, carefully avoiding my shoulder of course and started to really pump me hard. I relaxed into the ecstasy of knowing that my turn was next and let go. I held her hip to me with my hand as I came with full force telling her how much I loved her. Then I repeated myself. “I’ll never be happier than I am right now.”


The district attorney had kept in touch with Eric regarding Hallow’s situation. She had pleaded guilty in exchange for serving her sentence in a mental health facility rather than a prison. We were fine with that. She obviously needed treatment and we were satisfied that she would no longer be a threat to us as long as she was locked up somewhere. We debated about it, but finally decided that we wanted to attend her hearing where her plea would be announced and her sentence read.

We sat in the courtroom holding hands while the procedure unfolded before us. I watched Hallow turn and scan the courtroom and when her eyes landed on Eric, she smiled that same crazy smile I’d seen before she shot him. It made me shiver and I wondered how Eric must feel. After the judge read her sentence and hit the gavel, we watched as Hallow was taken away, disappearing through a door on the side of the courtroom. Eric squeezed my hand as that door closed. We all stood as the judge left and then I turned to face Eric. That’s when I saw the look of confusion on his face. I had become accustomed to that look, but this time it was different. I smiled at him and he kind of smiled back, but it faltered. We walked hand in hand out the door and towards the elevator. As we rode down to the parking garage, I could tell something was wrong. As soon as we were in my car, he turned to me and there were tears in his eyes. I could see that he was afraid. “What is it, Eric? Are you okay?”

“What happened?”

“She was sentenced to stay in a mental facility.”

“Who was?”


I watched him rub his face with his good hand, then squeeze his temples. “I can’t remember.”

I unbuckled my seatbelt and turned to him. “What can you remember, honey?”

“I fired her. I was going home. I saw my car.” Then he kind of shook his head. “What day is it?”

Dr. Ludwig was able to see him right away, thank goodness. She said that he apparently had regained his memory from before the head injury, but that his memories since that day were now missing. Part of me was relieved, but then another part had a whole new issue to worry about. Dr. Ludwig felt that he was making significant progress, but I longed for a day when all of his memories would be intact.

When Hallow disappeared through that courtroom door, it was as if a spell on Eric had been broken. He had gone back to himself just before that very spell had been cast the day Hallow attacked him in that parking garage. I wondered how long it would be before I had my two Erics back.


I was sitting in a courtroom with Sookie but I had no idea how I’d gotten there. I followed her to her car in the parking garage, hoping that things would make sense, but by the time I was inside her car, I was genuinely scared. Nothing was making sense to me. Sookie told me something about Hallow’s sentence, but I didn’t know what she was talking about. Finally, she asked what I could remember and I went back to the parking garage at Paramount when I was going home after firing Hallow. Suddenly, I felt like I was missing time and it scared the hell out of me.

Sookie took me to see a doctor who clearly knew me, but I had never seen her before in my life—I certainly would have remembered her. She was a Little Person with a very odd manner, but apparently also my neurologist. She explained about my head injury and my subsequent recovery. She had hope that my missing memories would return to me at some point, and I hoped she was right.

Sookie took me home and sat me down to explain everything that had happened to me, and I was all ears.

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