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Love Still Isn’t Easy: Chapter 12


I knew that my brain should say no to Sookie’s proposal, but my heart and other body parts won and a “yes” escaped my lips before I could even think about it.

Then my brain clicked into gear and I followed my response with responsible logic. “But we should wait, sweetie. We’ve been through a lot.”

“I don’t want to wait.”

“Okay, but even if we decide that this is what we want, it’s going to take some time to plan it all again.” I touched her face as I felt sympathy for her perfect day ruined. “I know it was so perfect—just what you wanted. The beach, your dress…”

“None of that really matters, Eric. Heck, I could do Vegas with an Elvis impersonator and it wouldn’t matter.”

“No, it would, Sookie. Your dress…”

“Actually, there’s no reason I couldn’t still wear the dress…” We both started to grin. Were we serious? Was she? My heart started to race at the possibility and then I knew that it was really what I wanted. I felt so cheated out of our wedding and wanted her to be my wife more than anything else in the world at that moment.

We walked back to my apartment building and we shyly stopped to say goodnight at her car. We’d been mostly silent on the walk back, but held hands and I could feel the electricity between us. Maybe we were kidding about the Vegas wedding. And then again maybe we weren’t.

I leaned in to kiss her goodnight and began with another slow gentle kiss like the one in the park. But Sookie parted her lips and her tongue found mine and before I knew what hit me, I had her pressed up against her car crashing my mouth into hers passionately. She pulled back a little and smiled into my mouth, both of us panting heavily. She pressed her hips significantly into my erection and teased, “Save it for the wedding night, Romeo.”

Nothing could have knocked the smile off of my face as she drove away.


I asked Alcide for Friday off and when I told him why, he smiled like it was his birthday. I had stayed away from Eric since Tuesday night and the few conversations we’d had mostly just consisted of his asking, “Are you sure?” over and over. I was very sure.

He picked me up Friday morning and I was waiting impatiently out on the sidewalk with a rolling suitcase and my big fat garment bag and an impossible grin on my face.

The ceremony itself was pretty funny. The guy did look just like Elvis and the chapel couldn’t have been any cheesier. We giggled through the whole thing until it came time to say the vows and then we got breathy and quiet. My heart pounded in my chest and I had never felt more right about anything in my life.

It was still fairly early and we were hungry so we got in line at the buffet in the hotel. People stared and smiled at my dress and let us ahead of them in line. We stuffed ourselves and beamed at each other every time someone stopped to congratulate us. Then we attracted more stares and comments while we gambled on the nickel slots and video poker machines. We drank cheap (free actually) house champagne until we were both a little drunk and had lost almost twenty dollars between us.

We couldn’t stop laughing because as we swiped our room card, the green light would change to red before Eric had time to pick me up and open the door. We finally gave up on the third try and stumbled into the room together. The door clicked closed behind us as I turned on the entryway light and we stopped and stared into each others eyes, still panting from the laughter.

Our smiles quickly faded as we crashed into each other, our lips pressing together and our tongues wildly intertwining. Eric pushed me up against the wall as his hands frantically gathered the fabric of the skirt of my voluminous dress. My hands dropped desperately to his fly and had him freed within seconds. Before I could even register what had happened, my tiny white lacy thong had been shoved aside and Eric’s massive erection was inside me as he rhythmically slammed me into the wall. I cried out loudly as he pounded into me and his mouth found my cleavage. His tongue dragged a wet trail up my neck and he was growling into my ear just before his entire body stiffened and I felt the telltale pulsing indicating his climax.

Within seconds, he was laughing into my neck. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” Clearly, this wasn’t how he had planned our wedding night to begin.

I giggled, “You owe me a marital orgasm, mister.”


It had obviously been awhile since Sookie and I had made love and between all that pent-up sexual frustration and the champagne and the way she looked in that dress, well, I just lost it and came faster than a teenager. It was completely embarrassing, but Sookie didn’t seem to mind. Fortunately, she was laughing with me (and not at me?).

I probably apologized half a dozen times as I kissed her beautifully splotchy neck and chest, mesmerized by her heaving cleavage as she panted breathlessly. I pulled out and tucked myself shamefully back into my pants as I led her towards the bed. She smiled lazily and turned around to present me with the long row of tiny satin-covered buttons down her back. I began unbuttoning dutifully, occasionally stealing a kiss from her shoulder or neck. When I reached the bottom, she braced herself on my shoulder and stepped out of the dress as I pulled it down to the floor. I carefully draped it across a chair and turned back to Sookie. She was stepping out of the long full petticoat and kicking off her shoes. I turned her around again and began unhooking the back of her white corset. I carefully hooked my finger under the lacy string of her thong and centered it after I had so rudely pushed it to the side earlier. My fingers lingered on the smooth skin of her perfect ass for just a moment. I peeled away the corset as Sookie turned back to face me and was horrified at the long red vertical welts that indented the skin of her torso. My fingers traced them gently and then I looked back to her face with an unasked question.

“Wedding dresses aren’t designed for comfort.” She sat down on the bed and lay back as I knelt between her legs and began tenderly kissing the red lines. “It’s okay. They only have to be suffered for one day.” I stopped. “Well, I guess two, in my case.”

I looked up into her eyes and whispered, “I’m sorry.”

“Not your fault.” I’d needed to hear those words for a long time.

I buried my face into her stomach and held still, silently thanking anything that might be listening for getting us to this place. Then I stood and began to undress. Sookie watched with interest while she sat up and began to pull the pins out of her hair. The hotel salon had styled it into an intricate pile on top of her head before we’d gone to the chapel.

As I was stepping out of my boxers, Sookie was discarding her thong and shaking her head to release her hair. It all fell perfectly down around her shoulders as she lay back onto the bed and opened her legs seductively. “Come here, husband.”

I crawled into the center of the bed, burying my face in her and chuckling as I fingered the perfect heart sculpted by the salon where she had gotten waxed. I looked up at her and smiled. “I like this.”

“I thought you might.”

I turned my attention back to my task which I performed with great gusto. I knew just how to please Sookie after years of happy practice and she seemed most grateful. Actually, she did thank me rather formally after her second orgasm.

I eagerly crawled up to meet her hooded gaze and whispered, “Happy wedding day,” as I entered her. Her lips found mine and we kissed tenderly as we began moving in perfect rhythm, sweetly and urgently declaring our love to each other. This time I lasted through two more dramatic climaxes and by the time I came myself, we were both exhausted and happily collapsed together. It was the perfect wedding night. (Okay, I’m not even counting that first horny fuck up against the wall.)

We grinned to each other in the bathroom mirror as she washed her makeup off and we both brushed our teeth. I loved our simple little domestic rituals and had missed them dearly. We crawled back into the bed, naked and sated, and as we spooned together and began drifting off to sleep, Sookie whispered, “Goodnight, husband,” and I replied, “Goodnight, wife.” I’d finally found my happiness again by her side and it couldn’t have felt any better.

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