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Love Isn’t Easy: Chapter 4


The following afternoon I was studying at a coffee house near Bill’s. I had a midterm in Accounting at four. Accounting wasn’t exactly my favorite class anyway and I knew that I needed to really focus on getting ready for the test. I was already tired from the lack of sleep the night before. The coffee house was louder than usual and I was starting to wonder if I should take the time to drive home so I could study with fewer distractions. Or maybe walk over to the library. I really wished I could just walk over to Bill’s to study because it was so close by, but I didn’t think he would be home and I couldn’t stand the thought of being there with Eric. There’s no way I could study if Eric was home. The thought of Eric made me feel…I don’t know…confused. I really needed to sort all that out. I still couldn’t believe what I had almost done the night before. I thought of how he had looked sleeping. The room was dark and quiet except for the sound of my own heart beating and Eric’s soft and even breathing. The whole room was filled with his scent and then when he was touching himself…my god, he was beautiful. I shook those thoughts out of my head. I did need to deal with my feelings for Eric, but first I needed to get this exam behind me. Then I saw Bill crossing the street. He seemed to be in a hurry and was heading towards his house. I started to gather my books together and headed towards his house as well.

I walked into the front door (it was never locked), but Bill wasn’t in the living room. I knew that he had only arrived a minute before I had. I called his name but there seemed to be no one home. I climbed the stairs and walked to his room. His door was closed so I thought he must have gone in to change clothes or something. I opened the door and there he was lying on his back with some gorgeous naked brunette girl sitting on top of him bouncing away. She turned her head and looked at me and kind of smiled, which turned my stomach. Bill sat up and threw her off of him onto the bed. I’ll never forget the sound that his dick coming out of her made. I fought a wave of nausea as I turned to run back down the steps. I was almost to the front door when I looked back to see if he was following me. As I turned back to the door, I slammed right into Eric’s hard body as he was coming into the house. He steadied me with his hands and asked if I was okay. I didn’t even look at him, but just ran past him out the door.


I was coming home one afternoon to pick up some books before heading to the library when Sookie ran into me as she was running out the door. She hit me so hard that I was worried that I had hurt her. When I asked if she was okay she didn’t even answer, but ran past me and out the door. She was obviously upset about something and like an idiot I wondered if it was about me. Then I saw Bill running down the steps naked with his wet dick at half mast and I knew instantly what had happened. That motherfucker. Lorena was right behind him, wrapped in a sheet asking if he was okay. I just turned around and ran after Sookie but I was too late. I walked the neighborhood but saw no sign of her. I didn’t have her cell phone number and couldn’t exactly go home to get it from Bill, but I was really worried about her.

Just the night before I had made the decision that I was going to talk to her about how I felt about her. I had come home late from the library and found her asleep on our sofa. Her book was still open and the lamp was on, so I assumed she fell asleep studying. The house was quiet and I figured that everyone else was upstairs sleeping so I took the liberty of watching her for a minute. She was just so beautiful. My eyes wandered over those incredible curves, and I watched her chest rise and fall with each breath. It was all I could do to keep my hands to myself, but then I knew that watching her was enough of an intrusion and I felt a little guilty. All I wanted to do was carry her upstairs and put her in my bed, but then I painfully reminded myself that she was not mine. I reluctantly left her and went upstairs alone. Of course I jerked off thinking about her before falling asleep. If I hadn’t had an orgasm, I seriously doubt if I would have been able to close my eyes all night knowing that she was downstairs and alone.

Then I had a dream about her. In my dream, she was asleep on the sofa and then she woke up and caught me looking at her. I watched her lower her line of sight to my crotch and only then did I realize that I was naked and stroking myself while I was watching her. She didn’t seem the least bit surprised and just sat up a little and reached up under her skirt to pull her panties off. Then she pulled her skirt up to her waist and opened her legs and started to touch herself while watching my hand, matching my rhythm. Then she closed her eyes in ecstasy for an instant and it seemed like she was going to come. So was I. But then she suddenly stopped and opened her eyes. “Eric, can you help me out? I really need to study.” I stopped what I was doing and got down on my knees. She picked up a book and started reading, leaving her legs spread for me. She ignored me and seemed really enthralled by her book while my tongue found her wet and ready. She tasted amazing and my fingers felt how tight she was. I was in heaven and couldn’t get enough of her. I assumed she was still reading, but when I looked up, she was holding the book off to the side. Her eyes were watching me, wild with lust, just like they were after that kiss behind the convenience store. Her breaths were coming in heavy pants. Her head dropped back onto the sofa cushion and her eyes started to close a little and she whispered, “So good, baby. So good.” She put the book down beside her and her hands grabbed my head, moving me in the rhythm she wanted. She was grinding into me, pushing my face into her with both hands and moaning, “Oh god, Eric, I’m coming. I’m coming baby.” The dream seemed so real, it was almost as if I could smell her arousal. Something seemed to interrupt us and I halfway woke up and was uncomfortable sleeping on my hard-on, so I rolled over a little. I wanted to get back to my dream. I was trying to find my way back to the place where we left off. She was so close. But then something did wake me. Not a sound really, but just a feeling. I sat up and listened. After a minute I heard someone going downstairs and then voices. Then I heard the front door close and Bill came upstairs and went into his room.

I took a deep breath and rolled onto my back, impossible hard-on in hand. This was getting ridiculous. I was so obsessed that I swear I could smell her in my room. I lay there and decided that I was going to have to do something. Even though she was with Bill, I needed to tell her how I felt. I made the decision that tomorrow after classes are over, I’ll find her and talk to her.

And then there she was running out of the house, upset at obviously catching Bill and Lorena in mid-fuck. Shit. I felt awful at how torn up she must feel, but then selfishly, I realized that tonight would not be a good night to make my move. Fuck.


I ran all the way to my car which was parked in the east lot about as far away from Bill’s house as you could get without leaving the campus area. I jumped in and locked the door and just started crying. I kept checking to make sure no one was watching me, but apparently you can sit in your car and cry for hours without anyone noticing. Good to know. Don’t ask me how I did it, but I got it together just in time to make it to my Accounting midterm. I had a hard time reading the questions through my tears and my concentration was complete shit, if you’ll excuse my language, but it was. I knew I had failed it when I left the classroom. I had never failed a test in my life, much less a midterm in a class where the grade was based on only the two exams. I was so screwed.

I walked back to my car and put my books in it and pulled out my cell phone to call Amelia. She wasn’t at home but over at a friend’s house not too far from my car. I told her what had happened and she insisted that I come to her friend’s immediately, so I did. The thought of going home alone and crying there all night was not very appealing.

Amelia was at her friend Bob’s house and they were already in full party mode over there. I guess some people were already through with their midterms and were letting off some steam. I still had two tests on Monday but had the whole weekend to study, so I decided that I could use a drink as well. Actually, I decided that I could use a few. Okay, a lot. I wasn’t much of a drinker anyway. Add the fact that I hadn’t eaten and had just had one of the most traumatic experiences of my life to the mix and, well, I got really drunk. Before I knew it, I was dancing with a bunch of strangers, taking hits from a bong (a first for me) and generally embarrassing myself in public without a care in the world. Amelia was making out with Bob on the couch for most of the night and so I started to look for some cute guy that I could kiss as well. Why not?


I spent most of the afternoon looking for Sookie but never saw her. I went home to eat and study a little before going back out. I knew that technically it was really none of my business, but I cared about Sookie and knew she must be hurting. I started at the coffee houses that I had seen her in before with Bill, and then just started walking the streets on campus. I had no idea where she lived. I was just starting to give up when I got a call on my cell phone from Pam.

“What’s up?”

“Are you busy?”

“No why? What’s going on?”

“Well, I’m at a party at Bob’s and our little Sookie is here smashed out of her mind. She can hardly stand up and there are four horny guys hovering around her waiting for her to fuck them. She’s already kissed two of them. I don’t know what’s going on, but I think that maybe you’d better get over here.”

“I’m on my way.”

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