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Love in L.A.: Chapter 9


The following week I was busy with Victor and tried not to think about Eric, which was impossible. I just tried to stay busy and focused. Victor was his usual self, but I was more comfortable with telling him off a little more harshly since that night he’d grabbed my butt at that screening. It didn’t even seem to faze him when I threatened him. The man had the biggest ego I have ever seen. Maybe he was just used to getting away with stuff like that for so long, I don’t know. But movie star or no movie star, I didn’t have to take it.

One night after a radio interview, the limo drove us back to Victor’s and I needed to go over his schedule for the next couple of days with him so I followed him into his house. He offered me a drink and I passed. Then he asked if I wanted any cocaine. I just said no thank you. Good lord. He excused himself for a minute (to use the bathroom? Do some cocaine? Who knows.) I stood on his beautiful balcony and looked out at the ocean while I waited. I was lost in thought, thinking about Eric of course when suddenly I felt the unmistakable sensation of a hard-on pressed into my behind. I turned around ready to spit nails and there stood the famous Victor Madden fully nude with a raging boner pointed right at me and a huge winning smile on his face.

“Good lord, Victor! How many ways can I say no? NO! Don’t you get it? No means no. Now put that thing away.” He reached for my hand but I just snatched it back. “That’s it! I don’t care what you have to do tomorrow or the next day. I don’t give a shit about your stupid schedule. I am done!”

He made a little frown and looked like a little boy who had just had his toy taken away. I was so exasperated and just stormed out the door and down to my car. My two thousand dollar piece of shit car that now wouldn’t start. What next? Bring it on!

I took a deep breath and pulled out my cell phone and went to get my triple A card when I suddenly realized that that was one of the mystery cards that I hadn’t remembered to replace after I’d been mugged. There was no way I was going back up to Victor’s house to ask for help. I looked at my watch. Amelia should be about half way through the second act of her play. Alcide was out of town. Of course my phone list was long gone with my old phone so I sat there and tried to think of whose number I had memorized. No, I was not going to call Eric. Absolutely not. Pam. Okay, I could call Pam.


A week after Sookie and I had broken up I was still a mess. Maxwell Lee just said, “Welcome to Hollywood, man. There’s no competing with movie stars.” He was right apparently. I just kept thinking how very young and naïve Sookie was. She’s from a small town in Louisiana, fresh out of college with very little experience with men. And Victor was a powerful and charismatic movie star that I would imagine was used to getting any woman he wanted, and naturally he would want Sookie. She was beautiful and sweet and must be so refreshing after being around so many jaded Hollywood types. I couldn’t really blame her for falling for him as much as it killed me to think about it. How could I compete with him? Looks, money, fame. Maybe I never really had a chance.

I had promised Pam a dinner for her help in casting Alexander Skarsgard. We both knew I didn’t really owe her anything, but it was a good excuse to get together anyway. Her car was in the shop so I drove to Venice and took her out to eat. After dinner we were in her apartment talking, mostly about Sookie, when her phone rang. She said she didn’t recognize the number as she answered. She stepped into the kitchen for privacy I assumed and then she came back into the living room. I watched her writing down an address and heard her say, “I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

Then she turned to me with a wicked smile. I knew that look and it usually meant trouble. “Oh, Eric.”


“I have a girlfriend in trouble with a broken down car. But…oops…my car’s in the shop. Oh no. Can you please help her out and go get her and take her home?”

“Sure, Pam. It’s not a problem.” I wondered why she was acting so weird, but then sometimes Pam is just weird I guess.

“Thanks, Eric. You make a great hero.” She gave me the address and a description of the car and kissed me on the cheek as she sent me out on my mission.

I drove the PCH up to Malibu and couldn’t help but think of Victor and wondered which one of these mansions was his. I found the address and turned around and parked. I walked towards the car and I could see the girl sitting in it waiting and as I got closer I realized that it was a wide-eyed Sookie. We both stared open-mouthed for a minute until she got out of the car. “Eric. What are you doing here?”

“Pam sent me. Whose car is this?” It was a piece of shit.


“Since when?”

“It’s a long story.”

“Do you want me to look under the hood? Call triple A?”

“Actually, I just want to go home. Would you mind terribly taking me home?”

“Of course not.”

The ride home was silent, and it was a long ride. She started to get out of the car when I parked in front of her building and I touched her arm. She looked back at me. “Sookie, may I please come in? I’d like to talk to you.”

She took a deep breath and said, “Sure, come on in.” I was relieved.

Amelia wasn’t home so we sat on the sofa and she offered me something to drink. As she sat down with our glasses of water, I asked, “How have you been?” She just started to cry. I reached for her, but she pushed me away and collected herself.

“I’ve had a tough week.” She laughed as she wiped the corners of her eyes.

“Me too.”

“I think I may have to quit my job.”

“Because of Victor?”

“Yes, because of Victor.”

“Do you love him?” She burst out laughing. I was confused.

“Love him? The man needs to be muzzled. Tranquilized. Neutered. I thought I could handle him and I was handling him I thought, fairly well, until tonight. He made an appearance in his living room in his birthday suit and let’s just say he was very happy to see me. Good lord. Do I love him?” She was laughing again. “Eric, he’s a complete pig! The man refuses to keep his hands to himself. I had tried to just make light of it and brush him off until last week at a screening. I finally let him have it. He grabbed my ass in front of a lobby full of people. I told him discreetly that I was going to ram his own balls down his throat and you know what he did? He just laughed at me. And then the next day he was at it again. But tonight was just the final straw. I’m sorry, but I just don’t think I can do it any more. Do I love him. Oh my god, that’s funny.”

“So you’re not with him?” Her expression answered my question. “Then why didn’t you call me? After I left you those messages?”

“What messages?”

“The ones I left you the night after you broke up with me, asking if you were in love with him.” She just looked blank with her mouth open, and then she closed it.

“Oh, you must have called when I was in the hospital.” Now it was my turn to look blank. “After I was mugged in front of your house.”

“Mugged? In front of my house?”

“Yeah. I wanted to talk to you about the fact that you had lied to me about sleeping with Selah Pumphrey. But you know what, before you even start, don’t bother. Because now I know you’re together and I don’t even want to hear about it any more, okay?”

“Selah Pumphrey? Are we back to that? Jesus, Sookie, I was never with Selah Pumphrey!”

“Oh? So nothing happened after you did that horny love scene with her when you were photo doubling Alexander Skarsgard? Please!”

“Sookie, I wasn’t the photo double in the horny love scene. I just did some hand and foot insert shots.”

“Oh really, then why did her roommate describe you perfectly…” I saw the light bulb go on over her head before she even finished her sentence. Then in a tiny voice she said, “It wasn’t you?”

“No! Of course it wasn’t me!”

“You’re not sleeping with Selah Pumphrey?”

“No. Are you sleeping with Victor Madden?”


“Then why the fuck are we broken up?”

“Um…” We sat for a long moment just staring at each other and then at the same instant we just launched at each other and were kissing madly.

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