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Love in L.A.: Chapter 5


Sookie and I were doing great in spite of our challenging schedules. Her boss had assigned her to be the babysitter to Victor Madden while he promoted his new film. I’ll admit that I wasn’t too happy about that. Victor Madden is one of those actors that almost all women swoon over. He’s very good looking and always plays the romantic lead and in real life it didn’t escape me that he is a wealthy single man with what is most likely a spectacular house in Malibu. I’m a poor college student who lives in a house where the neighborhood is so bad my girlfriend can’t walk from her car to the house unescorted. I’d mentioned to a few of my female classmates that Sookie worked for Victor and they all drooled and said how lucky Sookie was. I wasn’t feeling so lucky about it myself. Pam was the only one who seemed to share my concern. She said, “I’d pay close attention where he parks that famous penis if I were you.” She always had a way with words.

I also kept reminding myself just how naïve Sookie was. That whole fight we’d had over her dinner and aborted kiss with her boss was still on my mind when she told me she would be spending her time, including some weekends, with the kind of man who presumably always got what he wanted in life. I didn’t want to act like a jealous insecure jerk, but I sure felt like one inside.

My classes were challenging and I had already started pre-production on my first student film which I was pretty excited about. I had started the story idea when I was in Shreveport, but finished the script and had it mostly storyboarded. It was a short about a telepathic barmaid who gets involved with a sexy vampire. Maxwell Lee as well as a few other student friends had already agreed to help with the production (and in return, of course, I was helping them with their own films).

Between Sookie’s extra hours with Victor and my long days at school and working on student productions, seeing as much of Sookie as I wanted became even more challenging. We preferred to stay at her house where it was quieter, but sometimes I had to work late on a shoot and so she would drive to my place. She always called from her car and I’d run out to find her and walk her to the house. She wasn’t too thrilled about the constant social atmosphere of the house. She said it reminded her of Bill’s house and how many nights she watched me take different girls upstairs. I kept assuring her that nothing even remotely like that would ever happen in this house and she had nothing to worry about as far as my fidelity. I wasn’t worried about her own either, but I was worried that she could be inadvertently kissed or groped or some such thing by the smooth Victor Madden or even her boss. I still didn’t trust him.


I was learning a lot at work. Alcide and I still spent a lot of time with Victor, and I liked him a little better the more time I spent with him. He was really funny and kind of sweet, although I still had to remove his hands from various body parts of mine fairly often. And he had an annoying habit of calling me “babe” a lot. But once I let him know where the boundaries were, he would behave, at least for a little while. Except when he was drinking, and then he was a little harder to handle, but most of those times Alcide was with us so I wasn’t terribly worried. I was getting pretty good at juggling all the details of his schedule and Alcide told me more than once that I was doing a good job and that felt good.

Eric was busy with his classes and he was also working a lot on the student films of his classmates. Those days were always long because they would only have the equipment rented for a short time and they had to get as much film shot as possible while they could. Eric’s own film was coming along and he would be ready to start shooting soon. I loved to watch him talk about it. It was great to see him so enthusiastic and I was happy for him that he loved it so much.

Amelia’s play was going really well. She loved it and I had seen it three times already (twice with Eric). She still worked at Merlotte’s when she could and had auditions during the day, so I hardly ever saw her at home. I was lucky that she was so busy (and happy with what she was doing) because that meant that Eric and I could enjoy a little privacy at my apartment that we could never find at his house.


One night I met Sookie at her apartment when she got home from work. I hadn’t seen her in a couple of weeks because of our demanding schedules. Fortunately, Amelia was working and Sookie and I had a chance to be alone. The first thing we did was make love of course, and then we took a long hot shower and made sure all of our good parts were really really clean. Afterwards we were in the kitchen talking while she was fixing us dinner. She loved to cook and I loved her cooking. Plus I loved leaning against the counter behind her watching her across the room working at the sink in her flimsy little silk robe. I had put my pants back on and was already regretting that decision. Watching her made them a little tight in the front.

She stopped what she was doing and turned off the water and leaned her hands on the counter, looking out the window. “There’s something I need to tell you Eric.” That sounded serious and so I braced myself for something painful. What would she need to say that she couldn’t look me in the eye for? She kept her back to me. “I’ve been giving you such a hard time for the things you did when we were in school, but I did something then that was wrong as well.” I held my breath. Did I want to hear this?

“You don’t have to tell me anything, Sookie. What you did or didn’t do before we were together doesn’t matter now.”

“Well, it does to me. It was wrong and I feel bad about it. I need to tell you.”


“But I can’t look at you.”

“That’s fine. I’m right here whenever you’re ready.”

“Okay.” She took a deep breath and kept her back to me. “The night before that whole Bill-Lorena stuff happened, I went into your room while you were asleep.”

“Into my room?”

“Let me just say this, okay?”

“Okay.” She didn’t want to be interrupted. Fine.

“I had been up late studying and I couldn’t sleep, so I snuck into your room and watched you sleeping. I know it was wrong on so many levels. I was with Bill, and you were naked. I realize that it was a huge violation of your privacy, but I just couldn’t stay away from you. You looked so beautiful lying there and I wanted to touch you, but I didn’t. Instead I masturbated while I stood by your bed.”

As soon as she said that she had snuck into my room, I was as hard as a rock. By the time she got to the word masturbated, I had my erection out and had stepped up behind her, pulled her robe up and was slamming into her. Talk about wrong. I have always prided myself on giving plenty of foreplay and making certain that the girl comes first. I know how to be a good lover, but hearing Sookie describe what she had done released an animal side to me that I simply couldn’t control. I had to have her that very second. She cried out from the surprise of it, but then responded with the same powerful lust that had a grip on me. Fortunately her little confession had apparently turned her on as well because she was already wet. I was relentless and out of my mind. I only lasted for a handful of powerful strokes and just cried “oh my god,” into her neck as I came.

We stood there panting heavily. I was holding onto Sookie for dear life. She had a death grip on the edge of the kitchen counter. When I finally had control of my breathing again I said, “I’m so sorry. God, Sookie. Are you okay? I’m sorry baby. I just…god…I don’t know what happened.”

“Am I okay? Good lord, if I’d known I’d get that response, I would have told you about that a long time ago. That was amazing.” I pulled out and she turned around and we started kissing passionately. I picker her up and carried her back into the bedroom. I laid her onto the bed and opened her robe. Her chest had those red splotches on it that she gets when she’s excited and I always loved to see that. I felt a little better knowing that she was turned on and I hoped that I hadn’t been too rough with her. She spread her legs and I happily buried my face between them. I paid special attention to make up for my caveman behavior. I made sure she came twice before I was done and then we lay together in complete bliss.

After that I would always ask her to tell me that story again when we were alone. It was like a drug to me and I would lose it and have to have her. I couldn’t hear it often enough and never got tired of it. I remembered later that that was the same night I’d had that dream about her and felt like she had been in the room, and…well…I was right. We talked all the time about how our lives would have gone so differently had I awakened while she was in the room. We would have made love. I would have told her how I felt. She would have left Bill. I felt like we had been cheated out of time together, but then she always reminded me that what mattered was that we were together now and maybe we needed that time apart to appreciate each other even more.

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