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Love in L.A.: Chapter 4


Victor Madden was a huge movie star. He was handsome and charming and talented and a big pain in the butt. He was promoting his new film and it was my job to be his babysitter. Alcide had his schedule set up and was with us most of the time, but when he wasn’t, it was up to me to make certain that the limo was on time and that Victor had the right wardrobe and was given the names of the interviewers and that he was sober. I knew it would be a challenge the day I met him. Alcide and I drove to his house in Malibu and when Alcide introduced me, Victor said “nice tits,” with the same charm as he’d say, “nice weather.” He was a piece of work.

Alcide had given me the pep talk beforehand. Unlike most business situations where people were protected from things like sexual harassment, my job was subject to the whims and bad manners of spoiled movie stars. I assured Alcide that I was up to the task (and thought silently that he himself had crossed a line once with me as well). My schedule became erratic due to the television and radio interviews and odd hours and long drives to Malibu. I wasn’t able to see Eric as much and we were both frustrated about that. Victor was really nice and funny most of the time, but he definitely crossed lines. I had to remove his hand from my leg or hand or butt more times than I’d care to count. He’d just make a joke out of it and we’d move on.

I had been busy for several weekends in a row with Victor and finally I was free on a Saturday night and Eric and I made plans to go out to dinner. I got all dressed up and we ate at a cute little bistro near my apartment. Then we walked home together. Amelia was out rehearsing a play that she was going to be in and I knew she’d be home late. I put on some music, lowered the lights and settled onto the sofa for a little romance with my boyfriend. Things were going great until he asked about my job and we somehow ended up in a big fight about Victor. Eric thought that I was being naïve again and was worried that I was spending so much time alone with Victor. The fact that he was also a handsome heartthrob and huge movie star may not have helped. Eric asked if Victor had ever hit on me and I told him the truth—that he was a huge harmless flirt, but that I could handle him. Eric pouted for awhile, but then said he didn’t want to fight and ruin our celebration. I asked what we were celebrating and he pulled a folded piece of paper out of his pocket and handed it to me. I opened it and recognized that it was from the USC student clinic. My smile grew wide when I realized that it was an official permission slip to devour my beautiful boyfriend without any worries.

I wordlessly led Eric by the hand back to my bedroom. He started to undress and I stopped him, wanting to do it myself. I slowly revealed each piece of him and pushed him back onto the bed. Then I stood and undressed slowly while he watched. He reached over to turn out the lamp on the nightstand and I grabbed his wrist and shook my head no. That got a smile out of him. I started at his feet, massaging and kissing, and worked my way up each leg, pushing them apart as I got closer to the good stuff. By the time I was kissing and nipping his inner thighs, he was moaning my name. I peeked up to see his head back and his eyes closed in ecstasy as I began stroking him and exploring with my hands and tongue. He was so hard and so beautiful. I had wanted to do this since that night I snuck into his room and saw his own hand on this work of art. I knelt between his legs and just before I put him into my mouth, I whispered, “Watch me baby.” I saw his eyes open as I began and then I was lost in the amazing feelings of pleasing myself and pleasing him at the same time. I just did what came naturally and let Eric’s response guide me. It was very empowering and such a turn on to elicit such appreciation from Eric. Afterwards I told him that I was obviously very inexperienced and that he would have to let me know what he wanted. He assured me that I had done everything just right, but I told him that I was looking forward to learning how to please him even more.

Then it was my turn to lie back and enjoy. Eric took his time with his very talented tongue, and by the time I’d had my second orgasm, he was hard again. He kissed his way up my body and I felt the velvety tip graze me, making me shiver. He asked, “Are you sure it’s okay?” into my neck and I told him yes. I had been on the pill for over two months so I knew that I was covered birth control wise. As he entered me, we both gasped at the overwhelming sensation of nothing between us for the first time. That feeling also represented the commitment we’d made to each other to be true to each other and to be safe, so it was a very powerful moment. We moved slowly and kissed and whispered to each other how amazing it felt and how much we loved each other. As I came, I held onto him and cried a little. He kissed the tears away and I said, “I’m so happy,” just before he had his own powerful orgasm.


Sookie was concerned because of the number of partners I’d had in the past and once again, I realized that there are always consequences to bad behavior. My stupid immature mistakes were now causing pain and concern for a woman that I sincerely loved and cherished and I was so pissed at myself. She should never have to worry about such things, and yet she did and I had no one to blame but myself.

Since I couldn’t take any of my childish selfish mistakes back, I did promise to get checked at the clinic as soon as school started. Sookie told me she had already seen a doctor herself and was taking birth control pills. We had talked at length before about being cautious. As much as we loved each other, we were both still so young and not at a point in our lives where we were ready to become parents.

So the night we celebrated my clean bill of health was a very special night for us. The combination of the extreme physical pleasure of skin on skin plus the emotional bonding of sharing our commitment made for a memorable night. I couldn’t get enough of her and she seemed happy to be able to express her lust in new ways. She had never gone down on me before (and she hinted that she may have never actually gone down on anyone else either, but I didn’t ask). I had just assumed that it was her personal preference and that was fine, but apparently it was her preference to explore and enjoy that particular activity once we had gotten beyond the sticky subject of safe sex. She was amazing and I felt even luckier if that was possible.

The next morning we waited to hear Amelia leave the house before we made a mad dash into the bathroom and jumped into her shower together. I had always enjoyed what her talented hands did for me in there, but it felt so good to make love to her from behind while she was up against the tile wall sweetly moaning my name. We certainly were enjoying our newfound freedom.

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