Suki59's Fanfiction

Love in L.A.: Chapter 10


I couldn’t believe the giant mix up that Eric and I’d had. Apparently he had some crazy idea that I was seeing Victor—actually that I was in love with Victor. Good lord. And then I felt like a complete idiot when I found out that Alexander Skarsgard had another photo double other than Eric and that apparently he and Selah Pumphrey were a hot item now. What a mess. The good news is that as soon as we both realized what had happened and that we had broken up under false pretenses, we leapt into each other’s arms on my sofa and started kissing like there was no tomorrow. We had only really been broken up for a week, but it might as well have been a year the way we were going at it. I was sucking on his tongue while he was fumbling with the top button of my pants. I stood up and pulled my pants and panties off, kicking my shoes off to different corners of the room. I watched as Eric unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, revealing just how happy he was to have me back. I just hopped onto his lap, straddling him and sat right down on my favorite toy. Eric pushed his hips up to meet mine and we started a strong fast rhythm while I went back to sucking on his tongue. It was loud and messy and intense. Eric started to pull my shirt up so he could get access to my breasts when we heard someone walking up to the front door. I froze, but luckily Eric was thinking fast and before I even realized what he was doing, he stood with me still attached to him and started running towards the bedroom. Just as we got into my room, Eric closed the door behind us and slammed me up against it. We were both panting and stifling a giggle as we heard Amelia coming through the front door. I whispered into Eric’s ear, “My pants and panties are still in there!” as he laughed quietly into my hair. I listened to Amelia go into her room and close the door and Eric and I looked each other in the eye, still very amused at almost being caught. As our laughing and breathing slowed, Eric’s mouth found mine in a sweet soft kiss and he began to move inside me while he still had me up against the door. I tightened my legs around him and matched his movement as the passion began to build again. I resisted the urge to moan and Eric broke the kiss to bury his face into my neck. We came together silently, hanging on to each other for dear life. I felt him bite my neck as I was rocked by the sweet and familiar sensations of our contractions inside of me. As we were both coming down from the high, Eric left a little trail of kisses up my neck and towards my ear and whispered, “Sookie?”

“Yes, baby.”

“Do you think that I could have your new phone number?” And then the quiet giggling started up again.

The night we screened Eric’s film it was a star studded event. Most student films only get screened at the school, but Eric was lucky and well-connected, especially considering that he was a newcomer to Hollywood. It was held at one of the theaters on the Paramount lot. Alcide and I put together the press list and most of our client list showed up, including the hugely talented Victor Madden. Alexander Skarsgard came and his photo double was on the arm of Selah Pumphrey. Eric was hailed by the press as a young talent ready to launch his directorial career. What they didn’t know was that Victor Madden had already committed to be in Eric’s first feature-length film in exchange for not being sued for sexual harassment. I was learning a lot about how things get done in Hollywood in spite of my young age. Of course, Eric wanted to kick Victor’s butt for his treatment of me, but I made him promise to restrain his inner caveman and let me handle Victor in my own way. Eric may have objected outwardly, but I think inwardly he was pretty pleased with my result.

Pam had shown Eric’s film to Felipe DeCastro before and he was impressed. He was also impressed that Victor Madden was interested in working with Eric, especially since Eric was still just a film student. Felipe recognized a great opportunity and offered to sponsor the screening. I watched first surprise and then admiration in his eyes the day I handed him the list of press passes I’d need for that night. I knew that having him notice Eric’s work was a huge deal and I wanted to take the opportunity to give him a good bang for his buck, exposure-wise. I wanted him to realize that his joining Team Eric was an excellent move.

We made our entrance in the limo and walked the red carpet. The media ate Eric up. He was young and handsome and they all wanted to be the first to declare him the next big Hollywood hit. I nodded a thank you to Alcide standing on the side of the red carpet beaming like a proud parent. I overheard Felipe DeCastro telling a journalist that he was looking forward to working with Eric and I smiled inwardly as I posed on the arm of Hollywood’s new golden boy.

After the screening, there was a brief q & a with Eric and Alexander and Selah. Then we all mingled for awhile before it ended. Eric and I were finally alone back in the limo at the end of the night. He was so happy and said that it was the most perfect night and thanked me for all of my help. “You’ve outdone yourself, Sookie. I’m so proud of you.”

“No, sweetie, tonight’s your night. You’re the one we’re all so proud of.”

“I just can’t believe how great that all went. I really think people liked it. I just can’t imagine how this night could get any better.”

“Really? Have I ever told you the story of a night when I was in college when I snuck into a man’s bedroom while he slept?” God, I loved to see that look on his face…


A/N: Stay tuned for the next installment of my human Eric/Sookie love story, More Love In L.A.

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