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Hair and Makeup: Chapter 9

I saw my doctor on Tuesday morning and she gave me the good news. I was so relieved for a number of reasons, and vowed that Bill and all men like him had no place in my future ever again. Now if I could only tell which ones they are…

Thanks to Eric’s selfless finagling, I strolled into work with plenty of time to spare before our 11 a.m. call. He drove himself to work but I had already called him and told him that I was declared social disease-free.

By the end of the week, we had all the test results back—even the ones that had to be sent to a lab for double checking. As awful as the whole sordid affair was, in a way, I suppose it was a good thing—I mean, if I were to look for a silver lining. I had no clue how promiscuous Eric had been in his past and while he didn’t seem the type to fool around with the wrong kind of women, there’s simply no way to be certain about someone’s risk for s.t.d.s. I mean, I had only slept with one man and had been exposed. I was sure that people who knew me would be shocked to learn that I may have had gonorrhea.

So now Eric and I both knew that we were both perfectly healthy, and I was pretty sure he wasn’t seeing anybody else. I mean, when would he have the time? Oh, wait. It only takes five minutes. I proved that. But, he seemed to be sincere in his pursuit of my affections. When he told me after that first crazy encounter that he wanted to sweep me off my feet properly, he wasn’t kidding. I thought of my vase full of lilies at home and smiled. Bill had never brought me flowers, even on special occasions. Eric brought them for no reason whatsoever.

I wondered whether Eric would want to take things further between us now that the whole s.t.d. issue was out of the way. I was dying to get my hands on what I had sneaked a peek at that night in my bed. I was certainly no expert, but I was pretty sure he had the most beautiful penis on the planet. I wondered how People magazine would rate that.

We didn’t have a reservation for Saturday night. Eric told me during the week that he wanted me to pick the restaurant. I knew, of course, that he could certainly afford to take me any place in the city, but I felt a little weird planning to eat at a really fancy restaurant. I didn’t want him to think I thought of him as a provider of five-star food. Honestly, I wanted to cook for him, but knew that I really didn’t have the time or energy to do a home-cooked meal justice until after the film was over. I tried not to think beyond the film in regards to us. It was a little scary. I could see myself really falling in love with Eric, but wondered whether I might just be a movie romance to him. I’d seen it quite a bit on sets. People got close because of the long hours spent together. Romances sprung up, but then they often fizzled once the shoot ended. It was also common breeding ground for marital affairs.

I’d heard of a place on Beverly Drive called L.A. Food Show that I’d been wanting to check out. It was much more casual and less expensive than Chaya and we didn’t need a reservation. I asked Eric about it and he said he’d happily take me anywhere I wanted to go. When he picked me up, I gave him a little kiss and a hug as he stepped into my living room. He reached into his jacket pocket. “I meant to give these to you last week when you came to my house, but I got distracted unfairly by your perfect cleavage. My maid laundered them and put them into my underwear drawer. My cross-dressing tendencies are probably on some blog now.” He produced the panties I’d worn and lost on Magical Monday. I thanked him and took them into my room to put away.

When I turned to leave the bedroom, Eric startled me at the door. “God, you look beautiful tonight.” He looked amazing himself and referencing that makeup trailer incident didn’t help matters. I just walked up to him and stuck my tongue in his mouth. It was a rough, passionate kiss. The thought crossed my mind that we may never make it to dinner at all. I felt a hand under my skirt, squeezing a butt cheek with perfection. As suddenly as it began, Eric broke the kiss and took a step back. “We’d better go, huh?”

I nodded, completely out of breath. I grabbed my purse and sweater and as I passed the table by the front door, I picked up the parking permit and casually handed it to Eric. The implication was perfectly clear. He was spending the night if I had any say in the matter. I caught a twinkle in his eye, but he didn’t say a word.

L.A. Food Show was more of a bar and grille, but a very beautiful and posh one. We were seated upstairs with a view of the main room below. I spotted another famous face at the table next to ours and decided that the loft was for those that needed a little more privacy. Good to know. The food was excellent and Eric and I were both in a relaxed mood. The whole s.t.d. thing was behind us so we could focus on how much fun we were having. We were sharing the best red velvet cake I’d ever had when he said out of the blue, “Is it too soon for us to talk about seeing other people?” I almost choked and felt a rush of ickiness.

“You want to see other people?”

“No.” He laughed at what must have been a look of horror on my face. “No, sweetie. I want us to not see other people.”

“Oh.” Oh my god.

“I’d like to know that you’re saying no to all the men who ask you out not just because I’ve staked a claim on your Saturday night a week in advance, but because you only want to go out with me. Am I wrong to hope you might feel that way?”

“No.” I was completely at a loss for words. Was he saying what I thought he was saying? “I…uh…don’t want to go out with anybody else.” What woman in her right mind would?

Eric’s smile widened; he looked like a little boy at Christmas. “Great.”

He went back to the red velvet cake. I was feeling a little dizzy and completely happy. Then I remembered to ask, “That means you too though, right?”

“Of course. I don’t want to see anyone but you.” He picked my hand up and kissed it as our eyes met. Wow. I think I have a new boyfriend.

We walked over to Canon Drive to drink obnoxiously trendy and overpriced cocktails at Nic’s Martini Lounge. I’d been many times with girlfriends because I loved the blues quartet that played there on Saturday nights. Eric ordered an appletini and I had a cosmopolitan, but neither of us really liked our drinks. We switched for awhile, but it didn’t really make much difference. We just weren’t that much into fancy drinks.

We abandoned the ridiculous martinis and danced to a few old standards. It was all very romantic; Eric was an amazing dancer. The singer in the band caught my eye and gave me a wink and a smile. He knew I was a big fan of his velvety vocals but he’d never seen me dancing with a man, and there I was in the arms of Eric Northman a mere three weeks after being dumped. Was I a lucky girl or what? I thought of our conversation at dinner and was so happy that Eric wanted us to only see each other. It was all kind of overwhelming and exciting and scary at the same time. I knew how hard I was falling for Eric, but could he be feeling the same way?

I excused myself to use the ladies room while Eric guarded the most expensive cocktails in town. When I returned, he had four women in front of him and gave me a sheepish glance. Fans. He was standing by our barstools and pressed back against the bar about as far as he could go. One of the women was up in his face a little too close to be polite. I tilted my head towards the door and raised an eyebrow in silent question. He began to extricate himself from the women and said his goodbyes. I met him at the door and turned back to watch them giggling and celebrating. I couldn’t exactly blame them.

“I’m sorry. Sometimes they’re a little harder to handle if they’re drunk. I don’t like to piss them off.”

“It’s okay. I know just how they feel.” He squeezed my hand and grinned at me as we walked to the car. “What? I’m a fan, too.”

Eric wordlessly placed the parking permit in the dash before we got out to go inside my apartment I could hardly contain myself I was so excited at the prospect of having Eric in my bed all night again. When we got upstairs, I offered him some wine, but we decided we really just wanted water. This time I lit some candles and turned the lights completely off. I hoped it wasn’t too cheesy. Then I sat down beside him and waited to be spoiled rotten.

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