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Hair and Makeup: Chapter 5

The first few minutes after I saw Eric in Chaya were pure anxiety. I kept looking around the room for his high hope and when I saw how incredibly beautiful she was, my heart almost broke in two. How was I supposed to compete with that? I wanted nothing more than to run out of there, but instead I had to endure an introduction to the woman who had his expectations—and his Saturday night. So, you can imagine my relief when he told me that she wasn’t his date, but his friend and manager. I suspected she was a really good friend because she took off and left the two of us alone on the date I had been wishing for all week.

Once we were seated and the room had adjusted to one of Hollywood’s biggest stars strolling through it, Eric told me that he had originally made the dinner reservation for us, and I was completely confused. “But you told Sophie-Anne that you had plans with someone else.” Someone you had high hopes for, but I couldn’t bring myself to repeat the words that had haunted me for days.

“Yeah, I did. You, Sookie. I had plans with you. We had a date. You said yes. I was there. I remember.”

“I said yes, but you never asked for a specific night. I was waiting for you to ask.”

“What?” He stopped and seemed to be scrolling through his memory. “I didn’t say Saturday night?”

“No. And when you told Sophie-Anne you had a date, I just assumed it was with somebody else. Otherwise, I never would have said yes to Sam.”

“Jesus, really? God, I’m so sorry. What a bonehead. I could have sworn I said Saturday night. So, you thought I was seeing someone else? God, and after Monday?” I felt a blush creeping up my neck. It was the first time either of us had made a reference to what had transpired between us. “No wonder you said yes to Sam. You must have been so pissed at me.”

“Still, I shouldn’t have agreed to go out with him. It was a mistake.”

“Well, it probably saved you the trouble of fending off about thirty other guys who have all been in love with you, just waiting for that ring to come off.” I was quite sure he was exaggerating. “So why aren’t you out with Sam? What happened?”

I told him that I broke the date and he reached out and took my hand. My heart did a little flip and suddenly I couldn’t breathe. Then I realized that I was the women he had high hopes for and I had to look away. I wanted to kiss him so badly, but there was a table between us and a room full of people, many of whom were watching People magazine’s golden boy. I looked back and the intensity of his gaze was overwhelming.

I asked Eric to take me home and offered him my guest parking permit. I certainly wasn’t expecting him to spend the night, but the practical part of me wanted to be prepared for anything. Don’t forget, I have condoms in my makeup kit. And now a pair of clean underwear. You just never know.

I frantically threw the clothes and mess that had been accumulating in my living room all week onto the bed as he came back into my apartment. I glanced around. I’d seen it in worse shape. Plus, he knew what our hours were like. His place probably looked the same. Oh, except he probably had a maid. He was a big rich star. I was just a working stiff.

Amazingly, I found some wine to serve him and wondered if it was too obvious to turn down the lights. Surely, he knew that I wanted him to kiss me, right? I mean, after Monday…

We settled together on the sofa and relaxed. It had been such a crazy week and my poor body just wanted to sit still. He put an arm around me and I started to feel a little dizzy from the wine and his scent so close. And then he leaned in and kissed me and it was the most amazing kiss I’d ever had. It was so tender and romantic, nothing like the kisses I’d had from Bill. I wanted to touch him, and so I reached my hand up to his face—the same face I shaved every day, and I had a very surprising and random thought flash through my mind: I love him. It startled me and I stopped kissing him and just cuddled into his chest and neck, a little overwhelmed by the feelings that had just overtaken me. Eric held me and I was so comfortable and so happy and so confused, but in a wonderful, crazy way. And before I knew it, I was also fast asleep.

I was dreaming about the ocean. I was watching the surf, listening to the rhythmic sound of the waves crashing into the beach. My neck hurt and I tried to move it a little and that’s when I realized where I was. The rhythmic sound was Eric’s soft snoring above me. I lifted my head and saw his head leaning back against the back of the sofa, his mouth open. Only Eric Northman could make catching flies look sexy.

I carefully extricated myself from his arms, trying not to wake him. I stood and stretched and looked at the clock—3:20. Wow. We were really out. I tiptoed to the wall and turned the light out. The light from the street lamps through the front curtains was enough for me to see where I was going. I washed my face and brushed my teeth before changing into a nightgown. I grabbed the pile of stuff I’d thrown on my bed and moved it to a dining room chair. Eric hadn’t moved and his snoring continued. I went back to the bedroom and pulled the covers back before standing in front of Eric again. I watched his face, open mouth and all, and knew I was in trouble. I’d never felt this way when I looked at Bill. Something about Eric melted my heart and set me on fire at the same time. It was a little scary, but also a little wonderful.

I knelt at his feet and started to untie his shoes and slip them off. Then I pulled his socks off and set them inside the shoes. I debated about the rest of his clothes and decided I needed him awake and giving his permission before I felt comfortable taking anything else off. I picked up a hand and kissed it. Then I leaned forward and kissed his cheek. “Eric,” I whispered. His mouth closed and he licked his lips. I kissed the other cheek and felt a hand on my face.

“I’m sorry. I fell asleep.”

“It’s okay.”

“I should get going.” He shook his head a little to clear it.

“No. It’s too late. You’re too tired. Malibu’s too far.”

“No, it’s okay. I can drive.”

“No, Eric. It’s after 3. You’re staying. Your car’s fine. Come to bed.”

His eyes found mine in the dim light as he registered what I’d just offered. “I’m fine on the couch.”

“You’ll be more comfortable in the bed. You’re taller than the sofa is long. It’s fine, really. Let’s just go to sleep.” He looked into my eyes, his own a little puffy. I pulled on his hand to get him to stand. “It’s fine.”

I got him a glass of water and headed for bed as Eric closed the bathroom door. I was almost asleep again when I felt his weight on the side of the bed. A warm hand touched my shoulder as he whispered, “Thanks for the toothbrush.”

I smiled into my pillow as I felt his body press into my back A hand came around to my waist and I gripped it and pulled it close. Then I was out.

It was still dark when I opened my eyes. I rolled over and saw Eric lying on his back beside me, sound asleep. I blinked until my eyes focused on the clock. 5:26. I was under the covers, but he had them pushed down past his hips. He was shirtless, but had on a pair of boxers in some sort of dark print. I’d seen him shirtless many times. Heck, I’d seen him naked. But I’d never seen him in my own bed, illuminated perfectly by the moonlight, fast asleep so I could stare all I wanted.

I squinted to see the little tufts of hair around his perfect nipples. I resisted the temptation to touch one and instead lifted my head to get a closer look. The skin of his upper torso was smooth and perfect, tight over his muscles. I watched his navel lightly rise and fall with each breath and followed the path of soft blond hair down into the waistband of his boxers.

I tried to make out the lines of his penis but couldn’t be certain because the fabric was stiff and didn’t cling to his form. There was a small gap in the flap in front and I got closer to see if I could peer inside. I looked up and made sure he was still fast asleep before continuing my exploration.

I carefully extended my index finger and reached into the open flap, curling it down until I felt the soft velvety flesh I sought. I pressed gently and determined he was flaccid. I watched his face for movement as I slowly rubbed my finger along the soft skin and felt it move on its own. It knew I was there even though its owner was oblivious.

My finger kept rubbing and Eric’s penis kept expanding. When it seemed to have reached its full potential, it was pressed against the cotton fabric, into the elastic waistband, straining for release. I wanted nothing more than to invite it to come out to play, but wondered how we could have a play date without waking Eric. His leg moved and I froze.

Still watching his face, I withdrew my naughty finger and held still until I was certain he was still sleeping. I had never really investigated Bill’s penis this closely. Our sexual encounters were mostly missionary. I’d rarely touched him independent of intercourse and had never gone down on him. And he was my first and only lover. I touched JB DuRone’s penis over his jeans a few times in high school while we were making out, but had never seen it or touched it in person. When I thought of the impersonal and wild sex Eric and I had engaged in in the makeup trailer, it was as if I were some other girl and not Sookie Stackhouse. I was some sexy girl that I’d never met before, and I liked her.

I lay back down, my head on the pillow watching Eric’s perfect face as I went over our one and only sexual encounter in my mind. It was so brief, but I had climaxed, which was amazing. I never came when I was with Bill. I had been a virgin and was so shy about asking him for what I needed. I knew what it took to have an orgasm. I had certainly mastered the act on my own, but Bill never seemed open to discussing our sex life. The one time I felt bold enough to say anything was one morning when he was making love to me from behind. I took his hand and kissed it and started to push it down and said, “”Please touch me, Bill.”

He extricated his hand from mine and placed it on my hip instead, mumbling into my hair, “I don’t like to get my hands messy.” I was positively mortified that he considered my girl parts messy. They were, of course, but weren’t they supposed to be? I never asked again.

Then I thought of how Eric had so expertly used his hand in the trailer without any prompting whatsoever, and he didn’t seem the least bit worried about the mess. And wow, what a pay off I got. My heart rate sped up a little just thinking about it and my messy parts tingled.

I reached out and placed a hand on Eric’s bicep and touched my forehead to his shoulder. I didn’t want to wake him but craved contact. Soon my breathing slowed to match his and before I knew it, I was back to sleep.

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