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Hair and Makeup: Chapter 19

After our first week shooting exteriors, I was thrilled to have Saturday night at the Ivy to look forward to. I’d never eaten there before, but had certainly admired it many times. It was probably the most beautiful restaurant I’d ever seen, and anyone could see it just by walking down the sidewalk on Robertson, which I did quite frequently. The patio was full of tables with delicate patio chairs filled with little pillows in floral prints. The dishes were all hand-painted Italian ceramics. Every framed print on the wall, flower arrangement on the tables, even the salt and pepper shakers were all so very girly and dreamy. The main dining room housed a collection of antique American flags that seemed oddly to go perfectly with all the floral designs in the room as well. And just to make it even better, the food was delicious.

There were quite a few stars in the place and in a really remarkable coincidence, John Quinn was there. Eric and I sat on the patio and watched the rich and beautiful coming and going. I knew we’d be photographed by the paparazzi camped out across the street, but didn’t really care. If it was okay with Eric, it was okay with me. And surely he was aware of it.

When we got home, Eric went down on me and gave me the ritual orgasm I was swiftly becoming addicted to. It made me feel brave and sexy and really comfortable with my body. I decided that I wanted to be on top. It was a position that I had never tried with Bill and I was amazed at how easily I could come from just grinding myself into Eric. I also learned a sure-fire way to get him to come and all I really had to do was kind of hover above him and let him have at it. How about that? I loved watching his face as he came and fought the urge to tell him that I loved him. I knew in my heart that I did. I’d had those feelings for awhile, but of course, kept them to myself. Bill and I exchanged I-love-yous all the time, but now I see that they really had little meaning. I suppose I did love Bill, but what I didn’t know was that so much was missing between us. In just a little over a month, Eric had shown me so many things that I had missed in my relationship with Bill. Maybe I was confusing gratitude with love, I don’t know. But I knew it would sound just as out of place to thank Eric as it would to tell him I loved him. So, I just said it in my head.

I was very excited that Eric had invited me to a screening of his film, Love is Hard, on Sunday afternoon. I got up early enough to make us breakfast and then Eric suggested we shower together. That was another first for me. I was standing with my back to Eric while he lathered my hair, relishing the sensations, when out of the blue I asked him a question that had been burning in the back of my mind, but I never dreamed in a thousand years I’d have the nerve to ask. “Eric?”


“Does it bother you that…um…my…uh…girl parts are messy?”

Instead of an answer, I got a hand wrapped around my body, an exploring finger in said girl parts and an erection pressed into my butt.

He mumbled into my shoulder, “Oh my god, they certainly are.” The suds in my hair were abandoned as Eric shifted his attention to my growing wetness. He blatantly humped my butt, and his breathing got louder in my ear.

I braced myself against the tile wall in front of me and closed my eyes, relishing the feel of his very inquisitive fingers. His other hand pushed my legs apart a little from the back and I felt him bend at the knees until the tip of him was requesting entry. I arched my back, offering him an easier angle as his hands both grasped my hips roughly and he thrust in with a grunt and a, “Fuck.”

I pushed back against the wall with my hands, wanting to get as close to him as I could, focusing all of my attention on his filling me up. He shifted his stance and brought that talented finger back in front of me to attend to my happy clit. I pressed my face into my shoulder and started to moan and pant with every thrust. Eric mumbled quietly, “So fucking good,” before I felt him gently biting into my shoulder blade, licking the water off with his tongue.

I felt myself getting close and recognized Eric’s ragged breathing, knowing he was well on his way as well. He pressed his lips close to my ear to ask in a shaky whisper, “Say it again.” I couldn’t for the life of me remember my own name, much less what I had last said. I just moaned softly in response, unable to think clearly. “Please.” It was just a breathy whisper. “God, please say it.”

The fog in my brain cleared for an instant and I thought I knew what he might want. “Messy.”

I felt the pulsing between my legs as he grunted his orgasm loudly, roughly pushing into me and holding my hip in place. His finger stopped as he gritted his teeth against my neck. I reached down and jiggled his hand a little to remind him that I wasn’t quite through. It only took a few more quick little strokes and then I was on my way as well. As I felt my contractions kick in, Eric gave additional tiny grunts, his lips pressed tightly into the side of my neck.

Well, I guess I got my answer. No, it did not seem to bother him.

I loved Love is Hard. Eric was really outstanding in it. I had been asked to work on it, but wasn’t available at the time. Listening to Eric talk to the room full of actors about his approach to the role and how he achieved certain scenes showed me just how much he really loved his work. We had never gone into too much depth about the details of what he did and how he did it, and I found it all to be just fascinating.

It always felt a little weird to watch Eric in movies since I’d started to work with him—just because I knew him and yes, because I’d always had a fairly severe crush on him. But now that I was certifiably emotionally involved with him, it was downright painful to watch him in the love scenes. Selah Pumphrey was beautiful and had a really exquisite body. She looked like a ballerina with those perfect perky little breasts that look good in strappy camisoles and dresses—the kind that I can’t wear because going braless for me isn’t an option. She and Eric had what they call chemistry on screen, whatever that is. Seeing them kiss, I believed that he loved her. I kept telling myself that he hadn’t washed her hair that morning or raved about her waffles and that helped, but only a little.

When we got back to my apartment, I clung to Eric a little tighter than usual when he said goodbye. We were heading into our final two weeks of filming and I felt like my carriage was going to turn into a pumpkin at the end of those two weeks. I didn’t want to seem clingy and wondered if Eric sensed my panic. Maybe watching him with Selah Pumphrey had made me a little more insecure, or maybe I just sensed that the end was near because the movie was almost finished.

Our call time on Monday was noon because we would shoot nights the rest of the week. We had some big, difficult scenes ahead—over a hundred extras, some very complicated stunts, and nights—nights were always hard.

Eric came into my trailer grinning as he sat in my chair. “What?”

“Apparently you and I are all over the internet. Well, I should say I’m all over it with my new mystery woman. We’re outed. Is that okay?”

“It’s fine with me. My name’s not involved.”

“It will be. It’s just a matter of time.”

“Are you okay with it?”

He kissed me softly on the lips. “Of course, lover.”

Sophie-Anne interrupted us and sat on the bed talking with Eric while I worked on him. There was a shot with his stunt double that they had decided to get first, so he didn’t have to be ready right away. I continued my work, knowing it would have to be done at some point anyway, and I knew that things could always change on a dime and it was better to be prepared than not. As I was powdering Eric’s face, Sophie-Anne stood to leave and told Eric she’d see him on set. Before she reached the door, she turned back. “Oh, and you too, mystery woman.” I just smiled nervously and gave her a little wave. Was it my imagination or was she a little jealous?

“I guess we’re busted, huh?” I hoped Eric was really okay with this.

He got kind of serious and I started to worry. “Can I ask you a favor?”

“Of course.” I couldn’t imagine much that I’d say no to.

“Since we’re not in a huge hurry all of a sudden, would you indulge me for just a little bit. It’s a fantasy I’ve had since we met, but of course, I was never in a position before to ask that you make it come true.”

That certainly piqued my interest. “What is it?”

“Before you do my neck, would you…well…my fantasy was that I always imagined your tongue licking down my neck in place of the sponge. Would you feel silly…”

I turned around and set the foundation and sponge on the towel on my table. “Your wish is my command.” We exchanged a smirk.

I started by just lightly kissing his neck as he let his head fall back and closed his eyes. I opened the collar to his shirt a little more and began to drag my tongue in the line that I would normally take my sponge. Then I would move over an inch further and lick again, slowly and methodically. Eric softly moaned and gripped the arms of the chair. He whispered quietly, “Do you think this is weird?” I was almost finished—just one more strip of skin beneath his ear.


“Do you think it’s kinky?”

I unbuttoned the top button of his jeans and unzipped as I said, “No, but this is.” His head dropped forward and our eyes locked as I licked my lips, reaching in and extricating the erection that had waited patiently for god only knows how many makeup sessions. I bent down to him and whispered, “Listen for the door,” right before I put him in my mouth.

I couldn’t really get to all of him because he was seated and still clothed, but the parts I could get to got lots of detailed attention. I could hear Eric breathing heavily and suspected that his eyes were closed. I knew that he wasn’t really paying attention to the door, but the thought that we might get caught just made it all the more exciting. With every dip of my head, I practiced taking him in a little further until I felt him hit the back of my throat. I concentrated hard, trying to suppress my gag reflex. I got two “oh god”s from Eric before he said he was going to come. This time, I pushed all the way down and felt him shoot into the back of my throat. As I swallowed, it seemed to intensify Eric’s response, making me feel like I’d just crossed a finish line, winning a gold medal.

When I sensed he was all through, I tried to wipe my mouth as delicately as possible with the back of my hand before raising my head to look at him. He had a crooked smile on his face and sleepy eyes, and just said, “Wow.”

I smiled proudly. “I didn’t drown.”

As I heard the door, I moved the lap towel to cover Eric’s crotch, turned to retrieve my foundation and sponge and was beginning to make up his neck as Andre came in to deliver Eric’s sides and my walkie. “You know you’ve got some time, Eric, so just relax in your trailer when Sookie’s finished with you.”

“Okay.” He couldn’t seem to stop smiling.

After Andre left, I got a tiny careful kiss (so as to not smudge the makeup) before I continued getting Eric ready, feeling much more satisfied with my work than usual.

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