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Hair and Makeup: Chapter 18

When I came downstairs and found Sookie making me breakfast, it was a turning point in my mind. I saw a life with her. I knew that someday I’d probably get married, settle down, but that always seemed so vague. For the first time, I had a vision of that life. It was in focus and Sookie Stackhouse was the center of it.

I had chastised myself for the pre-schedule sex, but now that all seemed to fit just fine. We were closer than ever because of it, and I could see a real future together.

We spent most of the day on the beach. I studied my lines, and it was a much more pleasant atmosphere than my bedroom or the treadmill. I watched Sookie wander down the beach and thought of where she and I might live. Yes, she loved it here, but this house isn’t suited for a family—too much glass, too many hard surfaces and stairs. Sookie should have a home with brick patios and fireplaces with soft leather sofas and pillows with tassels in colors like teal and cranberry. Maybe somewhere in Beverly Hills or Bel Air. It would be easier to get to places in town anyway. Then maybe we could get a cozy little beach house for the weekends. She wouldn’t have to work and wear herself out. We could travel between films. We could make love every day, wake together every morning.

I wanted her to stay, but knew she couldn’t. When she was getting her things together, I watched the ocean from my kitchen window and made a mental note to call my business manager to find out what kind of real estate I could afford in Beverly Hills. I couldn’t do anything about it until after the film, of course, but just wanted to get an idea of what I should be spending on a house for me and Sookie.

After she left, I worked out a little, ate dinner and climbed into bed. It smelled like her and I thought of our morning romp over and over in my mind. My last text before going to sleep said, “Missing you.” She wrote back, “Ditto.” I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

We started filming on the backlot Monday morning. We shot all exteriors, cramming in as many daylight shots as we could get before sunset, and then shooting some night shots afterwards. By Friday, we were only shooting night shots. I was thrilled to see the sun rise Saturday morning because it forced us to wrap.

Sookie and I had planned to spend the weekend at her place. I had a screening to attend on Sunday afternoon anyway, so it made sense to stay in town. I drove to her place Saturday night and we walked to The Ivy for dinner. It was a very hot spot and I knew we’d be photographed together, but I figured it was time for us to deal with that anyway. Sookie looked as beautiful as ever and we sat on the patio in full view of the paparazzi across the street. Amazingly, John Quinn was there and came to the table asking if we were stalking him. I didn’t think it was funny, but we smiled appropriately. A few other acquaintances stopped by to say hello as well. The Ivy was always full of big wigs. Just before we got the check, I excused myself to use the restroom. Unfortunately, John Quinn was standing outside the mens room waiting. I just stood behind him. “Oh hey, how’s it going?”

“Fine.” I did not want to engage him in conversation.

“So, you and Sookie Stackhouse, huh?” I hated men who leered.


“Hey, I don’t blame you one bit. Great tits. I’d have hit that myself but I don’t like to shit where I eat.” He was grinning broadly as if we shared a common interest. I decided I’d rather wet my pants than stand near him another instant. I just turned and went back to our table.

I didn’t say a word to Sookie, of course. There was no need to upset her. He was someone in her past anyway and there was no reason she should ever have to be subjected to his crass ass again.

When we got home, Sookie and I skipped the wine and kissing in the living room and went straight to the bedroom. I had become addicted to her body and couldn’t get enough of her, of course. I went down on her and easily pleased her, and then she obviously felt a little braver than the previous weekend and climbed on top of me to make love. I watched her skin glow in the candlelight as she sat straight up, grinding her hips into me, rubbing her clit against me. I had never witnessed anything more beautiful in my life. I offered my thumb, but she really did all the work, pressing into it, finding the rhythm she preferred. This time she didn’t cover her eyes, but kept them closed as she gripped my hips with both hands. She just softly grunted as she came, a single tear spilling down her cheek. She held still for a minute, seeming to regain her senses and then leaned forward, lifting her hips. I grasped them as she buried her face into my neck and held her still as I fucked her hard and fast. As I came, she pulled her head back a little and watched my face. I kept my eyes open and groaned through gritted teeth, pushing my cock into her as deep as I could.

I held her to me as we fell asleep and fought the urge to tell her I loved her. I didn’t want to scare her away. I felt like I was finally getting her comfortable with me, bringing her out of her shell. But I knew how I felt, even if I didn’t think I should share it just yet.

We set the alarm for 10:30 on Sunday morning. Sookie made me blueberry waffles and we took our first shower together. For some odd reason, she asked me if I thought her “girl parts” were messy. Oh, hell yeah. I lost control at the mere thought of it and fucked her up against the tile wall. As much as I wanted to be a good lover for her (clearly, she was denied decent sex when she was with geek-boy), sometimes I just could not control myself around her. Not my fault. I tried to remind myself that I would have many more opportunities to prove my worth as a sex partner. And maybe just as a partner in general as well.

The town car picked us up at 12:40 and drove us to the Screen Actor’s Guild building on Wilshire. I’d seen the final cut of the film, but Sookie hadn’t, so we went early to watch it in the SAG Foundation screening room. It wouldn’t open for several more weeks, but was already getting Oscar buzz. The publicist had arranged this screening and Q & A to campaign for a SAG award nomination. There had been several other screenings, but I wasn’t able to attend them due to my shooting schedule. As soon as the vampire film wrapped, I would have to do some serious promotion both here and in New York. I figured I’d take Sookie with me and then maybe we could hit Hawaii afterwards.

Love is Hard was a drama about a couple facing infertility and some marital issues. Selah Pumphrey played my wife and was really very impressive. This was the film I’d wanted Sookie for when she was tied up with an Alcide Herveaux film. It had shown well on the film festival circuit and was expected to make a mint at the box office.

Sookie and I slipped into the back of the room after the lights came down and watched the film holding hands. As soon as the credits rolled, we went out to the backstage area and waited for my introduction. I answered questions for about a half an hour from the moderator—the film editor for the L.A. Times, and then took questions from the audience. Nearly everyone in the room—an audience of about seventy-five people—was an actor, so I enjoyed discussing my method, the shooting schedule, the experience itself, knowing that they shared my love for acting and would “get” me.

The publicist was pleased and thanked me as she ushered us back to the town car to go back to Sookie’s. I went home to work out, work on my lines and get to bed. I knew that Monday would begin the toughest week yet on the film and I needed as much sleep as I could possibly get.

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