Suki59's Fanfiction

Hair and Makeup: Chapter 16

Sookie spoiled me rotten after her very impressive blowjob, cleaning me up with a warm cloth and then giving me a view of her ass as she left the room. I was so completely and utterly content and fell fast asleep. I woke with Sookie’s hand on me and my name on her lips. I turned to her and held her to me, asking what she needed. When she told me she wanted me to make love to her, I froze. A part of me had made the decision to go slow, to wait until she was ready. I had a plan and didn’t want to fuck it up. But another part of me knew that I couldn’t possibly not do as she asked. Yes, I wanted to please her, but let’s not kid ourselves, I really wanted to please myself as well and fuck her blind. My well-intentioned resolve crumbled dramatically.

I kissed her and pulled her nightgown off, but when I felt how wet she was, I lost it. All coherent thought left my brain as I entered her and felt how tight she was—so hot and so wet, and just so fucking tight. I plunged into her, trying so hard to maintain control, but failing miserably. I kept thinking I’d get ahold of myself in a minute, make sure she came first, but I just couldn’t stop. And when she drew her knees up, offering herself to me, I really just plowed into her like a teenager and came hard. Jesus. Fuck much, Northman?

In my defense, other than trailer day, I had not had sex in months. I also had not had sex without a condom in years and let’s face it, there’s a big difference. I apologized, embarrassed that I had been so selfish. But she sweetly deflected my apology and even called me baby, which I absolutely loved. I further embarrassed myself by acting like a typical male idiot and falling asleep almost as soon as I pulled out. I remember holding her and not much after that. Very impressive. Fucking Neanderthal.

I woke sometime later when it was still dark and thought of Sookie’s confession that she had never gone down on a man and then her confession the week before that no one had gone down on her. What kind of a ridiculous prick would fuck a woman with no decent foreplay and then make her feel like she needed permission to touch him? Jesus. But then, was I any better? I’d just come first myself, leaving Sookie unsatisfied. I was pissed that I was weak and succumbed to my own lust and then disappointed her. I’d really wanted to wait until the film was over before taking things to the next level. I had visions of vacationing together, a romantic beach—Hawaii maybe. I really wanted it to be special for Sookie, not the act of a half-asleep horndog who just rolled on top of her and “finished,” as she’d so eloquently put it. I had lost control, and I hated feeling out of control.

When I woke in the morning, I was as hard as a rock; my dick still had a vivid memory of a naked Sookie and our nocturnal coupling. I rolled over to an empty bed. Putting my face in her pillow, I started to doze off again when I heard her behind me. I opened my eyes in time to see her nightgown land on the bed in front of me at the same time I felt her warm naked flesh press into my back. A hand wrapped itself around my hard-on as she whispered in my ear, “Morning.” God, she was amazing.

All I managed was a, “mmmm,” as I closed my eyes and relished the feel of her hand on me.

“Is this okay?”

“Mmm, hmmm.” Talk much, Northman?

I turned over to face her and pulled her body as close to mine as I could get it, running my hands down her smooth back and caressing that perfect ass. She pressed my dick into her soft belly and held it in place. I just breathed in her scent and tried to clear my head a little more. Today was the day that I started to be a better lover for Sookie Stackhouse.

I began my plan by kissing her neck, her shoulder, her arm, and then I found a nipple and sucked. She went limp in my arms, rolling onto her back, her hand slipping from my cock. Oh good. This is good. I replaced my mouth with a hand, gently pinching her nipple as I kissed her, my tongue lazily exploring her lips and mouth. She moaned and ran a hand through my hair. My hand dropped lower, finding her already swollen and wet for me. I teased her as my lips and tongue slowly danced down her body on their way to the real party.

She opened her legs and I found what I wanted to eat for breakfast. This time, my control was much better. I took my time and paid attention to her responses, giving her more pressure or speeding up when I sensed she needed it. I even backed off a touch when I felt her getting close. That got an, “Oh god, please,” which I was pretty happy about. Her wish was my command and so I put it into high gear and drove her into a powerful orgasm.

I took her hand from my hair and kissed it before climbing up her body. I removed her other hand from her face where she seemed to like it when she came and held both hands above her head as she continued to writhe and moan a little underneath me. I wiped my chin and face into my shoulder before kissing her neck and then sucking on her earlobe. She turned her head away and I licked down her beautiful neck, waiting until I thought she was ready again.

Her breathing seemed to slow down a little and she settled her head back into the pillow as I let her hands go. She gripped my arms and I raised myself up on one as I reached down to guide my cock into her. Our eyes locked and she whispered a tiny, “ah,” as I slipped in, a little grunt escaping my lips involuntarily. She just felt so good. I started out slow and gentle, just pulling out a little and then pushing in again. She just stared at me, mouth open, eyelids hooded, looking so completely sexy and beautiful and just gloriously fucked. As I sped up just a touch, her hands dropped to pull my ass to her with each thrust. I watched her face and whispered, “Is that good, baby?” She just nodded slightly, apparently unable to speak. Excellent.

I rose up and sat back on my knees, never breaking the rhythm. Her legs draped across my thighs and I held her hip with one hand, pulling her to me a little. I looked down and watched my cock sliding in and out and touched it with my thumb to coat it before gently pressing it to her clit. I heard a soft moan of alarm, but never took my eyes off what my thumb was doing. I found a faster rhythm for her clit, slowing down my cock, but slamming it into her a little harder with each thrust. The moans started to get a little louder, but I kept my concentration on pleasing her. When I looked to her face, her hand was over her eyes again and I smiled. She was on her way. A little more pressure from my thumb and then a little more strength with my thrusts and she went over the edge. After the first grip of her pussy, I closed my eyes and released. I pressed into her clit and pumped her full of come as she pulsed around me. Now that’s how it’s done, Northman. Much more like it.

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