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Hair and Makeup: Chapter 15

Dinner at Moonshadows was amazing. There were as many famous faces in Malibu, apparently, as there were in Beverly Hills. Several people came over to speak to Eric (and one came to speak to me—what a surprise—John Quinn). I felt so proud to be with Eric, and made a mental note to remember this feeling. This will be a good memory to hold on to—a fun perk of dating a celebrity. We got the best table, fancy little appetizers that weren’t even on the menu (and I suspect not on our bill). It felt good to get such special treatment. I knew there were only a few more weekends before the film wrapped, and presumably, our fairy-tale would come to a close, and I really wanted to enjoy and appreciate every minute.

When we got back to Eric’s house, I stopped to fold my laundry on our way upstairs and Eric planted the mother of all kisses on me to hurry me along. I’d never folded laundry so fast in my life.

I found a pair of full wine glasses in the living room and envisioned an hour or so of making out on the sofa like we always did in my apartment and suddenly I felt very bold. I didn’t want an hour of making out. I wanted another look at Eric’s penis. I picked the glasses up and headed up to Eric’s room. I asked if it was too soon to go to bed and bravely revealed the bait du jour—my burgundy bra. Eric crawled across the bed on his knees, arms outstretched and I pretended to try and get away from him. In an instant, he was tickling me on the floor and we were both laughing until he lifted my skirt and dove between my legs. It caught me off-guard, but I was quite happy about it. Apparently, Eric was one of those men who seemed to really enjoy that. Was I lucky or what? I don’t know how it was possible, but this time was even better than before. He was kind of lost and growling and out of his mind, which turned me on even more. I came hard with Eric’s name on my lips.

As I was recovering, I sat up and Eric was just hungrily staring at my crotch, wiping his mouth off and panting. Suddenly, I felt very self-conscious and wished the overhead light wasn’t on. I stood to turn it off, waiting for Eric to turn on the lamp on his nightstand, but instead, he seemed to be digging through the top drawer. I assumed he was looking for a condom and told him that I was on the pill. When he produced a matchbook and I realized he was looking for matches, I was so embarrassed. I just assumed he wanted to have sex, but I was wrong.

He sat me in his lap and told me not to be embarrassed. I knew it was just a matter of time before we had actual sex, but I guess I just jumped the gun a little. I brought us our wine glasses and was grateful for the dim candlelight as I stood in front of him and removed my skirt. I slowly undressed Eric, but wouldn’t turn around to put his clothes on the chair. What was I thinking wearing a g-string? He finally very seriously asked me to show him and I just couldn’t refuse the man who had just provided me with a most spectacular orgasm (and was about to get his own, I hoped). I turned around and walked very slowly, hoping to reduce the jiggle factor.

When I finally got my hands on a completely naked and beautiful Eric, I told him that I didn’t know what I was doing and his advice was just not to bite. Good information to have. As I began to go down on him, I tried to think of things I’d read in romance novels and duplicate the actions of the sexy heroines, but then I decided to just relax and do what felt good. Eric’s penis was huge and, of course, I couldn’t get it all in my mouth, but I used my hands to help and that seemed to work. I felt his hand on my head, but I loved the feeling that I was the one in control. I was powerful, sexy, giving pleasure and feeling it at the same time. It was heady stuff (no pun intended, of course).

I was so focused on what I was doing that it kind of surprised me when Eric announced he was going to come. I hadn’t thought that far in my plan and panicked. What if I choked or gagged or something? It would ruin everything. So, I just removed my mouth and put a hand over him. I’d never felt semen before and loved how hot and slick it was. For an instant I kind of wished I hadn’t stopped and wondered what it would feel like going down my throat. Next time.

Eric told me I was perfect and leaned down to kiss me tenderly. I felt another little pulse of his penis in my hand. What a rush. I stood and went to the bathroom to wash my hands. When I brought the warm washcloth back to Eric, he was lying on his back in the center of the bed, legs outstretched. I crawled over to him and gently washed him off, sealing it with a soft kiss to his now flaccid but still beautiful penis. Eric seemed to be blissfully halfway to dreamland, so apparently I did okay.

I returned the washcloth to the bathroom and quietly announced that I was going downstairs to brush my teeth and wash my face (my stuff was all in the downstairs bathroom). Eric kind of grunted in response. I assumed he was almost asleep but when I got to the door, I turned back and caught him with his head raised, looking at my butt. He just said, “What?”

I got ready for bed and pulled on a little nightgown. I knew I wouldn’t sleep comfortably in the g-string, and I debated for a minute about putting panties on, but then decided to be a big girl and go without. I really wanted Eric to make love to me and didn’t want him to think I was trying to slow him down with an underwear barrier.

When I returned to the bedroom, Eric was snoring softly. I took the wine glasses down to the kitchen and replaced them with water glasses., turning out lights as I came back upstairs. When I blew the candle out, I climbed in beside Eric who was still sprawled out in the center of the bed, and snuggled up to him. It wasn’t long before I was fast asleep.

When I woke up, it was still dark. Eric was facing the wall, lying on his side of the bed. I reached out and touched his warm back, letting my hand trail down to his beautiful behind. He was finally naked in bed with me, but turned away so I couldn’t see his penis. I rolled onto my back and thought about earlier and how he’d felt in my hands when he came. I felt the familiar tingling and reached down to touch myself. I was so wet and my finger reached down and dragged some of the moisture up before pressing into my clit. I closed my eyes and gently rubbed, imagining the feel of Eric in my mouth and his groans of pleasure above me. I wasn’t in any kind of hurry. I really wasn’t even interested in coming. I just wanted to relish the feeling and memory of Eric.

Now that I knew I could please Eric, I wanted to do it again, and wondered if I had the nerve to wake him up. He said I could do anything I wanted, right? Then I decided that what I really wanted was his penis inside me and suddenly I couldn’t wait any longer. I pressed myself to his back and snaked my wet finger around his body to his innocently sleeping penis and wrapped my hand around him. He stirred and I said his name. As he rolled over to face me, I let him go and pulled his body to me. He buried his face in my neck and kissed me. “What is it, angel?”

“Please make love to me.” I whispered it so quietly that at first I wasn’t sure if he heard me. He pulled back a little and brushed my hair from my face, silently studying me. I held still and held my breath, wondering if I’d made a mistake. I had no idea what he’d say or do.

Then his mouth was on mine, tongue roughly pushing into me. His hands pushed my nightgown up and we broke the kiss as he pulled it over my head. He tossed it aside as he hungrily sucked a nipple into his mouth while pushing my legs apart and climbing onto me. I felt fingers press into my wetness and he groaned into my breast. I spread my legs further apart and he kissed my breast a final time before looking into my eyes. He dropped his hand down and pushed the head in first. I gasped, but his face didn’t flinch, eyes steadily boring into mine. He was still holding his erection as he backed out. I clutched his arms, desperately wanting him back. He pushed in a little further and then removed his hand, placing it up and under my shoulder blade. He was resting his weight on his elbows and both arms were under my shoulder blades. His hands had a firm grip on my shoulders and he pulled me down a bit, giving him more leverage to push in. Within a few strokes, he was completely inside me. He held still for a beat and leaned down for a tender kiss.

I was overwhelmed by the size of him, but completely lost in the pleasure. I wanted to tell him how he felt, how much I loved it, but I couldn’t find the words. He moved slowly at first, gently. But then he started to get a little faster, still gripping my shoulders firmly. I couldn’t get enough of him and pulled my knees up and further apart so he could get a little deeper. I think he liked that because he buried his face in my neck and just said, “God.” His mouth found mine again and I sucked mindlessly on his tongue. He pulled a hand out from under my shoulder and gripped my hair, pulling my face even closer. It all felt so incredibly good. I was moaning into his mouth every time he thrust himself all the way in. I was lost in my own feelings and totally taken by surprise when he broke the kiss and grunted into my ear, holding me tighter as he came. His grunts turned into short little “ah”s which turned into a mumbled, “I’m sorry.” And then a distinct, “Fuck.” He nuzzled my neck as his breathing came under control. “I’m so sorry.”

I held him tight, dropping a hand to his perfectly clenched butt, pressing him to me. “Shhh. It’s okay, baby. Just be still.” I had never called anyone baby in my life, but it felt so natural. I knew he was mad at himself for coming, but I considered it a great compliment and wasn’t the least bit disappointed. I’d gotten exactly what I wanted.

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